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The Latest in 2021: 6 Stylish Cafes for Lunch and Sweets in Shiga

Why not try a stylish lunch at a Shiga café where you can relax and enjoy yourself?

From authentic dishes made with the finest ingredients to casual sandwiches and adorable sweets, we have everything on standby. Here is information on cafes in Shiga Prefecture that will keep you coming back for more.
Sweets are also introduced on the detail page of each restaurant!

1.Kolmio" - crepes that spread the aroma of burnt butter.

A 5-minute walk from Hachimanbori. The café, housed in a tasteful old house from the end of the Edo period with a Scandinavian touch, boasts hand-baked crepes. The deli crepes are perfect for lunch. Take-out is also available, so why not try some while sightseeing in the area?

Location/9-2, Nakaya-cho Kamigami, Omihachiman City
Access/5 min. walk from bus stop "Osugi-cho

Delicatessen plate with roast beef as the main dish for 1,450 yen. Comes with seasonal soup, 4-5 deli items, and crepe or rice with glutinous rice. The mille crepe, a single item consisting of several layers of our specialty crepes, is 980 yen.

2.Body-conscious cafe lunch with a focus on additive-free products [uchi cafe*] / Ogo Onsen

A quiet residential area near JR Ototo Onsen Station. The small 8-seat café, which was renovated from the garage of a house, is tucked away in this location. Try the fried chicken with chili mayo sauce and other homemade dishes made without additives. Breads and takeout lunches are also recommended.

Location / 1-22-3, Aoki no Sato, Otsu City
Access/12 min. walk from JR Ototo Onsen Stn.

Fried chicken with chili mayo sauce set using domestic chicken, 1,898 yen. Choice of rice with terraced rice from Aoki or homemade bread made from domestic wheat. Take-out is also available. Lunch includes a set of homemade desserts.

3.Expect sandwiches layered with seasonal vegetables [CAFE REED] / Kusatsu

[The concept of this café, located near the Lake Biwa Museum, is to "get rid of plastic. The cup lids and straws are made of paper, and the spoons and muddlers are made of wood, all in consideration of the environment. Sandwiches filled with seasonal vegetables are also available for takeout.

Location/1091 Shimomonomachi, Kusatsu City
Access/18 min. drive from JR Kusatsu Stn.

Teriyaki chicken salad with colorful sandwiches of mashed potatoes, red onions, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, and lettuce for 464 yen; hojicha latte for 410 yen. Sandwiches + drink are discounted 50 yen.

4.Lunch on a whim with the best of luxury [Marure] / Otsu, Japan

A café and boutique renovated from a historic townhouse built in 1914. With a creed of homemade cuisine that focuses on the finest ingredients, they proudly offer such delicacies as eel bowls with Amano-waka eel, which rivals natural products, and hamburgers made with Omi beef from Tanaka Ranch.

Location / 2-5-18 Chuo, Otsu City
Access/10 min. walk from JR Otsu Stn.

Whimsical lunch, which changes daily, is 1650 yen. The main dish is a hamburger steak made from 100% Omi beef, assorted sashimi of fresh fish the owner purchases at the Kyoto Central Market, and a charbroiled chicken tataki.

Japanese mallotus (Mallotus japonicus)

5.Authentic cuisine that you wouldn't expect from a casual café [TUKUHIKO] / Kusatsu

A beloved house café in Minami-Kusatsu moved to a new location in June 2020. The English garden and the tall triangular roof are the landmarks of the new natural space. The authentic homemade cuisine is as popular as before the relocation, and is so popular that repeat customers keep coming back.

Location/149-5 Kawahara-cho, Kusatsu City
Access/9 min. drive from JR Kusatsu Stn.

The Tsuguhiko Lunch is 2000 yen, featuring authentic European cuisine that changes weekly. Today's main dish is sauteed sea bream. A plate full of assorted appetizers is included. After lunch, we recommend the raspberry cinnamon cheese tart for 583 yen.

6.Lunch plates filled with fresh local vegetables [NOBODA store] / Yasu

This lifestyle store in Yasu is located along a road lined with factories and warehouses. In addition to creative furniture and greenery available for purchase, visitors can enjoy lunch plates made with heaps of fresh local vegetables at the relaxing café.

Location: 1218-4 Mikami, Yasu City
Access/7 min. drive from JR Yasu Stn.

Homemade bacon, prepared over 10 days, is the star of the show at NBP 1,700 yen. The bacon-striped pancakes, a staple in the U.S., are also plentifully garnished. Printed rifle topped with firm pudding (1500 yen) is also popular.

NOBODA store

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