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Shops with good views in Shiga and Lake Biwa

[2023] 12 Shops with Great Views in Lake Biwa, Shiga

Shiga Prefecture attracts many people with its rich natural scenery. We have picked up 12 spots for calming healing, such as Lake Biwa and rural scenery.
This summer, why not spend some time enjoying the delicious food surrounded by the spectacular scenery unique to Shiga?

1.Café in the sky overlooking Lake Biwa [Biwako Terrace] / Shiga

At the summit of Biwako Valley at an altitude of 1100m, you can enjoy the open feeling of floating in the sky [Biwako Terrace]. After getting off the glass-enclosed ropeway, there are three observation decks and a vast site dotted with six restaurants, and you can enjoy a superb view from any area.

Biwako Terrace
Biwako Valley (Terrace) North Terrace Cafe Stand Black Curry

Biwako Black Curry 1,200 yen that you can enjoy at the North Terrace Cafe Stand © Alpina BI Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Biwako Valley / Biwako Terrace

  • Biwako Valley / Biwako Terrace
  • 1547-1 Kido, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
  • About 10 minutes by car from JR Shiga Station
    About 5 minutes by car from Nishiotsu Bypass Kosai Road "Shiga IC"
    *Ropeway round trip adult 3,500 yen, elementary school student 1,500 yen, infant 1,000 yen
  • Tel.077-592-1155

2.Drawn into a picturesque scene [Pâtisserie & Café Chérie] / Omihachiman

A patisserie and cafe in a detached house in Omihachiman, surrounded by greenery and beautiful Nishinoko. Flocks of waterfowl and orange-tinted sunsets can be seen only at the lakeside. The owner, who trained in France, carefully bakes a special cake using seasonal fruits. Enjoy the superb view and sweets to your heart's content.

Patisserie&Café Chérie
Angel Eyes at Patisserie & Café Chérie

Cheesecake covered with raspberries Angel's eyes 3024 yen (whole)

Patisserie&Café Chérie

  • Patisserie & Cafe Sherry
  • 5017-1 Shimotoyoura, Azuchicho, Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture
  • 15 minute walk from JR Azuchi Station
  • Tel.0748-25-0305

3.Taste the blessings of the mountains at [Hitomi Sanso] surrounded by nature / Higashi-Omi

An old thatched roof house built about 200 years ago has been relocated to this inn, which is limited to one group per day. You can also have a meal on a day trip (reservation required), and you can enjoy dishes made with char and local vegetables while sitting around the sunken hearth. In a land surrounded by nature, be healed by the quiet passage of time.

Hitomi Sanso
Hitomi Sanso

One plate lunch with salt-grilled rock fish, sashimi, and 12 side dishes for 2,500 yen

Hitomi Sanso

  • Hitomi
  • 1691 Mandokoro-cho, Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture
  • About 20 minutes by car from "Yokaichi IC"
  • Tel.0748-29-0112

4.Seasonal cuisine in a beautiful satoyama [Kano Shojuan Juchosei no Sato] / Oishi

Kano Shojuan, a Japanese confectionery brand that is famous all over the country, created [Shojuchosei no Sato] by taking advantage of the nature of Satoyama. The 63,000 tsubo grounds are dotted with a Japanese confectionery workshop, a tea room, a bakery workshop, and a sweets shop. You can enjoy dishes and sweets made with seasonal ingredients while gazing at the scenery of each season, such as the pure white blossoms of the plum trees that make up the sweets in spring and the lush greenery of summer.

Kano Shojuan Juchosei no Sato
Kano Shojuan Juchosei no Sato

Miyama Tsuzura Bento 3,850 yen (reservation required)

Kano Shojuan Juchosei no Sato

  • Kano Shojuan Sunai no Sato
  • 4-2-1 Ryumon Oishi, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
  • About 20 minutes by car from Kasatori IC
  • Tel.077-546-3131

5.Cheers at [German Restaurant Wurzburg] on the shores of Lake Biwa! / Otsu

At [German Restaurant Wurzburg], you can enjoy German beer and German home cooking on the shores of Lake Biwa. The dishes served here are created by chefs who trained in Otsu's sister city of Würzburg, recreating the authentic flavors of the area. Enjoy a relaxing time while looking at Lake Biwa from the terrace seats.

Terrace seating at German Restaurant Wurzburg
German Restaurant Wurzburg

3 kinds of grilled sausage platter 2550yen

German Restaurant Wurzburg

  • german restaurant wurzburg
  • 5 Yumihama, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
  • 9 minutes on foot from Keihan Nishiki Station
  • Tel.077-526-3500

6.Enjoy the luxury of nothing but the sky, Lake Biwa and mountains [Minna no Ie Tokiiro Terrace] / Nagahara

A café in a detached house that opened in Sugaura Village, Nagahama City, right on the top of Lake Biwa. Three former nurses at a local clinic provide a nutritionally balanced lunch plate. You can enjoy home-cooked meals to your heart's content in a restaurant near the surface of Lake Biwa, as if you were floating on it.

Minna no Ie Tokiiro Terrace
Minna no Ie Tokiiro Terrace lunch plate

You can choose a main dish from a wide range of menus, and the lunch plate, which comes with three types of side dishes, salad, soup, and rice, starts at 1,000 yen.

Minna no Ie Tokiiro Terrace

  • Minna no Ie Tokiiro Terrace
  • March 26, 2022 open
  • 1484-1 Sugaura Okude, Nishiazaicho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture
  • 3 minutes by car from JR Nagahara Station, 23 minutes on foot
    1 hour 40 minutes by car from Kyoto Station
  • Tel.0749-56-2934

7.[SEIKOUSHA CAFE Levain] overlooking Lake Biwa from the terrace seats / Takashima

A cafe near Shirahige Shrine where you can enjoy a beautiful view overlooking Lake Biwa and a menu that makes use of local ingredients. Produced by a construction company that has been involved in building wooden houses, the interior of the store uses a variety of woods, giving it a modern Scandinavian atmosphere.

SEIKOUSHA CAFE Levain chiffon cake

Free-range chicken eggs from Kutsuki, rice flour from Takashima, [Kitsugi Dairies] pasteurized milk, etc. Carefully made chiffon cake 550 yen.


  • Seikosha Cafe Levain
  • July 13, 2019 open
  • 296-1 Ugawa, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture
  • 9 minutes by car from JR Omi Takashima Station, 40 minutes on foot
    50 minutes by car from Kyoto Station
  • Tel.0740-20-1331

8.Facing a calming blue gradation [Cafe Koan] / Shiga

The owner, Mr. Shimizu, who has lived in Shiga Prefecture for about 30 years, wants to share the never-ending charm of Lake Biwa with many people! A container-style cafe that started with. On sunny days, the blue gradation of the sky and Lake Biwa fills the view. Be healed by the idyllic scenery that is perfect for a day when you want to rest your tired mind.

Cafe Koan
French Toast Burger at Cafe Koan

French toast burger and drink set of 500 yen or less is 1100 yen, which is limited to 6 meals a day. Fluffy and chewy French toast with homemade patties, bacon, sautéed onions and lettuce.

Cafe Koan

  • Cafe Coan
  • March 14, 2022 open
  • 1224-2 Kido, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
  • 14 minute walk from JR Shiga Station
    50 minutes by car from Kyoto Station
  • Tel.070-8471-5644

9.Leisurely at the window seat of the renewed [eight hills delicatessen] / Hikone

America's Northwest style delicatessen [eight hills delicatessen] will reopen in March 2022 after renovation. The 2nd floor is an eat-in space, and you can see Lake Biwa from the west window and Mt. Ibuki from the northeast window. Enjoy the famous charcuterie, which you can choose from about 30 types, and side dishes made with local vegetables while gazing at the scenery.

eight hills delicatessen
eight hills delicatessen quiche plate

You can choose from 4 to 5 kinds of quiche and bruschetta, and the quiche plate with 7 kinds of side dishes is 1,650 yen and comes with soup and a drink. The lunch menu is limited from 11:00 to 15:00.

eight hills delicatessen

  • Eight Hills Delicatessen
  • 3181 Yasakacho, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture
  • 6 minutes on foot from the bus stop "Yasaka"
    1.5 hours by car from Kyoto Station
  • Tel.0749-28-0837

10.[cafe.822] is a panini cafe with a view of the Seta River / Seta

Panini specialty store opened on the banks of the Seta River. You can enjoy a panini with ingredients such as A5 grade Omi beef roast beef, homemade chicken ham and uncured ham sandwiched between raw or white bread. A place where you can relax on the sofa and enjoy the view of the Seta River from the large windows.

cafe.822 panini set

Salad chicken and Oba mentaiko cream cheese panini set 1200 yen comes with homemade sweets. The refreshing scent of perilla and the spiciness of the mentaiko match the richness of the cream cheese.


  • Cafe.Hachinini
  • December 06, 2020 open
  • 24-50 Kayanoura, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture Tiara Otsu 1F
  • 6 minutes by car from JR Seta Station, 20 minutes on foot
    40 minutes by car from Kyoto Station
  • Tel.077-548-7611

11.The counter by the window at [Sarai Cafe&Lunch] where the countryside spreads out / Kurotsu

Hitomi Nishino, the store manager, fell in love with the rural landscape that changes with the seasons, and decided to open a store here. Located on the 1st floor of [Tokoton House], where taiko and yoga classes are held, you can enjoy a leisurely lunch in a living room-like space where all kinds of people gather, including local regulars and people who have come for lessons.

Sarai Cafe & Lunch
Daily lunch at Sarai Cafe&Lunch

An example of daily lunch 1095 yen. Japanese-style hamburger steak, rice, 3 side dishes, salad, and a drink are included, making it a hearty meal. Lunch time is from 11:00 to 14:30.

Sarai Cafe & Lunch

  • Sarai Cafe & Lunch
  • February 11, 2021 open
  • 5-1-14 Kurotsu, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
  • 13 minutes on foot from the bus stop "Nangoaraiseki"
    40 minutes by car from Kyoto Station
  • Tel.077-546-7571

12.Beautiful rural scenery seen from the terrace of [Yamanokami Cafe & Terrace] / Taga

The café by [Hiratsuka Architecture], which proposes high-quality living, is equipped with a wooden deck under a zelkova tree and a tiny house that can be used like a private room, and is full of spaces where you can experience living with trees. From the terrace on the 2nd floor, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with a cup of coffee in your hand.

Yamanokami Cafe & Terrace
Yamanokami Cafe & Terrace Oumi Tree Strawberry Juice

Oumiki Strawberry Juice, a bright red juice made with original syrup using Oumiki strawberries from Higashiomi City, starts at 495 yen. The refreshing sweet and sour taste is perfect for the sweaty season.

Yamanokami Cafe & Terrace

  • Yamanokami Cafe & Terrace
  • June 06, 2020 open
  • 1835-1 Taga, Taga Town, Inukami District, Shiga Prefecture
  • 2 minutes on foot from the bus stop "Tagawakamiya"
    1 hour and 15 minutes by car from Kyoto Station
  • Tel.0120-175-754
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