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Touring Kyoto

Released on September 14, 2018

This year's Kyoto sightseeing book published by the local publisher "Leaf" is titled "Meguru Kyoto" and explores various areas of Kyoto. The opening feature is a tour of sweets that makes you want to take pictures. In addition, there are also town tours and Kyoto rice tours based on famous temples and shrines. In addition, there are various special features such as a collection of souvenirs with cute wrapping paper and packaging that will make it fun to choose, and a look at the stories of long-loved stores in Kyoto. It is a book that can be used for hospitality and can be enjoyed by people in Kyoto.

table of contents

    • KYOTO SWEETS Kyoto sweets tour
      ・MATCHA Matcha
      ・WAGASHI Japanese sweets
      ・PARFAIT parfait
      ・CHOCOLATE chocolate
      ・ZENZAI Zenzai
      ・STRAWBERRY strawberry
      ・KAKIGORI shaved ice
      ・YAKIGASHI baked sweets
    • GOOD LOCATION To a store with a nice view
    • KYO-GOHAN GOURMET Kyoto rice tour
    • KYOTO MIDTOWN Collections
    • LET'S TRY! An unforgettable Kyoto experience
    • city tour
      ・Tour around Byodo-in Temple and Ujigami Shrine Uji
      ・Fushimi Inari around Fushimi Inari Taisha
      ・Kennin-ji, Kodai-ji, Kiyomizu-dera as a base Gion Higashiyama
      ・Around Nijo Castle around Nijo Castle
      ・Tour around Arashiyama with Tenryu-ji as a base
    • COLUMN
      ・Bakery Memorable Kyoto bread that you want to recommend with a triumphant face
      ・Ramen A new era of ramen 5 places you want to go to eat now
      ・Curry Udon A treasure with dashi and spices that has crossed thousands of nights
      ・Gyoza A new taste spreads in Kyoto, which is crowded with famous gyoza restaurants
      ・Bakery The unique Kyoto side dish bread is a Japanese food that can be proud of to the world.
      ・Coffee Good people's coffee creates a calm time
      ・Daigokuden Honpo Rokkaku store 
      ・Kameya Mutsu
      ・Demachi Futaba
    • MAP
      ・Kyoto downtown
      ・Whole city of Kyoto
      ·Fushimi Inari Shrine 
      ・Gion Higashiyama 
      ・Around Nijo Castle


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