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Enjoy exquisite pizza at a Western-style building nestled in a mountain village. Excellent wood-fired aroma [Pizzeria Casa di Kudos]

Located in front of the Hira Museum of Art, surrounded by nature, is a pizzeria opened by the owner, who has been an Italian connoisseur for 30 years. The owner uses carefully selected ingredients, such as mozzarella cheese from Milk Farm Sugiyama in Kyotamba and balsamic vinegar with low acidity, to bake excellent pizzas. The most notable feature of the pizza is its chewy texture. The dough was invented through trial and error to satisfy the flour-loving people of Kansai. In addition to the standard Margherita, the original Pizza Bonisan, which was taught by an Italian friend, is also highly recommended. The owner is a big dog lover, so he also offers a special dog-shaped pizza.

Margherita 1540 yen
The characteristic of this dish is its sticky texture and wood-fired aroma. A lunch set that includes a salad is 1705 yen. Pizza can be changed for the difference in price.

Pizzeria Casa di Kudos

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