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Leaf February/March 2024
New Guide to Noteworthy Areas in Kyoto

December 25, 2023 Release

Kyoto Station, the gateway to Kyoto. In fact, with the relocation of the Kyoto City University of Arts, it is no exaggeration to say that this is the most exciting area in Kyoto right now. In this issue, we focus on the area between Gojo-dori and Kujo-dori, or a radius of 1.5 km from Kyoto Station, and pick up spots that locals should check out. They are sure to be useful not only for everyday use but also for entertaining!

table of contents

  • SPECIAL EDITION Kyoto's New Guide to Hot Areas - The hottest ministry in Kyoto: Kyoto Station area
    A new way to walk around Kyoto Station
    Around Umekoji Park
    Shichijo Street Walk
    Ura-Kyoto Area
    COLUMUN: A spot in the city of Toto
    I want to teach! Omotenashi Lunch
    Morning to aim for
    A hole-in-the-wall cafe that interests me.
    Adult Hideout
    5 houses to keep on hand
    Ramen noodle around Kyoto station 24:00
    A history of masterpieces that lasts more than 100 years.
    Oyaji walk around Kyoto Station
    Actually... Kyoto station area is a paradise of floury food.
    Downtown bar loved by drinkers
    I want to eat that thing at the Beloved Diner!
    INTERVIEW Yoshimasa Kondo
    The ninth generation of the Kita Sake Brewery, a 200 year-old passion that will be passed on to future generations.
    HOTEL LUNCH - Blissful time as a reward
    Kyoto people love this gem.

  • Looking back on 27 years of Kyoto and Shiga in the cover
    The secret story behind the opening of a NEWSHOP that has already become a hot topic.
    ・5 new shops in Kyoto
    The latest ramen news from Kyoto.
    New Release Cinema/Music/Book/Comic/Stage
    Series: A Feast of Vegetables vol.73
    Serialization: Selected Kyoto Gourmet Orders - Gochiso This and That vol.07

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