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TV personality Shimon Okura

Tour with TV Personality Shimon Okura! Rewarding Gastronomy in the Suburbs of Kyoto Prefecture

The TV personality Shimon Okura, who participated in the Kyoto Marathon 2024 on Sunday, February 18, 2024 as a guest runner, completed the race in 3 hours 41 minutes 28 seconds, successfully achieving his goal of running 42.195 km in less than 4 hours. After the marathon, he was looking forward to a delicious meal. In search of a rewarding meal, Leaf accompanied Shimon to his favorite restaurants in his hometowns of Kyotanabe City and Kizugawa City, and asked him about his impressions of running the Kyoto Marathon and his future plans.

1.It's a taste of my youth that I used to enjoy with my friends.

The first is Cafe Kian, which holds fond memories for Shimon of spending time with his friends when he was in junior high school. Last December, it reopened as Golf Cafe Gian, with a new private room equipped with an authentic golf simulation that allows guests to play the world's most famous courses while enjoying a meal.

Golf Cafe Gian

The café boasts 10 kinds of specialty coffees, which he often visits when he returns to his hometown, saying, "I get a craving for them when I'm in Tokyo.

Golf Cafe Gian

Shimon-san always orders the hashed beef omelette rice with a large portion. The hashd beef is filled with beef shigureni, and he eats it up with a happy expression on his face, saying, "Everywhere I scoop, meat comes out.

TV personality Shimon Okura
Golf Cafe Gian Hashed Beef Omelet Rice Lunch

Hashed beef omelet rice lunch with a tender egg topped with hashed beef sauce with generous amounts of meat is 1580 yen. Comes with salad, mini soup and drink. +Can be changed to a large serving for +100 yen.

TV personality Shimon Okura

After finishing the omelette, I chose French toast for dessert. The dark egg, milk, and sugar soaked into the bread to create a fluffy mouthfeel.

TV personality Shimon Okura

Shimon-san's excitement was heightened when he added a special ice cream topping, saying, "Since it's a reward, it tastes like a Sunday theater (TBS) with a lot of top actors.

Golf Cafe Gian French Toast

French toast so soft that it can be cut with just a fork. 800 yen. Vanilla ice cream is available for an additional 150 yen. Café Au Lait 660 yen, 50 yen discount if you order with food.

Golf Cafe Gian

  • Golf Cafe Gearn
  • 4-3-12 Matsuigaoka, Kyotanabe-shi, Kyoto
  • 4 minutes walk from JR Matsui Yamate Station
  • Tel. 0774-64-2500
  • 8:00-22:00
  • Closed on Mondays
  • All seats non-smoking Fully private room available 10 parking lots
  • https://www.instagram.com/gcg.1201/
  • Private room charge is 1000 yen per hour per person. Make reservations in advance by DM on Instagram or by TEL.

2.The ramen here is everything that drives me.

Next, we visited a ramen restaurant that Mr. Shimon has been giving his stamp of approval, saying, "All the kotekote ramen lovers in Japan will surely like it. Although it is located in the suburbs of Kyoto Prefecture, it is very popular, with a long line of customers waiting in line.

TV personality Shimon Okura

Mr. Akasako, the president of the company, who said he had always wanted to meet Mr. Akasako, sipped a cup of sake that he himself had prepared for him.

TV personality Shimon Okura

He is particular about how he eats his noodles. "I always ask for a double portion of noodles twice. After eating the medium-thick noodles, I add four cups of garlic soy sauce to the thick broth, add more flavor, and then add the thin noodles.

Mutetsubou Sohonten Pork bone ramen
Mutetsubou Sohonten Pork bone ramen

Tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen 900 yen. The broth, which has been simmered and added to since the establishment of the restaurant, is so thick that you cannot see the noodles. For 150 yen, you can choose thin noodles as well as medium-thick ones.

TV personality Shimon Okura

A long-awaited two-shot with Mr. Shigeyuki Akasako, Representative Director

Mutsuho Sohonten

Mutsuho Sohonten

  • uninstructed competing for supremacy (esp. in horse racing)
  • 15-3, Umegatani, Kizugawa-shi, Kyoto
  • Short walk from bus stop "Mutetsubou Honten Mae" (free ride)
  • Tel. 0774-73-9060
  • 11:00-15:00, 17:30-22:30
    Friday and Saturday 11:00-15:00, 17:30-23:00
    Sunday 11:00-15:00, 17:30-21:30 *Close when sold out
  • Closed on Mondays
  • All seats non-smoking No private room 36 parking spaces
  • http://www.muteppou.com/

3.Interview with Shimon Okura - After running the "Kyoto Marathon 2024

This was Shimon-san's first full marathon. How did you feel after running the "Kyoto Marathon 2024"?

TV personality Shimon Okura

Okura: It was fun. In the "Awaji Island Longitudinal Marathon" and "27-Hour TV Survival Marathon," which I have run in the past, I competed with other runners for rankings, but the full marathon was a battle against myself. I was energized by the voices of all the participants, including those cheering me on along the roadside and other runners.

TV personality Shimon Okura

I was impressed by the way you responded with a smile to the cheering from along the route. You completed the race in the target time, but how much training did you do?

TV personality Shimon Okura

Okura / In the three months before the marathon, I ran 20 km every two days. Even on the days I went home tired, I ran thinking that it would definitely be harder after running the 42.195 km of the main race.

ーーーーIt is truly a battle against yourself. In the preliminary questionnaire, you mentioned that you wanted to find out why marathon runners can say that running a full marathon is a hobby. Did you find out the reason?

TV personality Shimon Okura

Okura/ Yes, I understand. The appeal of this race is that you can run while sightseeing in that city. I slowed down the pace for the first 20 km and enjoyed the streets of Kyoto, running as if it were a stamp rally to visit tourist spots.

TV personality Shimon Okura

Did the streets of Kyoto look different from usual?

Okura: It looked different. I was reminded once again that Kyoto is an amazing place in the world, with historical sites everywhere you look. [At Ninna-ji Temple, there were so many monks cheering me on that I felt like I had seen enough monks for a lifetime.

TV personality Shimon Okura

Mr. Okura has rediscovered the charms of Kyoto. Do you have any recommendations for how to spend your time?

Okura/Temple tour. There are many attractive places other than famous temples. [At Suzumo-dera Temple, it is said that "any wish will be granted," and you can listen to a sermon that lasts from 30 minutes to an hour!

What are your goals and prospects for the future?
Okura: My goal is to have a regular program in Kansai. Kyoto is a place where I feel at home, so I would like to live in two locations, in Tokyo and Kyoto, and return to Kyoto once or twice a week (laugh).

TV personality Shimon Okura

And now I am still often referred to as Michyopa's (=Miyu Ikeda's) husband, but I want something more. From now on, I want to be remembered as an amazing marathoner. I think I will live with running and Kyoto.

4.Profile of Shimon Okura

TV personality Shimon Okura

Shimon Okura was born on March 16, 1993. Born in Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture. He made his debut as a men's model for the fashion magazine "Popteen. He was a member of the track team in elementary, junior high, and high school, and is still an avid golfer. He is a hardworking person who is dedicated to the goals he has set while making "Michyopa's husband" a laughing matter. During our interview, we caught a glimpse of his kind side, as he was willing to have his picture taken and play with the staff's children, never forgetting to be considerate of those around him. We can't take our eyes off the big hearted Ms. Shimon in the future.

Tour with TV Personality Shimon Okura! Reward Gastronomy in the Suburbs of Kyoto Prefecture" (Japanese only)
Cast: Shimon Okura

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