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Cafe in the suburbs of Kyoto

[2023] I want to take a leisurely tour! 8 Suburban Cafes in Kyoto

Although the days are still hot, it's about time to start thinking about plans for the fall outing season. Why not take a short trip and head out to a cafe with a relaxing view? We will introduce eight cafes in Kyoto Prefecture, such as Ayabe, Kyotanba, Yahata, and Kizugawa, where you can relax and chill out while enjoying healthy food and sweets.
Check out the unique menus of each restaurant that will make you want to go.

1.A [vert de gris pump] lunch box that makes you feel excited when you open the wrapping cloth/Kizugawa

The café, run by a florist team, will reopen in June 2022, creating an atmosphere that will make you feel like you've stepped into a story. Inside the store, which is decorated with interior decorations and miscellaneous goods, the pump that used to send water from the Kizugawa River to Nara is still alive and well. Open twice a week, reservations are required for bento lunches, and after 2pm you can enjoy drinks and homemade cakes.

Bento lunch at vert de gris pump

Bento lunch 1980 yen. Includes rice, soup, 7 side dishes, 1 fried dish, dessert, and drink. Contents change monthly. Reservation required

Inside the vert de gris pump

vert de gris pump

  • Vert des Gris Pump
  • June 24, 2022 open
  • 12-10 Ichisakakoza, Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 5-minute walk from the bus stop "Kunamibashi Higashi"
    5 minutes by car from JR “Hirajoyama Station”
  • Tel.0774-71-3515 (Head Office LABO)

2.Retro pudding from Cafe Yumekusa Living Tools Shop / Nantan City

Mr. and Mrs. Matsumoto, whose hobby was going around cafes together on their days off, opened their long-awaited cafe. Inside the store, there are wooden tableware and utensils made by her husband, Kazuya, as well as works by local potters and glass artists. Enjoy pudding, ice cream, and other items from the Showa era in a comfortable space.


Showa pudding for 400 yen and iced coffee with handmade mini cookies for 500 yen. The pudding is made from a firm dough made with fresh eggs sent directly from local producers, and the bittersweet caramel sauce goes well with it.


Cafe Yumexa Lifestyle Tool Store

  • Kissa Yumekusa Lifestyle Guide
  • 78 Morohatagocho, Yagicho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 7 minutes by car from JR Yoshitomi Station
  • Tel.070-2233-8080

3.[Organic Café Tentomushibatake] featuring seasonal vegetables grown freely in the fields / Kyotango

A cafe run by Umemoto Farm, which grows about 100 types of organic vegetables on vast land. The vegetables they have grown are shipped to local elementary schools for school lunches and to greengrocers in Kyoto City, but some of the vegetables they harvest include zucchinis that are too bent and carrots that are broken. The cafe staff has devised ways to transform these vegetables into a lunch menu so that you can enjoy them without wasting anything.

Organic Café Ladybug Shibatake Chef's Whimsical Set

Grilled vegetables, seasonal vegetable soup (corn), and carrots cooked in rice are also grown in the "Ladybug Field". Chef's whim set 1380 yen

Exterior of Organic Café Ladybug Shibatake

Organic Café Ladybug Shibatake

  • Organic Cafe Tentomushibatake
  • 441 Kurobe, Yasakacho, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 6 minutes from the bus stop "Seishin High School"
    11 minutes by car from JR Mineyama Station
  • Tel.0772-60-8673

4.A cafe opened in Yawata run by two elementary school classmates [BAKE café mado mittsu.] / Yawata

The main dish, the mountain-shaped bread, is crispy on the inside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The 4cm thick slices of toast are available in nine different flavors, including mentaiko butter, anchovies, and seafood cheese. What's surprising is that all of the bread and baked goods they sell are baked in home ovens.

BAKE café mado mittsu. Toast seasonal jam

Toast seasonal jam 530 yen, special vegetable juice 300 yen. The jam is lemon curd, milk, and plum from the top. It changes depending on the season, but choose it with the balance of sourness and sweetness in mind.

Interior view of BAKE café mado mittsu.

BAKE cafe mado mittsu.

  • Bake Cafe Mad Mits
  • March 21, 2023 open
  • Family Kuzuha Otokoyama 104, 3-2 Otokoyama Hachibou, Yawata City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 5 minutes walk from the bus stop "Koen-mae"
    7 minutes by car from Keihan “Kuzuha Station”
  • Tel.080-8922-8783

5.[Café KAMUI] tart with cute fluffy cream/Fukuchiyama

A cafe where you can enjoy sweets, pasta, and other meals opened by Mr. Tanihara, who has been posting the sweets he made on SNS. Everything from baked goods such as diamants, madeleines, and financiers to fresh sweets are handmade. The pasta made by Mr. Tsuchida, who is in charge of cooking, is also popular, and in the evenings the restaurant is open as Western restaurant KAMUI.

Café KAMUI's double cheese tart, cafe latte

Double cheese tart 450 yen, cafe latte 450 yen. Mr. Tanihara's specialty with plenty of cheese whipped on top of baked cheese. Sweetness is just right

Interior of Café KAMUI


  • cafe kamuy
  • May 16, 2023 open
  • 142 Kotocho, Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 15 minutes walk from JR Fukuchiyama Station
  • Tel.0773-45-8971

6.Get energy from handmade side dishes and art [Kaze cafe + gallery Fuzaido] / Joyo

An old folk cafe where antique European furniture blends perfectly with the transom decoration and garden landscape. In a relaxing Japanese space, you can enjoy home-cooked meals prepared by the owner, Rie Okumura, and sweets prepared by her daughter Mariko. Also pay attention to the works displayed in the store that were created by Rie's father Fusai Shimura during his lifetime.

Kaze cafe+gallery Fuzaido's home meal

Home meal until 14:00 is 1200 yen. Packed with side dishes such as stewed hamburger steak and fried eggplant. Check Instagram for reservation method

Inside of Kaze cafe+gallery Fuzaido

Kaze cafe + gallery Fuzaido

  • Kaze Cafe Plus Gallery Fusaido
  • June 08, 2023 open
  • 187 Terada Niwai, Joyo City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 7 minutes walk from Kintetsu Terada Station
  • Tel: None

7.Enjoy organic local vegetables [comenaka haus] / Kameoka

Haruka, who trained at a Japanese restaurant and curry restaurant, and her husband, SHU, are professional handpan players. They spent a year and a half renovating a private house, trying to make furniture using scrap wood, in order to create a place where they could perform live and enjoy food. In addition to the lunch course that uses organic and native vegetables that they harvested themselves and homemade fermented seasonings, the spice curry is also recommended.

Komenaka course at comenaka haus

Rice courses that use seasonal vegetables, fermented seasonings, and spices start at 2,900 yen. Colorful appetizers that use plenty of seasonal vegetables, such as summer vegetable terrine hardened with agar. Black soybean salt koji onigiri and homemade white miso onigiri are crunchy and nutritious ancient rice

comenaka house

comenaka house

  • Komenaka House
  • July 01, 2023 open
  • 19 Hironohirai, Hatano-cho, Kameoka-shi, Kyoto
  • 9 minutes walk from bus stop "Hirono"
    25 minutes by car from JR Namikawa Station
  • Tel.080-6088-5591

8.A rural cafe where you can spend a special time relaxing your heart [2nd table] / Kyotanba

An old house with antique furniture. Calm music plays inside the restaurant, and when you sit at a low table, you can see the peaceful countryside beyond the window. There are five types of homemade bread plates made by the owner, who has also taught bread classes, and the plates change daily, as well as a wide variety of baked goods. Forget the time and relax.

My campagne toast on the second table

My campagne toast for 1,210 yen comes with 7 to 8 side dishes and soup. A plate of homemade campagne made with natural yeast that has been grown for over 20 years. Iced coffee 660 yen

Interior view of the second table

second table

  • Nibanme table
  • August 06, 2022 open
  • 50 Ueno Kitakakiuchi, Kyotamba-cho, Funai-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 5-minute walk from Ueno Daienji-mae bus stop
    9 minutes by car from JR "Goma Station"
  • Tel.090-2444-7177
  • Reservation required
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