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Kim's Gion Hanazuki Meji

Yuichi Kimura, a.k.a. "Brother Kim," is currently introducing recommended food spots in Kyoto in his video project "Kim Brother's Gion Kagetsu Gyomae Meishi!

Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu YouTube channelKim's Gion Hanazuki Gyomae Meji" has been available since July 2023 on "Yoshimoto Gion Hanazuki". Yuichi Kimura, a.k.a. "Brother Kim," a Kyoto native and well-known food connoisseur, visits his "favorite restaurants" with his junior comedians between performances at "Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu" to enjoy delicious food and talk without being overbearing. The video project is a talk-and-talk without any pretension.

Kim's Gion Hanazuki Meji" 01

Leaf went to interview Koji Nishida of Laughing Man and Shunpei Tomoyasu of Metal Bat. [The recording began at a shrine a short walk from the Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu Theater! Kim rode his bicycle through the Gion area and was approached by fans as he passed by. On the way to the stores, he enjoys chatting with them and introducing the stores along the way.

Kim's Gion Hanazuki Meji" 02

This time, we had lunch at Cantonese Cuisine Hirayasu in Gion. Kim ordered shrimp and egg omelet, and Laughing Man and Nishida ordered kalashi-soba. Afterwards, they talked about M-1 and asked "How much do you respect Nishida? What are you talking about over drinks?" and "What do you talk about when you drink?

Kim's Gion Hanazuki Meji

Karashi-Soba is quite common in Chinese restaurants in Kyoto," said Kim. I've never had karashi saba in Osaka.

Kim's Gion Hanazuki Meji" 06

At this point, I finally ask the owner, "Why are you schooling us on the level of spiciness?"

Kim's Gion Hanazuki Meji" 04

After finishing the meal, we recorded the ending and snapped a commemorative photo with the restaurant staff at the end. After recharging our energy with a delicious meal, we cycled back to [Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu].

Since the time of the visit is right "in between" the live performance, there are many places to eat around "Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu" and we are glad that we can go out to the restaurants introduced in the video before and after enjoying the live stage performance. Information on the restaurants we visited and Brother Kim's recommended menus are also introduced on our YouTube channel, so be sure to check out the videos!

●写真は「#7 キム兄の祇園花月合間メシ【笑い飯西田・金属バット友保】」より


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