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Travel around the world in Kyoto! ? Fascinated world gourmet special feature

The Olympics are about to start! In this issue, we introduce, by country, recommended international gourmet foods that can be enjoyed in Kyoto, such as Korean food, hamburgers, curry, and more.

1.Korean Cuisine in Kyoto, Japan 7 Korean Cuisine in Kyoto

We introduce seven restaurants in Kyoto where you can casually enjoy Korean food, along with specialties such as "Tail Soup" and "Tatkang Mari".
Try this restaurant selected by our editorial staff who loves Korean food and feel like a local.

2.Korea] 2021 Latest: 4 Stylish Cafes with a "Korean Look" in Kyoto 4 Stylish Cafes in Kyoto with a "Korean Look

Recently, the term "Korean-ish" has been born among Japanese junior high and high school girls, where cute Korean-ish things = "Korean-ish", and the hashtag on Instagram has been increasing.
We will introduce four cafes that sell "Tuncaron" and "Croffle," sweets that originated in Korea, as well as simple but photogenic cafes with white as a base color!

3.Vietnam] Is it slowly coming? 6 Banh mi in Kyoto, Japan

Báinh mì is one of the soul foods of Vietnam, an addictive sandwich with healthy ingredients and exotic sour taste. It is easy to turn out in one hand, making it perfect for picnics!

4.Five Kyoto hamburgers from the U.S.A. that are packed with specialties.

Did you know that the Meat Tower has recently become a hit in Japan? The harmony created by the combination of the buns, vegetables, and sauces is a treat for your taste buds!

5.From India] Preserved Version! 25 Popular Curry Restaurants in Kyoto that Will Blow Away the Heat and Fatigue

Curry is hot in Kyoto right now! We have selected 25 popular curry restaurants in Kyoto, from energetic spices, to European-style, to hot new restaurants, and even borrowed curry for those in the know. Why don't you find your favorite curry?

Haruhina Spice & Food

6.4 local cuisines

We introduce four restaurants in Kyoto that offer authentic local cuisine, such as Arabic and Spanish specialty restaurants! You are sure to feel fresh and new.

Arab Home Cuisine Specialty Restaurant Seven Hills
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