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April Hot Selling Ranking Ordering Gourmet from Famous Stores ~[Leaf KYOTO mall] Introducing the Best 5 Popular Products~

Kyoto's beloved gourmet that you should try at least once.
Leaf's carefully selected Kyoto gourmet ordering site [Leaf KYOTO mall] Introducing the top 5 popular items for April.
A lineup of popular products that are difficult to obtain. Check it out.

1.Best 1: Various tea flavors with cookies. [TREEE'S KYOTO] Botanical Cookie Can - Leaf Limited Special - "Tea Leaf Set"

[Leaf KYOTO mall] The most popular item is [TREEE'S KYOTO] botanical cookie can. Gluten-free cookies made with 100% rice flour are characterized by their crispy texture that melts easily. The single-origin Uji matcha, tencha, hojicha, and brown rice are selected by Mr. SIN, a patissier who has a sommelier excellence certificate and a high-ranking wine qualification. They use a variety of teas, including black tea, and are captivated by their unique flavors and bright colors.

TREEE'S KYOTO Botanical Cookie

TREEE'S KYOTO Botanical Cookie Can - Leaf Limited Special - "Tea Leaf Set"

2.Best 2: Inundated with reservations on TV broadcasts! Italian restaurant [Ristorante Nakamoto] Kizugawa green onion salt ramen with 4 pieces

The ramen of [Ristorante Nakamoto], which is constantly receiving orders for reservations after the TV broadcast, is characterized by its rich soup made with chicken bones made from fresh chicken and added with Udon dashi from [Nakamoto Shokudo]. The fragrant and delicious green onion oil and green onion paste mixed with yuzu pepper are combined with the thin noodles that go down smoothly, creating a blissful harmony. The special soft pork belly char siu topping is also excellent, so be sure to try the authentic taste once.
*We are currently inundated with orders, and we are limiting the quantity and shipping on a first-come, first-served basis. Thank you for your understanding.

Ristorante Nakamoto Green onion salt ramen

Ristorante Nakamoto Kizugawa green onion salt ramen with 4 pieces

3.Best 3: Chewy thick noodles and rich special sauce go great together [Misonohashi Sakai] Grilled Pork Cold Noodles

It is said that the origin of cold noodles at [Misonobashi Sakai] was devised by the owner's mother together with customers. The specialty of this restaurant, grilled pork cold noodles, is made with juicy grilled pork as the main ingredient, and the combination of the specialty sauce and the chewy thick noodles jointly developed with the noodle factory is outstanding. Enjoy to your heart's content with cucumber and seaweed as an accent.

Misonohashi Sakai Grilled Pork Cold Noodles

Misonohashi Sakai Grilled Pork Cold Noodles

4.Best 4: The sweet and salty special sauce will whet your appetite! [Zen Kan Pocchiri] Shimidare Pork Bun Set of 6

A Chinese restaurant that has been loved by the locals for nearly 20 years, Shimidare pork buns are only sold during the four days of the Gion Festival. Filled with ingredients such as pork, shiitake mushrooms, mountain jellyfish, and bamboo shoots, the flavor is soaked into the chewy skin. The sweet-salty taste and aroma of the special soy sauce-based sauce is addictive. Don't wait in line to get the specialties of the Gion Festival, which are filled with wishes to ward off evil.

230225 Chinese special feature _ Chinese food

Set of 6 Shimidare pork buns

5.Best 5: Campers are also paying attention. Oyaji Camp Rice x Leaf Collaboration Product Seasoning Yui WEY-WEY

WEY-WEY is an original all-purpose Chinese seasoning that was created through a collaboration between the YouTube drama “Oyaji Camp Meshi” and the Kyoto town magazine “Leaf”. Under the supervision of seasoning supervised by [Shibosai Sumiyoshi], an up-and-coming Chinese restaurant in Kyoto that has been listed in the Michelin Guide, this is a fermented food that was born after trial and error, such as fermented foods such as tofu, doubanjiang, oyster sauce, garlic, soy sauce, and sugar. A unique blend of umami, saltiness, sweetness, spiciness and bitterness. Take this opportunity to try this all-purpose seasoning that can be used at home, camping, or for any occasion.
*WEYWEY has been discontinued. Thank you for your long patronage.

Shibusa Sumiyoshi Yuimi WEY-WEY
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