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Good for your body! Healthy gourmet to taste in Kyoto

[2023] Easy on the body! 13 Healthy Gourmet Foods to Taste in Kyoto

For lunches with excellent nutritional balance, guilt-free vegan dishes and bento boxes full of love. We have picked up 12 restaurants where you can enjoy dishes that make your body happy, from Japanese food to Italian food to sweets.
In preparation for the intense heat, this season is a time when you want to replenish your nutrition. Why don't you enjoy healthy and happy!

1.Enjoy a vegan menu [Egao Gohan Coco Kana] / around Kinkakuji

The owner, Mr. Honjo, who faces cooking to deliver the power of local vegetables from Keihoku and organically grown vegetables from Shiga and Nara, opened in 2020 with the desire to create a place where people can eat with a smile. In addition to the standard menu such as hamburger and curry, a vegan lunch that supports vegetarianism is also on standby. Salad dressing and soy milk mayonnaise are all handmade and overall volumey, but I'm happy that the vegetables are the center.

The Buddha bowl lunch is 1,540 yen (1,980 yen with a smoothie). Deep-fried soy meat and soy milk mayonnaise go well together

Egao Gohan Coco Kana

Ega Gohan Coco Kana

  • Ega Gohan Coco Hana
  • 31-16 Kinugasa Tenjin Moricho, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 2 minutes on foot from the bus stop "Waratenjin-mae"
  • Tel.075-205-1688

2.A healthy lunch devised by a nutritionist at [Rice and Snack Hibisha] / Kizugawa

Inside a renovated 50-year-old Japanese house, you can enjoy lunch boxes devised by nutritionists. A luxurious meal with 5 side dishes made with plenty of seasonal local vegetables, rice, and miso soup. The contents change frequently, so you can replenish your delicious nutrition without getting bored no matter how many times you come.

Rice and snacks Hibisha's Hibisha lunch box

Hibisha lunch box 1680 yen. Choose from two main dishes. The picture is chicken with black vinegar sauce. Comes with 5 side dishes to fill you up

Meals and snacks The interior of Hibisha

Rice and Snack Hibisha

  • Rice and snacks
  • October 22, 2022 open
  • 165 Sakakoza, Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 5 minutes on foot from the bus stop "Ichizaka Minamiguchi"
  • Tel.080-2544-4295

3.[tomarico]'s delicious dishes created by careful work / Uji

The chef, who trained at a famous Italian restaurant in Kyoto and in Italy, carefully examines each ingredient and offers health-conscious Italian cuisine. Using organically grown vegetables from Kamigamo and Kumiyama, as well as homemade additive-free ham and bacon, you can feel the commitment to the ingredients, and the broth that takes time to prepare gently permeates the body.

tomarico squid ink risotto

Squid ink risotto 1600 yen. Rice from Kyotanba is cooked with saffron, and the flavor is deep with a base of clams, kombu dashi, and tomato sauce.

introspection of tomarico


  • Tomarico
  • November 17, 2022 open
  • 1 Kurumada, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 4 minutes walk from Keihan "Mimuroto Station"
  • Tel.0774-39-7476

4.You can also enjoy the blessings of plants in all the main dishes [ZIRAEL] / Gion

A Russian and Ukrainian restaurant located in an alley near Yasaka Shrine. The Russian owner himself is a vegan, so he focuses on delicious vegetables from Kyoto. Seasonal vegetables delivered from various parts of Kyoto such as Ohara, Tango, Kyotanba, and Kameoka are served on plates.

Kyoto vegetable plate from ZIRAEL

Kyoto vegetable plate 1500 yen. I love salads with plenty of fresh vegetables. Today's main dish is tomato stew with lentils. Ukrainian borscht +400 yen

Inside view of ZIRAEL


  • Jirael
  • September 17, 2022 open
  • 313-7 North Gion-cho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 7 minute walk from Higashiyama Subway Station
    8 minutes walk from Keihan Gion-Shijo Station
  • Tel: None

5.[Cafe A bientot] Healthy low-salt hamburger plate / Uzumasa Tenjingawa

A detached cafe with Scandinavian-style interiors and furniture that makes you want to stay longer. The lunch, which is limited to 20 servings per day and includes a choice of hamburger steak or salmon meuniere, is said to contain less than 1g of salt per plate. Because it is devised with secret ingredients, it is a taste that is fully satisfied even with reduced salt.

Hamburger lunch at Cafe A bientot

Hamburger lunch 900 yen. A rich demi-glace sauce made over a week and a juicy hamburg steak with plenty of gravy go well together. I'm happy that it's full of vegetables

Inside view of Cafe A bientot

Cafe A bientot

  • Cafe A Biyanto
  • October 30, 2022 open
  • 10-26 West Hattandacho, Yamanouchi, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 6 minute walk from Randen Tenjingawa Station
    7 minute walk from Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station on the subway
  • Tel.075-432-8617

6.Impressed by the response to eating! [Gion Soymilk Ramen Uno Yukiko] Vegan Ramen / Gion

Yukiko Uno, a patissier and plant-based cuisine researcher, has developed ramen that does not use animal ingredients or wheat. A rich soup made with soy milk and gluten-free soy sauce, based on mushrooms and vegetables. Original noodles made with rice flour and kelp. There is also a solid punch, and I am surprised at the high satisfaction.

Gion Soymilk Ramen Yukiko's Soymilk Ramen "Yuki"

Soy milk ramen “Yuki” 1200 yen. The firm and rich soup is based on a mushroom and vegetable broth, combined with soy milk and gluten-free soy sauce. The noodles are original noodles made from rice flour and kelp, and have a delicious smooth texture.

Gion Soymilk Ramen Yukiko Uno

Gion Soymilk Ramen Yukiko Uno

  • Uno Yukiko
  • October 12, 2022 open
  • Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Higashiyama Ward Yamatooji-dori Shijogeru Kamei-cho 40
  • 4-minute walk from Keihan Gion-Shijo Station
  • Tel.075-551-3954

7.[Somushi ohara] Medicinal dishes using high-quality ingredients grown in Ohara / Ohara

A building with a round roof that blends in with nature along the Takase River. The traditional Korean medicinal tea made with vegetables grown vigorously in the fields, which Mr. Yamaguchi says was his dream after retirement. Vegetables, eggs, rice, etc., other than the harvest of the field, are also used in Ohara.

Somushi ohara Bibimbap

Somushi bibimbap 2,000 yen (pictured is part of the dish) with plenty of ingredients that are good for the body, such as home-grown vegetables and Korean medicinal herbs.

Somushi ohara

Somushi ohara

  • Somushi Ohara
  • September 23, 2022 open
  • 118 Ohararaigoin-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 2 minutes on foot from the bus stop "Ohara"
  • Tel.075-205-1361

8.Plenty of healthy ingredients and love! [Shikisaidokoro Shinka] Bento / Uji

A bento specialty store where the owner and his wife welcome you with a smile. As much as possible, he uses organically grown vegetables grown in nearby farms and does not use umami seasonings. . When eating in, it is also nice to be served in a bento box bento box.

Shikisaidokoro Shinka's confusing Wappa Bento

Wappa bento 1300 yen. Salt-grilled salmon, round croquette, dashi-maki omelet, Koya-dofu and Kyoto vegetable simmered with seasonal potage

Shikisaidokoro Shinka

Shikisaidokoro Shinka

  • Shikisaidokoro Shinka
  • March 26, 2022 open
  • 27-25 Sonoba, Makishima-cho, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 12 minute walk from JR Uji Station
  • Tel.0774-23-7074

9.Eco-friendly and body-friendly [ovgo Baker Nijo St.] Cookies / Around Kyoto City Hall

The popular bake shop [ovgo Baker], which has stores in Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Nagano, has opened in Kyoto. You can enjoy baked sweets using plant-based ingredients. Starting with the matcha crumble cake, which uses matcha grown organically in Japan, the Kyoto store also offers products with a Japanese taste, such as matcha brownies and sesame cookies.

ovgo Baker Nijo St.

Soft Impossible chocolate chip cookie 346 yen and matcha crumble cake 560 yen using domestically grown organic matcha with roasted green tea 469 yen

ovgo Baker Nijo St.

ovgo Baker Nijo St.

  • Obgo Baker Nijo Street
  • December 07, 2022 open
  • 508 Hoteiya-cho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 7-minute walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Subway Station
  • Tel: None

10.Vegan food at [cafeplanet] that pleases the body and mind / Demachiyanagi

We offer light meals and drinks based on the theme of whole foods that are plant-based and do not use refined ingredients such as white sugar. They are all high quality, such as a pizza made with cream sauce and sprouted brown rice flour that is rich without using milk, and a mini chocolate parfait with a gentle sweetness of maple syrup. Terrace seats are OK with dogs.

cafeplanet mini chocolate parfait

Mini chocolate parfait 900 yen. The chocolate soft serve uses soy milk, amazake, and maple syrup, and is characterized by its gentle sweetness and refreshing richness. Cookies in the shape of Shiba Inu are cute

Inside cafeplanet


  • cafe planet
  • 447-5 Kajiicho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 3 minutes walk from Keihan "Demachiyanagi Station"
  • Tel.075-585-4868

11.Rich yet light brown rice sweets from [MINORI Kobo] / Idemachi

In Europe and the United States, puffed rice cakes can be enjoyed in various flavors as rice cakes. A workshop that makes sweets using brown rice, such as Western-style rice snacks. You can enjoy brown rice snacks that are gentle on the body, such as pon crackers that use pesticide-free brown rice and brown rice gelato that uses pon crackers.

Brown rice gelato from Minori Kobo

Brown rice gelato from S390 yen. Contains organic raisins soaked in sake lees from [Terada Honke]. There are 5 other types of gelato, and original Asian sweets such as brown rice douhua and brown rice chae are also popular.

Interior view of MINORI Kobo


  • Minori Kobo
  • June 22, 2022 open
  • 12-1 Tagamaekawa, Ide-cho, Tsuzuki-gun, Kyoto
  • 1 minute walk from JR Yamashiro Taga Station
  • Tel.090-6052-4512

12.Soma bread made with sake lees yeast and ancient wheat for a rich aroma / Uji

A bakery in a renovated old house in a residential area near JR Uji Station. It uses natural yeast made from sake lees from a long-established sake brewery in Chiba, Terada Honke, and has a rich aroma and a faint cheese-like flavor. The ingredients are only plant-based and organic, and the ancient spelled wheat with low gluten content is used.

loaf of bread

1. Organic spelled ancient wheat 100% baguette 560 yen. 2. Organic spelled citrus peel and organic chocolate 420 yen. 3. Stone-ground whole wheat bagel 280 yen. 4. Additive-free brown rice bread 350 yen. 5. There are breads where you can feel the original flavor and taste of the ingredients, such as sake lees yeast donuts with matcha (300 yen) and whole grain kinako (280 yen).

Soma shop owner


  • Soma
  • May 08, 2022 open
  • 8-9 Satojiri Uji, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 2 minute walk from JR Uji Station
  • Tel: None
  • Eat-in allowed

13.Completely additive-free! Enjoy authentic bread at [Millennium Bakery] / Around Umekoji Park

The shop owner, who used to be a programmer, studied bread on his own and offers completely additive-free bread that makes full use of the recipes and techniques of authentic craftsmen. There are about 15 types of bread at all times, and the bread that does not use animal ingredients is easy to eat for vegans and people with allergies. Enjoy the taste of Europe and the United States that overturns the image and stereotypes of bread so far.

Millennium Bakery Bread

Gochujang Campagne 480 yen clockwise from the front. Originating in the United States, this bread has become popular in Europe and the United States. High water butter 360 yen. Batard said that French people living in Kyoto were also impressed. Simply bake, butter and enjoy. Apple cinnamon bread 600 yen. Inside the bread is plenty of domestically produced apple preserves mixed with cinnamon.

Exterior of Millennium Bakery

Millennium Bakery

  • August 21, 2022 open
  • Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, Shimogyo Ward, Kuromondori, Kizuya Bridge, Tetsupocho 401-1 1F
  • 4-minute walk from the bus stop "Shichijo Omiya/Kyoto Suizokukan-mae"
    10 minutes walk from JR Umekoji Kyoto Nishi Station
  • Tel.075-200-8657
  • Eat-in allowed
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