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Leaf July 2018
Kyoto/Shiga Delicious walk

May 25, 2018 Release.

In the season of fresh greenery and on a fine day, you may want to enjoy a stroll along the streets while taking side trips. You can enjoy a delicious lunch, take-out coffee or snacks, or sundries to take home as souvenirs!

table of contents

      • Special feature "Kyoto/Shiga: Delicious Stroll" (in Japanese)
        The hottest area in the city.
        Okazaki, Japan
        Nijo Castle
        Go out to Gojo - Shichijo area
        Demachiyanagi - Ichijoji
        Takashima Island, where I want to go now.
    • Interview [Mitsuhiro Oikawa]
    • Interview [Yudai Chiba]
    • Interview [Terufumi Kiriyama]
    • Interview [NCT127]
    • Interview [Kawase Naomi]
    • Interview [Koji Fukada]

Behind the scenes of this month's issue, which will make you want to take a stroll...here!



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