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2021.1.13 PR
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GOOD NATURE STATION" finally opened! We checked out the whole picture!

Hello everyone, GOOD NATURE STATION, a new facility in Shijo-Kawaramachi, which has been frequently introduced on WebLeaf, opened on December 9! I wonder if some of you have been there already?

WebLeaf staff attended the preview held prior to the opening, and we would like to report on what kind of facility it is! What kind of stores are there? What kind of things can we buy? Please take a look!


First of all, let us review what is "GOOD NATURE STATION"? First of all, let's review what GOOD NATURE STATION is. GOOD NATURE STATION" is a commercial complex that was established on the south side of Kyoto Takashimaya Department Store. 1F to 3F are for restaurants and shopping, and 4F to 9F are for a hotel. (The 4th floor has stores and other facilities that can be used even by non-guests.)

GOOD NATURE", which is also the name of the store, refers to a new way of thinking that encourages people to enjoy and incorporate healthy and good things into their lives in their own way, rather than stoically and patiently dealing with health and the environment. It is a facility where goods and things are gathered based on the criteria of being healthy and happy for the "body, mind, community, society, and the earth.

2. A market area with "delicious, fun, and good for you

The first thing you see when you enter the store is the market area. Vegetables and processed foods are lined up around the kitchen in the center. Various workshops and marche events are held in this area and the area in front of the facility. On the day of the preview, visitors were able to experience a small harvest of shiitake mushrooms!

The central kitchen can be seen on the right.

With the petit harvest of shiitake mushrooms by my side (I had a perfect experience later on lol), I first went to the central kitchen. Here, in addition to selling bread, seasonings, and other items, you can purchase salads made with fresh vegetables.

If you look closely at the showcase, you will see transparent containers with vegetables sorted by color (red, green, etc.).......the clerk told me that the system is that you choose your favorite color (combination of vegetables) and order it. New and interesting!

The variety changes from day to day. It is nice to be able to eat fresh vegetables at that time!

And here is the 5GOOD salad I ordered (with roast beef cooked at low temperature) for 1,300 yen (tax not included).

Even the salad is more than enough volume! Even the cups for the set drinks are environmentally friendly paper cups!

We use really fresh vegetables, and I think you will be surprised at how tasty vegetables can be. You can choose to eat in or take out, but if you choose to eat in, you can eat at the TASTING BAR area next to the market area!

It's a space that can be used freely for eat-in, etc., but it's too stylish..! They also offer wine tasting (for a fee)!

Now, back to the market.

In the back of the market area, organic vegetables and products from the original brand "SIZEN TO OZEN" were on display. There was also a fermented food exhibit and handmade kits by [Hakkoshokudo Kamoshika].

SIZEN TO OZEN" processed foods made from pesticide-free vegetables and chemical seasoning-free ingredients. About 50 items, from seasonings to retort curry, are on display.

Curry from SIZEN TO OZEN is also available for eat-in (photo shows tasting). This curry actually contains cacao peels, which are often discarded, making it a GOOD product both nutritionally and environmentally. Of course, it tasted GOOD too!

On the day of the preview, we were able to experience a variety of food tasting and tasting, so we harvested shiitake mushrooms, tasted curry... and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. I heard that even during regular business hours, you can actually talk with the staff to choose salads and learn about menus using processed foods. It's a great way to enjoy close proximity and conversation!

Harvesting shiitake mushrooms for the first time in my life. Fun...

3.Restaurant with refined dining experience

At the far end of the first floor is the restaurant [ERUTAN RESTAURANT/BAR] supervised by Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi, a Michelin star winner in Milan. The restaurant is openly designed to provide a place where everyone can enjoy delicious food without feeling self-conscious.

The restaurant has a spacious yet relaxed atmosphere. Counter seating and a private room for up to 12 people are also available.

[At [ERUTAN RESTAURANT/BAR], you can enjoy morning, lunch, tea time, dinner, and bar time. The morning buffet includes a full lineup of dishes such as an Italian omelette chiffon frittata with 20 kinds of vegetables for 3,000 yen (tax and service charge included). The highlight of the lunch menu is the ERUTAN LUNCH for 2,800 yen (tax and service charge included), which includes an antipasto sandwich and pasta. And for dinner, enjoy seasonal ingredients in an a la carte sharing style. You can also enjoy Chef Tokuyoshi's signature dish, "Uotaku! (*The "Uotaku" menu is available only by reservation.)

ERUTAN LUNCH (photo for 2 persons)

And a common feature from morning to dinner is the cured ham sliced with the best Italian brand "Berkel" slicer, of which only a few units are said to be still available in Kansai!

Chef Tokuyoshi himself sliced the prosciutto at the preview!

I tasted it and if I had to describe it in one word, it would be "fluffy". I have never had a cured ham that was so fluffy and full of flavor. I have never tasted a cured ham that was so fluffy and full of flavor... The ability to slice it thinly is what makes it taste so good.

There are many other menu items of interest, such as finish-up pizzas topped with your own toppings and the ultimate egg sandwich filled with truffles. Why not treat yourself?

Also on the second floor are three restaurants: CAINOYA, a famous Kagoshima restaurant; VEL ROSIER, where you can enjoy Chinese gastronomy; and TAKAYAMA, which offers creative cuisine that pursues taste and beauty, so be sure to pay attention! Please take a look.

4.Sweets like art

Next, let me introduce you to the sweets you can enjoy at this facility: at RAU (RAU Patisserie & Chocolate) on the first floor, you will find an array of cakes, baked goods, and chocolates that you have never seen before. I felt as if I was in a museum rather than a sweets store.

Cakes are in the front and baked goods and chocolates are in the back.

The WebLeaf staff bought the white cake in the front row, YAMA, for 1,200 yen (tax not included)! Although white, this cake is actually a Mont Blanc, and we were impressed by the chestnut cream overflowing from the inside. Each cake has a surprising twist to it, so you can enjoy not only the taste, but also the appearance and texture of the cake! You can also enjoy these cakes at RAU CAFE on the 3rd floor.

The chocolate is also made in a bean-to-bar style, where the entire production process from purchasing the cacao beans to turning them into chocolate is carried out. Chocolates are made in a workshop on the third floor using cacao from Costa Rica. There are 12 types of tablets alone, and even the same cacao is roasted differently to create different tastes.

There were also cream sandwiches with cream and chocolate on a sable!

RAU is also an original brand, so the sweets introduced here can only be purchased here. It is recommended as a souvenir or a gift.

5.Carefully selected cosmetics and crafts

Next, let's go to the 3rd floor. In addition to the RAU CAFE introduced earlier, the third floor, which has a sense of openness, is lined with cosmetics, including the original cosmetic brand "NEMOHAMO," as well as a selection of miscellaneous goods and crafts.

A view of the third floor. Cafe on the left, cosmetics and crafts on the right.

NEMOHAMO cosmetics, which are made without water but only with plant extracts, are said to be products that people who have experienced them say have "really improved the condition of my skin. The cosmetics are said to be comfortable to wash and apply, and allow you to experience the power of plants as they are.

One, I want to use it.... You can try it on the spot if you are interested!

They also have a selection of other natural cosmetics and will make suggestions based on individual concerns.

There is also an area next door where essential oils extracted from plants from all over Japan are available, and visitors can try their favorite fragrance from a selection of 17 different varieties.

I'm excited to see which one I like. They are all natural scents, so there is no twang!

The sundries and crafts are also a focus of attention. In this area, you will find many one-of-a-kind products created by artists from all over Japan. The products are said to have been collected with the desire to deliver truly good products in this age of convenience. Please enjoy the pleasure of shopping with a variety of cute and rare items.

There were a variety of products in all genres, including accessories, children's clothing, loungewear, and more!

6.Stylish hotel lounge and restaurant bar available without overnight stay!

Finally, we went to the fourth floor, which is also the hotel's lobby floor. Upon exiting the elevator, I found a bright and warm space with a central atrium.

Plenty of places to sit and meet up, etc.

Located on this floor is the cafe-restaurant & bar [Hyssop]. Here you can enjoy food that is kind to both body and soul, such as vegan menus and botanical drinks. Of course, you can also use it as a bar as it has a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.

In addition to counter seats, there are also tables and sofa seats! A place where you can relax and spend time!

Both the hotel lounge and Hyssop can be used even if you are not staying at the hotel, making it a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to another beautiful hotel room! GOOD NATURE HOTEL, which directly embodies the concept of the entire facility, is a hotel that pursues comfort, with original cosmetics introduced on the 3rd floor as amenities and a variety of activities available.

Higashiyama Terrace Suite (68㎡)

We recommend this place not only for staying but also for working on yourself. Even if you live in Kyoto, I would like you to stay here and recharge your body and mind!

I have told you about GOOD NATURE STATION for quite a long time, but even this is not enough to tell you about its charms.... GOOD NATURE STATION is a place that is delicious, fun, and energizing. Anyway, I urge everyone to visit GOOD NATURE STATION! I am sure you will have a wonderful experience waiting for you. In addition to this report, you can find more details on various pages, so please check them out below.


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Nominated Buy List・・・・Introduction of the best products taught by conductors who know the facilities inside and out
(Here and Now) Extra Edition ・・・ WebLeaf Editorial Report: I went to the preview just before the opening!


  • Good Nature Station
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  • Tel. 075-352-3712
  • Irregular holidays
  • https://goodnaturestation.com/
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