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Leaf April/May 2023
Kyoto/Shiga Latest Chinese

February 25, 2023 Release

The Chinese food scene in Kyoto and Shiga is constantly being updated. Thorough research on current trends from new restaurants to downtown Chinese. In fact, Kyoto is seeing an increase in the number of beautiful Chinese restaurants, and Kyoto has also seen the arrival of a Chinese boom. A serious Chinese boom is underway in Kyoto. In Shiga, there is a lot to talk about, including the first restaurant to open in the prefecture and the second branch of a popular restaurant. We will do our best to introduce the current situation in Kyoto and Shiga.

table of contents

  • SPECIAL EDITION.1 Kyoto-Shiga
    The Latest Chinese in Kyoto - What do you want to know? Kyoto Chinese Now!
    Various Kyoto/Chinese NEWS
    mapo doufu
    Chinese-style noodles
    dim sum
    chinese dumpling
    Chef of the moment!
    Exquisite cuisine prepared by a Chinese chef
    The editorial department goes! Little China Town in Kyoto IN Kuwakunabashi
    Old and New Beloved Chinese Restaurant
    Kyoto Chinese COLUMN/①The Inherited Hwasyo Spirit
    Kyoto Chinese COLUMN/②Okazaki's famous restaurant Kyo, Shizuka
    Kyoto Chinese COLUMN/③New Menu at Maru-Yasu Ogawa
    Shiga / To be held! Latest Chinese News
    Chinese x Bar Fun
    Frozen dumplings are hot right now
    The secret of Chinese food that continues to be loved

  • SPECIAL EDITION.2 Taiwan found in Kyoto
    Taiwanese cuisine
    Taiwanese sweets and drinks
    Leaf Online Store is now open! ~Chinese
    Wajo Ryoshu" Tanaka Sake Brewery awaits the arrival of spring
    Places associated with the Tale of Genji vol.1
    NEWSHOP already a hot topic I. Secret story of the opening of the store I.
    Kyoto's latest ramen news.
    5 new restaurants in Kyoto
    New Release Cinema / Music / Book & Comic / Stage
    Series/Serials Yasai no Gochiso vol.68
    Serialized Kyo-onna-no-ryu-jyutsu jyoka-up-jutsu vol.99
    Kyoto Gourmet Orders: Goshiso This and That, Vol. 02
    Notice of next issue

*As a measure to prevent the spread of infectious diseases including the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the posted information may be subject to change. Before going out, please check the latest information on the official websites of stores, theaters, movie theaters, event organizers, etc., and SNS.

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