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2024.4.8 PR
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A must-see for banquet organizers in Kyoto! A new website has been created to allow you to search and inquire about stylish venues that can accommodate a large number of people at once!

Spring is a season of increased opportunities for dinners, including welcome and farewell parties. While some people look forward to the delicious food and good conversation, others may have trouble finding a venue for their first banquet as the organizer. In this issue, we introduce "Speedy," a popular website that makes it easy to search for stylish banquet halls. Let's raise your stock as an organizer by quickly finding the perfect venue to meet your requirements!

1.Point 1] What is the venue search site "Speedy"?

The venue search site "Speedyis a search and quote request site for parties, events, conferences, exhibitions, and other venues for 20 or more people. The site only lists venues that have been carefully selected and wholeheartedly recommended by Speedy's staff. The site also provides a list of venues throughout Japan, so it is reassuring to know that you can find a venue outside of Kyoto.

2.Point②] How to use "Speedy

It is easy to use. After entering various criteria such as area, number of people, and purpose of use, you can select up to 10 venues that match your criteria and request a lump-sum estimate. After that, you will receive proposals from the venues you requested quotes from, and if you like the venue, you can make a reservation.

3.Point 3] Four advantages

(1) No site usage fees
The first thing that concerns me is the fee for using the site. Since "Speedy" receives a fee from the listed facilities, it is free of charge no matter how many times you search and request a quote.
*There is no charge to use "Speedy", but after booking a venue, the party fee and other expenses must be paid to the venue.

(2) A batch request for quotations is possible.
You can request simultaneous quotes from up to 10 venues with a single quote request, which saves a lot of time.
*Able to check the history of when and which venues you have requested quotes from.

Downloading of necessary documents is also available.
Since materials such as proposal data, sample menus, and layouts can be downloaded, for example, travel agencies can create sales materials, and corporate executives can expect to streamline the creation of presentation materials for selecting a venue to their superiors.
Some venues are in the process of preparing materials.

(4) A useful information blog is also available, which is a must-see for all organizers.
You've found a venue, but you're worried about how it will go on the day of the event.... In such a case, this is a useful guide that summarizes the roles and key points of the after-party organizer for welcome and send-off parties, year-end parties, New Year's parties, reunions, and weddings.BlogThe book also includes a section on how to dress for a reception, thank-you party, or farewell party. It also includes information on how to dress for social gatherings, thank-you parties, and farewell parties, so you can be prepared on the day of the event.

In addition to speeding up the search for a venue, there are many other advantages.
The next time you're looking for a venue, you'll be looking for "SpeedyRefer to the "How to find a party venue" section! If you want to find party venues across the country, please contactherecheck.


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