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kitchen vessel
Kyoko Kobayashi Mamezara
Directly from the manufacturer

3,190Yen (tax included)

Makes me want to make him my own.
Flower soybean dish with lovable animals

Kyoko Kobayashi, a Kiyomizu-yaki (Kiyomizu porcelain) artist, has created a new series of animal plates, including "Rabbit," an original design created for "Kyoto Zakka Shop Hand" based on the zodiac sign for 2023, and "Cat," the most popular of all animals drawn by Ms. Kobayashi.
As the name suggests, "Hana Mame-dara (Flower Mame-dish)" is a bean dish made of a pressed mold in the shape of a flower. Both the rabbit standing in the center with its hands together in a well-mannered manner and the cat posing with a pouty face are irresistibly cute for animal lovers. They are so cute that animal lovers can't help but smile.
Kobayashi's style is to create gorgeous paintings in the tradition of Kyoyaki pottery, but with a sense of humor. The lovely animals, arabesque patterns surrounding them, and fresh lemon-colored flowers add color to the table. It can be used for both Japanese and Western dishes, such as a plate for meals, a plate for pickles, or a plate for sweets at tea time.
*This product is sold in units of one piece.

Product information


Standing rabbit, lying cat, sitting cat (3 patterns in total)

Weight g (approx.)


Use of cooking equipment, etc.

Microwave: usable, Dishwasher: usable, Oven: not usable, Open flame: not usable
We recommend that you wash it gently by hand as much as possible with a neutral detergent because it contains overglaze painting.

Regarding delivery

Delivered by Yamato Transport. We will ship approximately 4-14 business days after receiving your order.

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Kyoko Kobayashi

About the artist profile

Kyoko Kobayashi

After graduating from Kyoto Seika University with a degree in ceramics from the Department of Art and Design, she studied ceramics at a training school. After graduation, she worked as a painter at a kyoyaki kiln before going independent in 2019. Many solo and group exhibitions. Currently, he makes ceramics in Kyoto.

Contact us

Merchandise Kyoko Kobayashi kofushihara@gmail.com / Shipping Yamato Transport TEL. 0120-019-625 (land line) TEL. 0570-200-000 (cell phone) / Other Leaf Publications TEL. 075-255-7263


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