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Vegetable Ragout and Pork Albiet Aglio Aurio

Contents: 162g, open price (reference retail price before tax: 438 yen)

Collaboration between Cucina Italiana TODO in Marutamachi, Kyoto and House Foods to start selling products.

A new retort pasta sauce "Vegetable Ragout and Pork ARIO AURIO" has been added to the "Selected Meijiten" series of house-made products that reproduce the special taste of the restaurants selected by "Food Log 100 Meiten". This time, under the supervision of Cucina Italiana Todo, an Italian restaurant in Marutamachi, Kyoto, selected in the "Eat Log Italian WEST 100 Best Restaurants 2023", the popular vegetable ragout and pork ario aulio are recreated in a retort pasta sauce. After nearly 100 trials, the chef of the supervising restaurant sought to achieve a balance between the water from the vegetable ingredients, the deliciousness of the oil blending with the water, and the oiliness of the flavor. It is sold at supermarkets nationwide, so you can enjoy the taste of popular restaurants at home.

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