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Kasumi fan, spotted / navy blue
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Kasumi fan, spotted / black
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Fashion accessories
SILK365 (I and Sachi) Kasumougi gradation dyeing
Directly from the manufacturer

14,300Yen (tax included)

Rare "Kasumi Fan" made of pure domestic silk, which is the work of craftsmen and artists.

A fan in chic colors suitable for both men and women. The beautiful gradation is expressed by the traditional tie-dyeing technique by craftsmen in Kyoto.
The "Kasumikinu" silk used for the fabric has a cool, thin, translucent texture like a haze, and the sparse knots in the threads give it an air of refinement. The weft of the fabric is made of "Matsuokahime," a high-quality raw silk produced from the highest quality cocoons, which gives the fabric a beautiful luster depending on the angle of view. This fan, made by a long-established silk weaver [Itoko], sublimates its commitment to silk, and each fan is carefully made by craftsmen of a long-established fan shop.
Even more ingenious is the netsuke incense bag (incense charm). The "Awaji-knot" decoration, created by a mizuhiki artist, releases the fragrance of the incense inside each time the fan is opened. It can be used as a decoration even after the fragrance of the incense has faded, and can be opened and closed to change the fragrance to one of your choice.

Navy blue is currently out of stock.

Product information


Fan surface: pure silk (weft thread: made of pure domestic "Matsuokahime"), fan bone: bamboo, fan bag: pure silk

product size

Body of fan: closed size (width) 1.7cm, open size (width) 40cm, length approx. 23cm (7.5cm fan), fan bone 20cm
Box body: 25 cm (length) X 10 cm (width) X 2 cm (height)

Weight g (approx.)

Weight of fan: 40g, in set box: 100g


Dark blue bokashi dyeing / Black bokashi dyeing, total 2 kinds

How to care

Do not get wet. If it gets dirty, wipe it gently with a dry cloth.


Please use a fan bag for carrying.
・The color of dyed fan bones may bleed and transfer to other items.
- Sprinkling perfume, etc. on the fan surface may cause discoloration.
Incense charms are made of natural aromatic wood chips, so the fragrance is limited in duration.

Regarding delivery

Delivered by Yamato Transport. We will ship approximately 4 to 14 business days after receiving your order.

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Itoko Co., Ltd.
Itoyuki Building, 448-2 Ryuikecho, Muromachi Higashiiri, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City

About the brand

[Itoyuki SILK365] A brand of silk products developed and sold by Itoyuki, a long-established silk textile company that is particular about quality from cocoon production to weaving, making use of its years of know-how. We also communicate SDGs initiatives by making use of natural materials rather than synthetic fibers.

Contact us

Products Itoyuki Co., Ltd. TEL.075-211-2361 / Delivery Yamato Transport TEL.0120-019-625 (landline) TEL.0570-200-000 (mobile phone) / Others Leaf Publications TEL.075-255- 7263


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