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kitchen vessel
tree fruit Octagonal twist cup set (clear)
Directly from the manufacturer

10,340Yen (tax included)

Octagonal curved lines and
Masu cup" with beautiful wood grain expression

This cup, with its strikingly beautiful twisted curves, was designed by a woodworker at a woodshop. Since its establishment as a fixture store in 1945, the woodworking shop has also been involved in furniture manufacturing, and in recent years has been working to promote local production for local consumption of wood and to support the employment of people with disabilities. The craftsmanship is also reflected in the creation of "Ki no Sachi," a brand of original wooden products.
The wood is cut by a 3D processing machine so there are no joints, and each of the eight surfaces has a different grain appearance. Each of the eight sides has a different grain appearance and is carefully finished by hand with a natural clear coating. Sold as a set of 2 pieces, large and small.
The design blends well with both Japanese and Western cuisine, such as sake, shochu, and wine. Although it was developed as a vessel for enjoying sake, it can also be used to pour hot water into, so it can be widely used for tea time, brewing sencha tea or coffee, or for everyday use.

Product information


hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa)

product size

Large: W73㎜×D73㎜×H90㎜ , Small: W64㎜×D64㎜×H78㎜

Weight g (approx.)

Large: 30g, Small: 22g (total 52g) 200g including packaging

How to care

Please wash with a sponge using a neutral detergent. (Do not use a scrubber, scouring powder, etc.)
Avoid drying in direct sunlight or rapid drying. Doing so may cause cracking or warping.
Do not leave the product soiled or leave it in water for long periods of time.

Other notes

Please understand that each piece is one-of-a-kind, with slight differences in shape and size due to the many manual processes involved.
Since natural materials are used, the wood pattern and color of each piece is different.
Please enjoy the changes in the expression and texture of the material, including scratches and stains that may occur with use, as a matter of taste.

Regarding delivery

Delivered by Yamato Transport. We will ship approximately 4-14 business days after receiving your order.

※The photograph is an image.


Ki no Sachi (Yamada Wood Works Ltd.)
23, Kamitoba Oyanagi-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

About the brand

[Ki no Sachi" is a brand of wooden products by Yamada Wood Works, established in 1945. The company develops original products from sundries to furniture and fixtures that add color to daily life with the warmth of wood, and while introducing cutting-edge technology such as 3D processing machines, the traditional skills of craftsmen are still utilized.

Contact us

Merchandise Ki no Ko (Yamada Wood Works Ltd.) TEL. 075-691-4650 / Delivery Yamato Transport TEL. 0120-019-625 (land line) TEL. 0570-200-000 (cell phone) / Other Leaf Publications TEL. 075-255-7263


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