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[2023] Respect for the Aged Day gift! 8 Kyoto gifts you can buy at online shops

September 18th (Monday) is Respect for the Aged Day. Let's send a gift filled with gratitude to our parents and grandparents who always take care of us! This time we have selected gifts that can be purchased at the online shop. We've picked up everything from gifts perfect for Respect for the Aged Day to products that are trending right now, so keep the recipient in mind when choosing.
*Prices are for products only (separate shipping fee required)

1.Respect for the Aged Day only [Zenkashoin] Castella with a pattern

Zenkashoin, a confectionery shop on Muromachi Street known for its paper-baked castella "Zen" castella, which is characterized by its rich yolk taste, is offering a limited edition of castella with an auspicious picture of a crane and turtle in preparation for Respect for the Aged Day. It's on sale. Castella is a masterpiece that is baked one by one by craftsmen using the golden ratio of unique flour and fresh eggs. The pattern on the castella includes the word ``Kaju'', which celebrates longevity, and the auspicious crane and turtle, which symbolize longevity, and each one is imprinted by hand by a craftsman with great care.


Product/[Respect for the Aged Day] Limited-edition castella large 2,160 yen, small 1,080 yen
Sales period/~2023September 11th (Mon), sales at the Muromachi Main Store from September 9th (Sat) to September 18th (Mon), 2023 *Limited quantity
Best before date/26 days including date of manufacture
Method of preservation/Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature
Delivery / Room temperature delivery
Others/Respect for the Aged Day limited hanging paper available

Zenkashoin Muromachi Main Store

  • Everything you need to know about Muromachihonten
  • 271-1 Takoyakushicho, Muromachi-dori Nijyo-shita, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • Tel.075-241-3300
  • 11:00-18:00 (Cafe LO/17:30)
    Closed on 2nd and 4th Mondays
  • ●Official online shop
  • https://zenkashoin-shop.com/fs/zenkashoin/c/keiro

2.Canned cookies from [TREEE'S KYOTO] where you can enjoy the taste of carefully selected tea

[TREEE'S KYOTO] is an organic matcha sweets brand created by SIN, a pastry chef with a top wine qualification and sommelier excellence. The botanical cookie tins are popular products that allow you to enjoy the unique flavors and bright colors of a variety of carefully selected single-origin teas such as Uji matcha, tencha, hojicha, and genmaicha. These gluten-free cookies are made with 100% rice flour and have a crispy, soft texture. The Tea Leaf Set, which is a set of two organic hojicha tea bags, is a special set only available at Leaf. It's sure to bring a smile to your face the moment you open the can.

TREEE'S KYOTO cookie tin

Product/Botanical cookie can Tea Leaf Set 4,212 yen (8 types of cookies assorted 340g (including can), organic hojicha tea bags (2 pieces per bag))
Best before date/31 days from date of manufacture
Preservation method/Requires refrigeration
Delivery/Refrigerated delivery. Ships approximately 4-14 business days after order is placed

TREEE'S Co., Ltd.

3.Fragrant tart dough and smooth cheese [Les Freres Muto] cheesecake

[Les Frères Mutou] is located in a residential area near Eizan Electric Railway Kino Station. Among the many products, the most popular cheesecakes, ``Kino Cheese'' and ``Yuki Cheese'', are made with carefully selected cream cheese from Hokkaido, and are a masterpiece that has a light texture but a rich, deep flavor. When the fragrant tart pastry and the exquisitely sweet smooth cheese come together in your mouth, it's a moment of bliss. In addition, the snow cheese, accented with the refreshing sourness of the strawberry confiture, offers a fresh texture that is a fusion of Japanese flavors. The good thing about it is that it's a stick type that you can hold with one hand, making it easy to eat.

Les Freres Muto

Product/Set of 10 Kino Cheese and Yuki Cheese 2,160 yen
Expiration date: 10 days from manufacturing date
Preservation method/freezing required
Delivery/Frozen delivery. Ships approximately 4-14 business days after order is placed

Les Freres Muto

4.It's like ice cream! ? A new kind of kudzu sweets from [Japanese Sweets Ikeda] that looks gorgeous

[Wagashi Ikeda] was opened in 2014 by Jinsuke Ikeda, who trained at a Japanese sweets specialty store in Kyoto. They use seasonal fruits and other ingredients to create Japanese sweets that let you experience the four seasons with all five senses. Kyoto Kuzu Asobi, which looks cute like a popsicle, is one of them. This is a new type of creative Japanese sweet that can be chilled in the freezer for a sorbet-like taste, or thawed and enjoyed as a plump kudzu sweet. It has a refreshing taste, making it the perfect gift for this time of year when the summer heat is still harsh. Beni Haruka and chocolate taste are original flavors only available at Leaf KYOTO mall.

Japanese confectionery Ikeda Kyo no Kuzu Asobi

Product / Kyoto Kuzu Asobi 10-piece set Leaf original flavor 2,700 yen (1 bottle each of cider, white peach, unshu mandarin orange, blueberry, pineapple, mango, lychee, earl melon, Beniharuka, and chocolate)
Expiration date: 30 days from shipping date
Preservation method/freezing
Delivery/Frozen delivery. Ships approximately 4-14 business days after order is placed

Japanese sweets Ikeda

5.Fun only in hot weather! Papa John's Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich

Papa John's, a New York cheesecake specialty store that has been loved in Kyoto for about 30 years, released this year's frozen cheesecake sandwich for a limited time in the summer. The cinnamon flavor and slight saltiness of the graham crackers complement the sweetness of the creamy and rich cheesecake. If you let it sit in the freezer for a while, the cheesecake and crackers will come together and become even more delicious. How about a cool, slightly different gift for this hot summer? Available for mail order only at Leaf's online store.

Papa John's Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich

Product / Frozen cheesecake sandwich 5 pieces (boxed) 2500 yen
Best before date/30 days from date of manufacture
Preservation method/freezing required
Delivery/Frozen delivery. Ships approximately 4-14 business days after order is placed

papa johns

6.[Ginkakuji Onishi] Kuroge Wagyu roast beef and grilled pork

[Ginkakuji Onishi] buys reliable quality ingredients from carefully selected production areas, and processes them using techniques unique to a long-established butcher shop. The recommended Gin no Hana is a set of the popular roast beef and grilled pork Ginkaku. Roast beef made with lean thighs that allows you to fully enjoy the flavor of the meat is characterized by its moderate elasticity and light flavor. Grilled Pork Ginkaku, which has been loved for over 30 years, is sliced into ultra-thin 2mm pieces, so it melts in your mouth softly and allows you to enjoy its sweetness and umami.

Ginkakuji Onishi

Product/Gin no Hana 4,980 yen (homemade Japanese black beef roast beef peach slices 150g, homemade Kyoto-style grilled pork Ginkaku slices 150g, with sauce)
Expiration date: 10 days including shipping date, 2 days after thawing including thawing date
Preservation method/freezing required
Delivery / Frozen delivery (can be specified after 8 days including the order date)
*If there is a rush of orders, it will arrive1It may take a week or more, so it is recommended to order early or check in advance.

Ginkakuji Onishi

7.Hot pot of [Shimogamo Saryo] where you can enjoy a variety of ingredients with a special nutritious soup stock

Shimogamo Saryo is a long-established restaurant founded in 1856 (Ansei 3), located right next to the world heritage site Shimogamo Shrine. The Longevity Hot Pot, which is available only in the fall, is a hot pot that prays for the long life of the person who eats duck meat and various types of vegetables in a special, nutritious soup stock. The meat is tender duck meat and duck fishballs, and the mellow texture of the duck fat is irresistible. There are 12 types of ingredients in total, including Chinese cabbage, Japanese parsley, shiitake mushrooms, and yuba (yuba yuba), so you can enjoy a delicious and health-conscious meal along with carefully selected dashi.

Shimogamo Saryo

Product/Choju hot pot for 3 people 11,880 yen (special dashi, duck fishballs/duck meat, wood ear mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, yuba, Japanese parsley, shimeji mushrooms, green onions, burdock, white onions, carrots/mitsuba leaves, shiitake mushrooms, wheat gluten)
Sales period/~Saturday, October 7, 2023*Limited quantity
Expiry date/3 days from date of manufacture
Preservation method/Requires refrigeration
Delivery/Refrigerated delivery
Others/Respect for the Aged Day card (free) available for delivery from September 15th (Friday) to September 17th (Sunday), 2023

Shimogamo Saryo

8.[Kyoto Ichinoden] Assortment of secret Saikyo pickles

[Kyoto Ichi no Den] is known as a long-established store of Kyoto's traditional cuisine, Saikyozuke. ``Kibune'' is a gift product that carefully assembles four types of fish, including the most popular silver cod, which is made with Kuramiso-zuke, a secret Saikyo pickle. You can fully enjoy the various deliciousness of kura misozuke, such as the aroma and flavor of a wide variety of fish species, and the changing taste of miso. In addition to grilling or toaster ovens, it can be easily baked in a frying pan, so anyone can easily enjoy authentic Saikyo-zuke.

Kyoto Ichinoden

Product/ Kibune 5,900 yen (2 slices each of silver cod, alfonsino, salmon, and Spanish mackerel)
Expiration date: 7 days including shipping date when refrigerated, 60 days when frozen
Preservation method/Requires refrigeration
Delivery/Refrigerated delivery (Delivered 1 week to 10 days after ordering)
Other / Respect for the Aged Day card (free) available
* Respect for the Aged Day delivery will be accepted until September 10th (Sun)

Kyoto Ichinoden

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