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Leaf KYOTO mall Popular items for October

October Best-selling Ranking: Top 5 Popular Gourmet Orders from Famous Gourmet Restaurants - [Leaf KYOTO mall] - Top 5 Popular Products

Kyoto's beloved gourmet that you should try at least once.
Leaf KYOTO mall, a site for ordering carefully selected Kyoto gourmet foods, introduces the top 5 most popular products of October. New products were introduced one after another in October, and some of them were ranked in the top five as soon as they were introduced. Don't miss them!

1.No.1: Addictive! Once you try it, you'll want to eat it again [Yakiniku Hayashi] Yakiniku/Hormone Red and White Mixed Yaki

[Now on sale exclusively at Leaf KYOTO mall. Yakiniku Hayashi's yakiniku/horumon (grilled meat and hormone) red-and-white mixed yakiniku is a perfect combination of plump and fluffy hormone and tender red meat. It is soaked in a special miso-based rub sauce, making it an ideal dish for those days when you want to eat rich, hearty yakiniku.

Yakiniku Hayashi

Yakiniku Hayashi Yakiniku/Hormone Red & White Mixed Grilled 600g

2.No. 2: Fascinated by the individuality of cheese [Fromagerie Armonie] 6 kinds of cheesecake set

Fromagerie Armonie, which has a store in the Okazaki area of Kyoto, offers six types of cheesecakes that highlight the individuality of cheese. These cakes, made with carefully selected cheeses, are popular as they go well with wine as well as tea and coffee. One bite of the cakes made by the owner, who is fascinated by the depth of cheese, will make you feel delicious and happy.

Fromagerie Armonie Cheesecake Set

Fromagerie Harmony 6 types of cheesecake set

3.No.3: A well-known and popular restaurant! Marushin Restaurant, where lines are inevitable, popular gyoza (dumplings) comparison set of 3 boxes.

The popularity of this restaurant has soared due to its numerous media appearances. The popular gyoza from MARUSHIN HANTEN, which always draws a large line, has been ranked in the list. The set includes Marushin-Hanten fresh gyoza, a traditional taste inherited from the previous generation, and fresh aged pork gyoza made with aged meat from Kyoto Nakasei. The crispy, chewy skin overflows with the delicious flavor of meat and vegetables. The ingredients are Japanese 100%, and the dumplings are so delicious you won't be able to stop eating them.


Marushin Hanten Popular gyoza eating comparison 3 box set

4.No. 4: Pork buns with a sweet and spicy flavor that is addictive.

The monstrously popular "Zenjo Hanpochi" smeared pork buns sold approximately 20,000 units during the four days of the Gion Festival. The chunky skin is filled with red bean paste. The filling of the buns is said to be about 100 grams, but the 235 grams of the shimidare pork buns at Zenjo Hanpochochi is a very satisfying volume. The special sweet-and-sour sauce is poured generously over the buns.

Zenshikan chubby soaked pork bun

Zenjo Hanpochi Pochochi Stewed Pork Buns (6-piece set)

5.No. 5: As popular as ever [TREEE'S KYOTO] Botanical cookie tin - Leaf limited edition special

[TREEE'S KYOTO's botanical cookie tins are as popular as ever. Each cookie has its own unique flavor of fragrant tea, and the crispy, easy-to-loosen texture of rice flour is very pleasant to eat. [Enjoy a relaxing tea time with organic hojicha tea, which is part of the Leaf KYOTO mall's original set. The cute appearance also makes them a perfect gift or reward for yourself.

TREEE'S KYOTO Botanical Cookie Tin

TREEE'S KYOTO Botanical Cookie Can - Leaf Limited Special - "Tea Leaf Set"

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