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Men's Leaf vol.05 Kyoo's love deviation

Released on September 19, 2018

The proverb ``Azuma man and Kyoto woman'' means that a stylish and strong Edo man and a beautiful and good-looking Kyoto woman are an ideal couple and match. Maybe Kyoo's love deviation is low? However, Kyoo has a geographical advantage that Azuma does not have. A man who complains that he is not popular will be able to discover what women want and what they are interested in through Kyoto. What you have to be careful about is breaking away from the stereotyped Kyoto date. I believe that Kyoto's view will be a friend of love, and I will teach you how to increase Kyoo's love deviation.

table of contents

    • Girl's Pilgrimage A phantom of a young girl presented by Kyoto in the last summer of the Heisei era.
    • Guys, let's get together! Camera boy's half-day date 3 consecutive shots
    • Cool Brother's Winning Date A Man's Seriousness Drops A Woman
    • Dismantling Kyoo's love affair
    • Four Universities Competition! Which is the popular man's proposal?
    • Ran Domon newly written short story first day of cohabitation
    • You are defenseless when you are eating.
    • Kyoto-style Super Love Theory
    • Talking with the one and only magic mirror craftsman in the world What percentage of men look like?
    • Appearance or contents, which one wins? Instagram Withers VS Instagrammable Date
    • Super Love Techniques Learned from Popular Gardens The Mysterious Relationship between Renai and Gardening
    • A man's power stone A man's sex appeal comes from knowing the stone
    • I tried a love story with a monk
    • Close contact with Yasui Konpiragu Shrine all night long! A man like this who learns from a divorced girl is no good
    • A delicious restaurant that you should know about.
    • Choose by space Stores you want to visit now
    • BATI-HOLIC's Kyoto, Music and Love
    • Miss Campus Doshisha Six finalists' ideal love et cetera
    • Know what adults can do Man's social debut
    • 1 week love hotel life in Kyoto

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