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Nuts (orange), Kaishi "Kazaguruma" paper
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Fashion accessories
Toku Tsuji Set of kaishi pouch and kaishi that can hold a mask
Directly from the manufacturer

4,510Yen (tax included)

Easy to use and can hold a mask.
Modern pattern pouch and kaishi paper set

A Kyoto-based kaishi specialty store has created a modern designed kaishi pouch to encourage more casual use of kaishi. The pouch is made of cotton fabric for daily use and has a cute accent with a co-woven walnut button. The large size makes it useful as a mask holder, accessory case, or cosmetic pouch. The inside is also ingeniously double-layered, allowing you to keep your mask in use and a spare mask separately, or to organize and store small items.
Each of these stylishly designed pouches comes with a pretty pattern of kaishi paper. The orange pouch has a "Kazaguruma" pattern, the gray one has a "Paper Balloon" pattern, and the black one has a lacy, elegant "Jardin" pattern. The kaigami has an anti-bleeding coating, so it can be used as a coaster under dishes, to wrap chopsticks, or to write a small message on.

Product information


Nuts (orange), Kaishi "Kazaguruma", Cat (gray), Kaishi "Paper balloon", Cat (black), Kaishi "Jardin" (3 patterns)


Kaishi pouch, Kaishi (20 sheets)


Kaishi pouch: cotton, Kaishi: Echizen Washi

Product size (about)

Kaishi pouch: 19 cm (W) x 11.5 cm (H), Kaishi: 14.5 cm (W) x 17.5 cm (H)

Weight g (approx.)


How to care

Kaishi pouch: not washable; Kaishi: be careful not to get wet

Other notes

Actual color and appearance may differ depending on your PC monitor and smartphone model. Please note.

Regarding delivery

Delivered by Yamato Transport. We will ship approximately 4-14 business days after receiving your order.

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Toku Tsuji
101 Grand Hills Okazaki Jingu-michi, 91 Enshojimachi, Okazaki, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture

About the brand

[Tsujitoku] A Kyoto kaishi specialty store operated by Tsuji Shoten, a long-established company that was founded in the Meiji era and has been handling gold and silver thread paper. We have original designed kaishi that can be used not only for tea ceremonies but also for everyday life, and we are promoting a modern way to enjoy kaishi.

Contact us

Product Tsuji Nori TEL.075-752-0766 / Delivery Yamato Transport TEL.0120-019-625 (Landline) TEL.0570-200-000 (Mobile phone) / Others Leaf Publications TEL.075-255-7263


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