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Leaf December 2018
Omotenashi Kyoto New Guide

October 25, 2018

During the fall holiday season, there are many tourists from other prefectures, and the opportunities to show around Kyoto, one's hometown, increase. We have picked up some new spots that we would like to recommend to our acquaintances and friends who know Kyoto better than Kyotoites. We have picked up some new spots that we would like to recommend to our friends and acquaintances who know Kyoto better than Kyotoites. This booklet includes information on lunch, souvenirs, sweets, and even information on the lighting up of the city lights!

table of contents

      • Special feature: "Omotenashi Kyoto Shinkanai" (New ideas for hospitality in Kyoto)
        New spots to visit this fall
        International Trends Encountered in Kyoto
        I'm curious about the store at the end of the alley.
        Breakfast I want to take you to.
        Breads & Sandwiches to eat in the morning
        News Lunch with a Japanese touch
        A sweet that melts in your mouth!
        Dashi cuisine that can be enjoyed casually
        Local night meals and public bathhouse
        Ask a cab driver about recommended lights.
        Meiji-established store that creates a new Kyoto
        A new standard! Souvenirs of Kyoto
        Kinugasa, Kitaoji
    • A must-see for the worried organizers! Special feature on the hottest restaurants you can't miss at banquets!
    • Interview [Yo Yo Yoshida]
    • Interview [Reika Sakurai (Nogizaka46)
    • Interview [Yuko Asano]
    • Interview [Masami Hisamoto]
    • Interview [Yoshida Yamada]

Behind the scenes of this month's issue, which you can read when you entertain your guests in Kyoto during the autumn holiday season, arehere!

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