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Creating a lively atmosphere in the city of Kyoto through art! What is Kyoto City's approach?

Efforts to utilize vacant spaces in facilities and stores as art exhibition sites are flourishing throughout Kyoto City. In response to these efforts, Kyoto City trains art coordinators who coordinate exhibitions, promotes exhibition facilities and stores, and sometimes organizes events as an organizer. Here, we introduce Kyoto City's efforts and a survey to win a special gift.

1.Kyoto City Initiatives 1] Planning for ARK (Art Rhizome KYOTO)

Exhibitions and sales of works by young artists and others associated with Kyoto will be held at lodging facilities and cafes in Kyoto City. Art coordinators selected from the public will be in charge of coordinating between the facilities, artists, and exhibition planning and preparation.

Cafe Fufufuan ②Gion Elite Terrace ③High Altitude Training Studio SOLERA ④The Lane Hotel Kyoto ⑤Hotel Ring's Kyoto *Partially Listed

ARK (Art Rhizome KYOTO)

  • ALC (Art Resom Kyouto)
  • October 1, 2023 (Sun) - January 30, 2024 (Tue)
    Various locations in Kyoto City
    Kyoto City
    Free (except for some events)
  • https://artrhizome.jp/

2.Kyoto City Initiatives 2] Publication of "KYOTO UNIQUE VENUES FOR ART

Unique venues, meaning "special (unique) venues (venues)," is a concept that originated in Europe. It refers to venues such as historical buildings, temples, shrines, castle ruins, museums, and other attractive locations that are rented out for conferences, receptions, events, and other needs that differ from their original purpose. Unique venues are intended to enhance surprise and excitement by creating local characteristics and a sense of specialness. Kyoto has been attracting interest from overseas artists because of its many temples and shrines and modern architecture that can interact with history, rather than the inorganic white-walled "white cube" venues.
The digital version of "KYOTO UNIQUE VENUES FOR ART 2023" ishere

26 facilities including temples, shrines, restaurants and stores in Kyoto City

Please fill out the survey!

  • Kyoto City is currently conducting a survey for readers of "UNIQUE VENUES FOR ART 2023" published in September 2023. Two pairs of four winners will be selected by drawing from among the respondents to receive tickets to the "273rd Kyoto Citizens' Kyogenkai!
    January 15, 2024 (Monday)
    Two pairs of tickets for the 273rd Kyoto Citizens' Kyogenkai (Kyogen Theatre) for four people.
    *Kyogenkai will be held on Friday, March 8, 2024, doors open at 18:30. Venue is Kyoto Kanze Kaikan (44 Enshoji-cho, Okazaki, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto)
    <Click here to fill out the survey.
  • https://forms.gle/fSGhDApb55B2bq4t5

3.Kyoto City Initiatives (3)] Operation of Kyoto Art Donation

Kyoto Art Donation, a portal site for donations related to culture and art in Kyoto, will open in May 2023. This is a project to deliver support where it is needed and bring people together. You can easily make a donation by selecting an event or project you wish to support and paying by credit card or other means. Let's support Kyoto's proud culture and art for the future.

You can also take advantage of hometown tax payments.

Kyoto Art Donation

Inquiries about KYOTO UNIQUE VENUES FOR ART, Kyoto Art Donation, and donations

  • Cultural Arts Planning Division, Cultural Arts City Promotion Office, Cultural and Civic Affairs Bureau, City of Kyoto
    Tel. 075-222-3119
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