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kitchen vessel
alvor ceramica bee and bear mug
Directly from the manufacturer

3,300Yen (tax included)

The charm and individuality of handmade products shines through
Calming mags

This mug has a chunky shape with a cute bear and bee painted in iron. It brings a gentle feeling to your coffee time.
Yagi, who is also a painter, has created a wide variety of vessels according to his own interests in addition to his work as a painter. He is also a painter, and while painting, he has created a wide variety of vessels according to his own interests. He is very particular about the entire process of pottery making, from thinking of glazes, to shaping the vessels using a potter's wheel or casting, to combining painting such as underglaze blue, overglaze, and gold glaze, all by himself. The unique flavor of each piece is what makes these vessels so appealing.

Product information

size cm

7.5 cm (mouth diameter) X 8.5 cm (height)

Weight g (approx.)


Use of cooking equipment, etc.

Microwave: Not available, Dishwasher: Available, Oven: Not available, Open flame: Not available
*Since it contains an overlay, we recommend that you wash it gently by hand.

Regarding delivery

Delivered by Yamato Transport. We will ship approximately 4-14 business days after receiving your order.

※The photograph is an image.


Albor Ceramica

About the artist profile

Mieko Yagi

Studied painting at the Kyoto Prefectural Ceramics College's Design Department and worked as a painter at a Kyoto-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki kiln. After receiving training in glazes etc. at the Kyoto City Institute of Industrial Technology, he opened a kiln in Higashiyama. He also actively participates in pottery fairs and group exhibitions.

Contact us

Product Arbol Ceramica 3dora.arbol@gmail.com/Delivery Yamato Transport TEL.0120-019-625 (fixed-line) TEL.0570-200-000 (mobile)/Other Leaf Publications TEL.075-255-7263


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