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Leaf December/January 2023
Kyoto/Shiga New Lunch Menu

October 25, 2023 Release

The lunch situation in Kyoto is updated daily. We will cover all the words of interest, including new restaurants, lunches with sake, Japanese food, meat, take-out, and more. First, we will introduce five new restaurants that you should keep an eye on.

table of contents

  • SPECIAL EDITION Kyoto/Shiga Lunch New Standard
    A guide to the 5 best restaurants of the moment
    Lunch News
    Food that makes you miss drinking.
    Omotenashi Japanese Cuisine
    Exotic Gourmet Tour in Kyoto
    A Meat Lunch with a Special Taste
    Under 1,000 yen! Satisfaction 120% recommended menu
    The area of interest / Concerned! Gion Now /
    Yamashina/ Now Interesting
    I want to know! Bento in the City
    I would like to know! Recommended Lunch around Kyoto's Tourist Attractions
    Kiyomizu Temple/ Kinkakuji Temple/ Kitano Tenmangu Shrine/ Nijo Castle/ Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine/ Heian Shrine

  • Shiga
    Pickup NEWS
    A place with a view
    Omi Beef
    I'm curious! Various Noodles
    Lunch stores found around autumn foliage spots
    From rice to sake, Hata Brewery pours the creator's passion into every aspect of the brewery.
    Year-End & New Year's Eve Party 2023-2024
    ・Already a hot topic NEWSHOP-Opening secret story 1
    The latest ramen news from Kyoto.
    ・5 new shops in Kyoto
    ・New Release Cinema/Music/Book/Comic/Stage
    Series: Yasai no gochiso vol.72
    Serialization: Selected Kyoto Gourmet Orders Gourmet Foods Vol.06
    Next issue

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There was an error in the text of [Aoi Denshin Yamada] on p. 29.
False/Kyoto Koryukai
Positive/Kyoto Koyukai

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