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Leaf June/July 2023
Kyoto/Shiga new store

Launched on 04/25/2023

In 2023, the city has finally come back to life. Leaf," celebrating its 27th anniversary this year, introduces you to the vibrant city of Kyoto and Shiga, including gourmet news you should know now, as well as information on how to enjoy each area, along with the thoughts of fresh store owners. Let's go out to Kyoto and Shiga to find the charms of these cities that you may not know yet! Now is the time to go out to the city.

table of contents

  • Kyoto new store
    NEWS.1 Opening in 2023 Already a hot topic of conversation, a very new restaurant
    NEWS.2 Lunch in season now
    NEWS.3 Exotic Cuisine
    NEWS.4 Tell us! GOOD breakfast
    NEWS.6 Natural Wine and Treats
    NEWS.7 Increasing! Hornets
    NEWS.8 The bar I want to go to now
    NEWS.9 Meat News 4
    Featured Area
    Uji/Kyoto South Area Yawata~Kizugawa/Kyoto West Area Katsura~Mukoichi/Kyoto Station/Kiyacho Gojo/Gion
    New store selection in Kyoto
    Italian & French
    Japanese Cuisine
    18 Ramen Noodles
    Baked goods

  • Shiga New Store
    NEWS.1 Super New Store
    NEWS.2 Recommended Lunch
    NEWS.3 SHIGA's night is interesting
    NEWS.4 Kitchen cars are increasing in Shiga!
    NEWS.5 Otsu's bread and coffee are the best in Japan?
    Kusatsu ~ Yasu
    Ryuo, Hino, Koga
    Go with Smile Ticket! Omi Railway Journey
    Lake Biwa Drive
    Leaf Employees' Review: A store that will remain 100 years from now
    Sake brewer Seko Sake Brewery is fascinated by the "local flavor" of Koka and continues to focus on it.
    Places associated with The Tale of Genji vol.2 Shimogamo Shrine
    Kyoto has flavors and spaces that have been handed down from generation to generation: A Tale of New Japanese Restaurants in 2038
    HOTEL LUNCH - A luxurious time to forget about everyday life
    Kyoto's Best Gourmet Guide
    New Release Cinema/ Music/ Book/ Comic/ Stage
    The Kyo Onna no Ryugi: The Art of Enhancing a Woman's Power, final installment.
    Serialization: A Feast of Vegetables vol. 69
    Selected Kyoto Gourmet Orders - Goshiso This and That vol .03
    Notice of next issue

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