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[2023]The individuality of popular stores shines through! 11 Specialty Udon Noodles of Kyoto

A selection of famous udon restaurants that cannot be missed when touring Kyoto.

Enjoy a bowl of curry udon that combines broth and spices in harmony, or a satisfying bowl of udon topped with a variety of toppings, each with its own specialties and personality.

This winter, warm up with Kyoto's famous udon, a hot and steamy dish!

1.[Enjoy the taste of Ehime and Imabari with shrimp tempura bukkake udon at Mensho Bisho / Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Mimatsu Noodle Shop is run by Kimitaka Nagae, the third generation of an udon store established in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture in 1950. He learned the homemade noodles and broth from his grandfather. He cooks iriko (dried sardines) out of water for about 12 hours at a temperature of less than 70 degrees Celsius, and adds dried bonito flakes and other ingredients. The noodles are made with flour from Kagawa Prefecture and have a good firmness. Taste the Imabari udon, which was handed down from his grandfather, recreated in Kyoto, along with shrimp tempura and a refreshing lemon flavor.

Noodle restaurant Mimatsu

Shrimp tempura bukkake udon with mini oyakotendon (rice topped with chicken and egg) for 1,330 yen

Noodle restaurant Mimatsu

  • Mendokoro Matsu
  • 1038-27 Kamiyagawa-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 2 minutes walk from Randen “Kitano Hakubaicho”
  • Tel.050-7129-0773

2.Enjoy the harmony of broth and spices at Ajika Gion's Kyoto-style curry udon noodles / Gion, Kyoto, Japan

Ajimika was started in 1969 by the previous owner, Kokichi Shimada, and has grown to become a popular restaurant loved by tourists. The curry udon of Kyoto is made by blending 11 spices in a special broth and adding potato starch in a starchy sauce style. Enjoy the harmony of the deep flavor of the broth and the spiced curry, which is made with the perfect balance of kombu and dried bonito flakes, mirin (sweet cooking sake), soy sauce, and salt.

Ajika Fox Curry Udon

Kitsune Curry Udon Ajika 1250 yen

Kyoto Curry Udon Ajika Gion Branch

  • Today's Curry Udon Mimiko Gion Ten
  • 528-6, Gion-cho South, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 10 minutes walk from Exit 6 of Gion-Shijo Station, Keihan
  • Tel. 075-525-0155

3.Winter only! [Kitsune Ankake Udon (udon noodles with starchy sauce) at Kendon-ya (handmade udon noodle shop) / Fushimi

[Kendon-ya is located near Kyoto's Fushimi Inari Station, which is crowded with visitors to the Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine. The winter special is the Kitsune Ankake Udon (udon noodles with starchy sauce) topped with a large piece of deep-fried tofu. The fried tofu comes from a tofu store in Kyoto that the owner fell in love with at first sight. The homemade noodles, made from a blend of Australian and Mie Prefecture flour, are boiled in a pressure cooker and steamed for a long time, giving them a chewy texture. The owner himself uses carefully selected ingredients to make the broth every morning.


Teuchi Udon Kendon-ya

910 yen with a fox starchy sauce

Teuchi Udon Noodle Kendon-ya

  • Teuchi Udon Noodle Kendon-ya
  • 41 Fukakusa Ichinotsubo-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 1 minute walk from Keihan "Fushimi Inari Station"
  • Tel. 075-641-1330

4.[Udon noodles with curry meat and seafood at Okaru in Gion, Kyoto.

Curry udon is a popular menu item at Kyoto Gion Okaru, which is frequented by celebrities. The soup is made by adding spices to the delicious seafood broth, and the toppings of your choice, such as cheese, tempura, and deep-fried tofu, are also appealing. Open until late at night, it is the perfect place to finish off a night of drinking.

Meat curry udon 1040 yen

Kyoto Gion Okaru

  • Kyoto Gion Okaru
  • 132 Tominaga-cho, Yasaka Shinchi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 3 minutes walk from Exit 8 of Gion-Shijo Station, Keihan
    5 minutes walk from Exit 1A of Hankyu "Kyoto Kawaramachi Station".
  • Tel. 075-541-1001

5.Visit with an empty stomach!

Authentic handmade udon Okawa offers a menu full of hearty toppings, so you should come hungry. The dreamy udon topped with shrimp, bamboo rings, and chicken is the Okawamori bukkake, a popular menu item at this restaurant. The owner, who honed his skills at a popular Sanuki udon restaurant in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, handmade the soft udon and serves it with gorgeous tempura.


Okkeshi makkake 1430 yen

Authentic hand-rolled udon noodles Okawa

  • regular target udon Taiga
  • 7-45-1 Fukakusa Nishiura-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 7 min. walk from Fujimori Sta. of Keihan Co.
  • Tel. 075-641-4877

6.[Curry udon noodles with stewed beef tendon melt in your mouth at Minehachi/Kichijoin.

Minehachi is popular for its curry udon noodles with a refined aroma of Japanese soup stock. The Curry Udon with Beef Sueji Stew is made by boiling carefully selected Japanese beef sinew three times and simmering it in a Japanese-style curry broth made with Rishiri kelp and an original blend of shavings. You can enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the beef tendon, the deep flavor of the curry broth, and the moderate firmness and smoothness of the thin udon noodles. The wide selection of toppings is another great point.

Minehachi Curry udon noodles with stewed beef tendon

Curry udon with stewed beef tendon 950 yen

Kyoto-style curry udon Minehachi

  • Kyoufu Curry Udon Noodle Minehachi
  • 543 Kichijoin Nagata-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 4 minutes walk from bus stop "Kichijoin Ikeda-cho".
  • Tel. 075-661-3868

7.Ten-tomizushi Udon (udon with tempura) at Kyo Udon Nama Soba Okakita, which lavishly uses eggs / Okazaki, Japan

Founded in 1940, Kyo Udon Ikusoba Okakita continues to make udon noodles using only the finest ingredients, including buckwheat flour from the foot of Mount Hakusan in Ishikawa Prefecture. The dashi (broth) that is the core of Kyo udon is made using the techniques the founder learned during his 17 years of training, and it has a fine taste that brings out the full flavor of the ingredients. The ten-tomizushi udon is a bowl of thin, glossy, firm udon noodles tossed with a generous amount of egg and flavored with the broth.

Okakita Tenmiji Udon

Udon noodles with tenmizushi topping: 1,680 yen

Kyoto Udon, Nama Soba, Okakita

  • Kyoto Udon Kisoba Okakita
  • 34 Okazaki Minami-Gosho-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 2 min. walk from bus stop "Zoo-mae".
  • Tel. 075-771-4831

8.Keema Curry Udon with over 20 spices at Kyoto Shijo Kuon / Karasuma

Kyoto Shijo Kuon operates in a traditional Kyoto townhouse that was once a kimono store.The old wooden beams, mud walls, and tsuboniwa garden are just a few of the old-fashioned touches that can still be found in the restaurant.You can taste Keema Curry Udon, an authentic and deep curry with more than 20 spices,Enjoy the harmony of fine udon noodles blended with domestic wheat and roasted germ. You can add otsuyu (soy sauce) to the udon noodles or add keema curry to barley rice topped with egg yolk.

Kyoto Shijo Kuon's Japanese-style Kashiwa Keema Udon with five types of skewered tempura

Japanese Kashiwa Keema Udon skewers with five kinds of tempura, 1980 yen

Kyoto Shijo Kuon

  • capital punishment
  • 420, Koyadana-cho, Nishiki-kouji-sagaru, Shinmachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 6 min. walk from Exit 2 of "Shijo" subway station
    4 minutes walk from Exit 24 of "Karasuma" station on Hankyu line
  • Tel. 075-251-6661

9.Kashiwa-ten bukkake at San-Shiki Udon (homemade udon noodles) / Kiyomizu Gojo

San-Shiki Udon Noodles was opened by the owner, who hails from Kagawa Prefecture. The noodles are made by letting the dough rest overnight at a low temperature, which makes them smooth and pleasant to the palate. Kashiwa-ten bukkake is a dish of large chicken tempura topped with ume plum paste and a dashi broth with a small amount of iriko (dried sardines) to suit Kyotoites' tastes. Kagawa soy sauce is used as the secret ingredient, allowing customers to enjoy the fusion of the culinary cultures of Kagawa, the prefecture of udon, and Kyoto.

Homemade Udon Noodles San-Shiki

Kashiwa-ten bukkake 770 yen

Homemade Udon Noodles San-Shiki

  • home-style udon triple wedding ceremony
  • 2-9-4 Gojobashi Higashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 3 minutes walk from Exit 4 of "Kiyomizu Gojo Station" of Keihan
  • Tel. 075-531-7775

10.[Meidai Omen Ginkakuji Honten] Tsukemen style noodles with extravagant condiments / Ginkakuji, Tokyo

Meidai Omen Ginkakuji Honten is located not far from Ginkakuji Temple. Omen is a local dish of Gunma Prefecture that is tsukemen-style with plenty of condiments. The dipping sauce, which is the key to the flavor, is made from carefully selected ingredients, including several kinds of Japanese shavings purchased from a shavings store in Kyoto. Enjoy the rich aroma of Japanese wheat noodles, which are carefully pounded by artisans, with the dipping sauce made with ingredients from Kyoto.

Meidai Omen Ginkakuji Honten Omen

Rice noodle 1280yen

Meidai Omen Ginkakuji Honten

  • Nadaiomen
  • 74 Ishibashi-cho, Jodo-ji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 3-minute walk from the bus stop "Ginkakuji-mae"
  • Tel. 075-771-8994

11.Fumiya Nishiki's Fumiya nabe, filled with special ingredients / Shijo

The signature dish at Fumiya Nishiki, located in Nishiki Market, is Fumiya nabe. It is a nabeyaki udon filled with various ingredients, rice cakes made from glutinous rice produced in Shiga Prefecture, tempura with ingredients wrapped in a thick batter, and boiled shiitake mushrooms made from logs, all handmade by craftspeople. Enjoy a cup of sake, a favorite in Kyoto for more than 50 years, in a modern restaurant filled with the warmth of wood.

Fumiie hot pot 880 yen

Tomiya Nishiki Branch

  • Nikushiki (store selling boiled vegetables, fish, and meat or fish products)
  • 493 Naka-Uoya-cho, Nishikikoji-dori Sakai-cho Nishiiru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 1 minute walk from Exit 6 of subway "Shijo Station".
    7 minutes walk from Exit 14 of "Karasuma" station on Hankyu line
  • Tel. 075-221-0354
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*Since this site uses automatic translation, the translation may differ from the original Japanese content.

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