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Leaf June 2018
Kyoto/Shiga Word-of-Mouth Gourmet Special!

April 25, 2018 Release.

This special issue of "KU-KOBICOMI" is dedicated to the 22nd anniversary of the first issue of "KU-KOBICOMI". We have carefully selected information based on word-of-mouth surveys of more than 600 restaurants! Let's go out to delicious restaurants in Kyoto and Shiga that you may not know yet!

table of contents

      • The opening feature, "Kyoto/Shiga: A Gourmet Special featuring Word-of-Mouth Gourmet!
        New restaurants opening in 2018 that are of interest to the editorial team!
        Kyoto Culinary Meiyo-kai! Favorite Noodles
        Coffee Shop's Favorite Word-of-Mouth Gourmet
        We want to know! Ramen shopkeepers & readers' LOVE of a bowl of ramen
        Gourmet Recommendations from Athletes
        Ask the writers about their food recommendations.
        Word-of-mouth gourmet for writers, essayists & musicians
        Ask a Shiki Theatre Company Actor about Word-of-Mouth Gourmet
        Sneak into the studio for the live broadcast of KBS Kyoto TV's "Oyakamassan!
        KBS Kyoto program performers, announcers, and personalities
        Ask a DJ at α-Station about gourmet foods.
        Ask a Kyoto Sake Brewer! The best sake and the best bottle to sip!
        Multinational Cuisine
        Western Cuisine
        Set meal
        bowl of rice topped with boiled rice
        Meat Cuisine
        Creative Cuisine
        Japanese Cuisine
        Ask a Writer about Word-of-Mouth Lunch
        Leaf Employee Lunch Recommendations
        Kyoto City Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa! The Attraction of the City of Kyoto
        Interview with Naomi Koshi, Mayor of Otsu City! Attractions of the City of Otsu
        Ask a Shiga Sake Brewer! A bottle of sake to be proud of and the best food with it!
        Shiga's newest editorial hotspot.
        The word-of-mouth gourmet of interest in Shiga
        Otsu, Japan
        Moriyama, Kusatsu, Yasu, Ritto
        Omihachiman, Hikone, Nagahama
        Readers' Choice: Souvenirs from Shiga
        Popular restaurants in Kyoto and Shiga that you should know about
    • Interview [Takanori Nishikawa and Reine Yuzuki for "ZEROTOPIA" by Chikyu Gorgeous Earth]
    • Interview [Ryo Yoshizawa for the movie "Mamalade Boy]
    • Live Report & Interview [Kansai Johnny's Jr. Spring Vacation Special Show 2018 in Osaka Shochikuza], [Interview with Daigo Nishihata for the music play "Marius]
    • Interview [Chara]
    • Interview [Ohashi Trio]
    • Interview [Masaki Ryu]

Behind the scenes of the coverage of the special issue celebrating the 22nd anniversary of the first issue of the magazine ishere!



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