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Kyoto delicious gourmet Chibi

Released on October 16, 2018

A total of 348 shops in 19 genres, including bars, restaurants, Japanese, Chinese, Western, meat, ramen, bread, and coffee. In addition, there are plenty of columns such as a guide to Kyoto midnight and a morning to enjoy from the morning. In addition, a wide area map of Kyoto and a reverse index are also included, making it an easy-to-use book for both hospitality and sightseeing. Spend a delicious day with this one book packed with 348 shops.

table of contents

    • 01. I want to take you to a downtown bar
    • 02.Italian casually stop by
    • 03.French you want to make a reservation
    • 04. After all, I love you! Western food
    • 05.Washoku you should know
    • 06. The unstoppable standing drinking boom!
    • 07. Meat with irresistible gravy
    • 08. Ramen you want to eat to your heart's content
    • 09. Stuff your cheeks hot! Chinese food
    • 10. Multinational with spices
    • 11. Curry the universe on a plate x infinity
    • 12. Satisfying bowl full of stomach
    • 13. Udon and soba from famous restaurants
    • 14. I want to eat hot pot tonight!
    • 15. Konamon with the Scent of Sauce
    • 16. Bread you want to eat every day
    • 17. Coffee you want to brag about
    • 18. Cozy cafe
    • 19. Dinner at Machiya
    • column
      Kyoto Midnight Information ① One more house! Shops you want to visit
      Kyoto Midnight Guide ② A secret bar you don't want to tell
      Featured Alley
      Morning to enjoy from morning
    • MAP
      Kyoto wide area map
      Gion and Kiyomizu Gojo
      Around Karasuma
      Around Gojo
      Kyoto Imperial Palace and Marutamachi
      Kyoto Station/Shichijo
      Senbon Kitaoji
      Nishijin and Nijo
      Uzumasa Tenjin River
      Saiin and Tanbaguchi
    • reverse index


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