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Leaf August/September 2023
Kyoto in summer

On sale June 23, 2023

"Kon-chi-ki-chin" echoes throughout the city, and it's finally summer in Kyoto. Covering summer gourmet such as shaved ice, limited cool noodles, spicy curry, new Kawadoko store. Information on events such as fireworks displays and festivals that will resume this year, and green maple spots where you can go to cool off are also a must-see!

table of contents

    ・It will be exciting this year! A new way to enjoy summer in Kyoto
    ・Discerning shaved ice
    ・Exciting summer parfait
    ・Street sweets map
    ・Remarkable cool noodles
    ・Replenish stamina with curry!
    ・ Ethnic food you want to eat now
    ・I want to hold it down! favorite bar
    ・Enjoy all day long! A new Kawadoko shop
    ・Are you excited at the Gion Festival? ! Take a walk around the Sanjokai shopping street
    ・Bike around Kameoka
    ・Blue maple spot for fresh green
    ・Event information you want to go to this summer
    ・Summer ally! Take-out
    ・Rice ball picture book

  • ・The morning in Kyoto is really interesting now
    ・Take care of yourself in the morning
    ・Breakfast you want to aim for
    ・Coffee break at 10:00 at a popular shop
    ・Must eat! 3 selections of morning ra
    ・ Leaf online store 1st anniversary collaboration project! ~ I made a new product with that popular store ~
    ・Mochizuki Sake Brewery, which continues to make sake that tastes like rice
    ・Places related to The Tale of Genji vol.3 Uji
    ・Kyoto's latest ramen breaking news
    ・Already a hot topic NEWSHOP-Opening secret story 1
    ・5 new shops in Kyoto
    ・ Series / series vegetable feast vol.70
    ・Serialized carefully selected Kyoto gourmet order feast vol.04
    ・New Release Cinema/Music/Book/Comic/Stage
    ・Notice of the next issue

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