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kitchen vessel
Tae Uesaka White Chrysanthemum Soukyu Free Cup
Directly from the manufacturer

55,000Yen (tax included)

In the light blue of a clear sky
Free cup with "white chrysanthemum" in bloom

Tae Uesaka is a painter of Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki ceramics, and his works range from tea ceremony utensils to tableware for daily use and interior decorations. Among his works, the "White Chrysanthemum" series is his masterpiece. Each petal is painted in a unique way so that each petal rises. This free cup has a vivid contrast between the delicately painted white chrysanthemum flowers and the light blue color. It was named "Sokyu" (blue sky) because it looks like clouds floating in a blue sky. The beauty of the vivid sky blue also comes from the use of uniquely formulated paints. It took more than an hour to rub the pigment by hand to make it smooth, and the color was created through repeated prototyping to find the right balance with the "white chrysanthemum.
The deep design of the sake cup makes it easy to use not only as a sake cup for enjoying beer, wine, or sake, but also as a dessert cup for serving ice cream or fruit, and it can be used in a variety of ways depending on your ideas. When first used, soak it in water for a full day to prevent astringency from tea or wine.

Product information



Product size (about)

7.5 cm (width) X 7.5 cm (depth) X 11 cm (height)

Weight g (approx.)


How to care

・Please wash gently with a sponge using a neutral detergent. (No scrubbing brush, polishing powder, etc.)

Other notes

- There may be some errors in the finished size, color, shape, etc. Please note.
Before use, soak the pot in water for about a day to prevent tea stains from sticking to it.

Regarding delivery

Delivered by Yamato Transport. We will ship approximately 4-14 business days after receiving your order.

※The photograph is an image.


Tae Uesaka

About the artist profile

Tae Uesaka (pen name: Zenmyo)

Kyo ware and Kiyomizu ware painter. After graduating from Kyoto Prefectural Ceramics Technical High School, he became an apprentice to Mr. Yoshihiro Yamaoka. In 2019, upon becoming independent, he took on the pseudonym ``Zenmyo''. In addition to receiving many awards at the Kyoyaki Kiyomizu Ware Exhibition, he has held solo exhibitions and exhibitions in various places.

Contact us

Product Tae Uesaka MAIL.tantae22@gmail.com / Delivery Yamato Transport TEL.0120-019-625 (landline) TEL.0570-200-000 (mobile phone) / Others Leaf Publications TEL.075-255-7263


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