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5 Gyoza restaurants in Kyoto where you can enjoy take-out!

The source of energy that makes you want to eat more and more! This remarkable restaurant, which is the new standard for Kyoto gyoza, has a rapidly growing fan base for its carefully selected ingredients and exquisitely cooked bean paste.

In this issue, we pick up gyoza specialty restaurants in Kyoto, focusing on the sauce that enhances the taste. Take-out is also available, so you can enjoy them at home.

1.[The gyoza (dumplings) at Kyoto Gyoza Tetsunoita have a light texture with a deliciously calculated filling that is irresistible.

Tetsuno-ita, a teppan-yaki specialty restaurant located in Kawaramachi Rokkaku area, has left the town center to become a gyoza specialty restaurant. Takeout of fresh, frozen, and grilled gyoza is also popular.

Location/49 Umezu Ishinada-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Access/5 min. walk from bus stop "Umezu Dancho

The dumplings are wrapped in a thin skin and baked crispy and savory so that the customers can enjoy the juicy flavor of the bean paste. Gyoza (dumplings) 315 yen per serving (310 yen for take-out) Four flavors to try: vinegar and soy sauce + raayu, vinegar and pepper, vinegar and soy sauce + mustard, vinegar and soy sauce + yuzu kosho

Kyoto Gyoza Tetsunoita

2.Gyoza arranged with unique sauce! [Meat dumplings at Gyoza Specialty Ichidan / Tambabashi

We offer a total of three types of gyoza, with the garlic-flavored meat gyoza as the main one. The garlic-free chicken gyoza with more vegetables is perfect for lunch during work hours. The spicy gyoza with kimchi and chives is a dish that will make you want to drink more.

Location / 7-13-1 Kyomachikita, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
Access/1 min. walk from Keihan "Tambabashi" station.

The meat gyoza is a perfect size, 726 yen for 2 servings (800 yen with take-out box). They are cooked on a griddle to a good crisp. For the gyoza sauce, we recommend the spicy miso sauce with white miso and soybean paste and garlic raayu.

Gyoza Specialty Restaurant Ittan

3.Premium Papagyoza from Motoi Gyoza / Yanagibaba Nishiki

Chef Maeda of Kyoto's leading French restaurant [MOTOI] has opened a gyoza specialty restaurant. Four kinds of gyoza are on standby, including the premium papa gyoza with its impressive plump shrimp texture. Frozen gyoza are also available for purchase, so you can enjoy the taste of Michelin-starred chefs at home.

Location/470-2 Setoya-cho, Yanagibaba Nishikikoji-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Access/5 min. walk from Hankyu "Kyoto Kawaramachi" station.

Papa Dumplings with Motoi Gyoza

Eight premium papagyoza with wonderfully crispy wings are 800 yen (850 yen for takeout). The chewy skin wraps around a filling of pork, shrimp, chives, cabbage, and other ingredients. Recommended to eat with olive oil and salt.

Motoi Gyoza

4.Small in size and refreshingly crispy! [Yaki-gyoza (grilled dumplings) at Gyoza Katsuko / Hyakumanben

The dumplings are small enough to be easily consumed in a single bite. The skin is specially ordered to be thin so as not to interfere with the bean paste. The bean paste contains glutinous pork, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, and kuwai (Chinese cabbage), which gives the dumpling a pleasantly crispy texture.

Location / 103-1 Tanakamonzen-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Access/2 min. walk from bus stop "Hyakumanben

Yaki gyoza (grilled dumplings), with a savory, well-done grilled crust, 350 yen per person. (Both gyoza and ginger gyoza are available for 350 yen for takeout.) In addition to the standard vinegared soy sauce, the restaurant also offers miso sauce made from a blend of white miso, combined miso, garlic, and other ingredients, as well as salt and pepper.

gyoza katsuo (crescent-shaped pan-fried dumplings stuffed with minced pork and vegetables)

5.[The yaki-gyoza (grilled dumplings) at Gyoza Kaku have an authentic, spicy taste / Uji

Since coming to Japan, Mr. Takara has built a career as a chef at numerous Chinese restaurants, including hotels. In the relaxed atmosphere of his restaurant, he serves sui-gyoza (dumplings) and yaki-gyoza (grilled dumplings), specialties of his hometown in northeastern China. The chopped pork and the elegant aroma of sansho (Japanese pepper) make these dumplings a delicacy that can be eaten as many times as you like.

Location / 11-96 Kibata Misono, Uji City
Access/5 min. walk from JR Rokujizo Stn.

The chewy texture and even the skin is delicious. 400 yen per person for grilled gyoza (400 yen for 7 pieces to take out). Be sure to order both types with chives and cabbage. Two types of sauce are available: vinegared soy sauce and black vinegar soy sauce. There are two types of sauce to choose from: vinegar soy sauce and black vinegar soy sauce.

gyoza-kaku (dumpling-shaped pan-fried dumplings stuffed with minced pork and vegetables)

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