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Smooth and refreshing! Kyoto's cool noodles that you want to eat on a hot day

[2023] Refreshing and refreshing! 10 cool and refreshing noodles in Kyoto to eat on a hot day.

The hot summer in Kyoto has come again this year. So this time, we picked up cool noodles that you can eat smoothly and refreshingly even if you don't have an appetite. We will introduce you to the cool menu that will make you want to conquer all of them, such as the classic chilled Chinese noodles, the unique spicy noodles, and the calming Japanese soba!

1.Enjoy the taste and impact of dashi at [Suba] / Matsubara Kiyamachi

A stand-and-eat soba restaurant created by Mr. Suzuki, the representative of popular restaurants such as [Charcoal-grilled chicken soriless]. Using homemade noodles, all of the 10 types of soba noodles are made with dashi stock, such as "I wanted you to taste the dashi, so I paired it with udon dashi." Enjoy the impactful summer-only soba noodles in a nostalgic space.

Chilled Suba with Vinegared Tangerine and Flourless Fruit

Chilled vinegar tachibana figs 1000 yen. A new type of soba with the refreshing sourness of the sudachi and the sweetness of the figs that perfectly match the broth. Until the end of September


  • Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Shimogyo Ward
  • 5 minutes walk from Keihan Kiyomizu Gojo Station
  • Tel.075-708-5623

2.Chilled Szechuan tantanmen with homemade spices [Gion Shinya Shokudo Mimimokuto] / Gion

A late-night cafeteria like a hideout in a cozy space with 7 counter seats in the back alley of Gion. The chef, who has been a Chinese chef for about 20 years and is still at [Hong Kong Dim Sum Seigai] during the daytime, serves Sichuan mapo tofu, Sichuan tantan noodles, sweet and sour pork, fried rice, and other small snacks.

Szechuan dandan noodles at Gion Late-night diner Ajimoku Usagi

Chilled Sichuan tantan noodles (600 yen) topped with a hot spring egg (100 yen). Spicy cucumber and fried peanuts accent the texture and taste. The homemade chili oil has just the right amount of spiciness. Until the end of September

Gion Midnight Diner Mimokuto

  • earthworm owl
  • January 16, 2023 open
  • 347-160 north side of Gion-cho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 6 minutes on foot from Keihan Gion-Shijo Station
  • Tel.090-1488-8240

3.[Chukagawa Shokudo] Vivid and healthy spicy and spicy noodles / Takeda

The mapo tofu and mapo noodle shops that are popular with spicy food lovers offer chilled green noodles with a green soup that has an outstanding impact. Spinach, garlic chives, and yam are added to the beef bone broth, topped with thin straight noodles, coriander, and tomatoes. Adding shrimp oil with a strange taste will increase the ethnic degree.

Green chilled hot chili noodles at Zhonghua Chuan Restaurant

Green chilled mapo noodles 1000 yen. The soup is packed with the flavor of the ingredients and is refreshingly spicy, giving you an irresistible refreshing feeling after eating. Until early September

Chuka River Restaurant

  • Nakagawa
  • Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Fushimi Ward Takeda Nakauchihatacho 171 Second Corp Morisaki 101
  • 2 minutes walk from Subway "Takeda Station"
  • Tel.075-634-8981

4.At [Ryuhei Soba], you can feel the rich nature of Kyoto with stylish Edo soba / Katsura

A well-known restaurant that used to offer Japanese course meals that mainly consisted of soba has been renovated to make it easier for people to eat soba. The soba noodles made by the owner, such as mori soba noodles and soup soba noodles, are offered at a more casual price and menu.

Platter of Ryuhei soba

Mori soba 1050 yen. The noodles, which are made with ultra-soft water from the Atago Mountains and buckwheat flour, are thin and delicate, yet have a firm texture.

Takahei soba

  • Ryuhei soba
  • 157 Katsura Asaharacho, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 2 minutes on foot from the bus stop "Katsura Rikyu-mae"
    12 minutes on foot from Hankyu Katsura Station
  • Tel.075-393-7130

5.Refreshingly eat tantan cold noodles with homemade chili oil and Oi Sichuan pepper at [Toen-tei] / Shijo Kawaramachi

A long-established Chinese restaurant where you can enjoy a wide variety of authentic flavors in a space with an outstanding view located on the 13th floor. The tantan cold noodles, a summer-only menu item, are entwined with sesame flavor, homemade chili oil, and Sichuan pepper that brings a numbing spiciness and refreshing feeling to the thin noodles. You can also make champagne, so give it a try.

Tantan Cold Noodles at Taoyuan Pavilion

Tantan cold noodles 950 yen. In addition to familiar ingredients such as ham, thinly sliced omelet, minced pork, and accented with chopped wood ear fungus. Limited lunch menu until the end of September


  • Toentei
  • Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Shimogyo Ward Kawaramachi Street Shijo Shimoru Inaricho 335 Hogen Building 13F
  • 3 minutes walk from Hankyu "Kyoto Kawaramachi Station"
  • Tel.075-351-4745

6.A new move of [Ramen Kimura], which makes homemade noodles with the taste of fish and dried bonito / Kinugasa

Mr. Kimura, the owner of Nishijin [Mendokoro Gangi], has attracted many fans. We offer a menu that combines soup and homemade noodles that make use of the knowledge of a first-class dashi sommelier and dashi meister. The cold, salted ramen, which is only available in summer, uses thin, straight noodles made with whole grains. The topping of ittan noodles floating in the ice-cold rice bowl looks cool.

Ramen Kimura's Cold Salt Ramen

Chilled salt ramen 1000 yen. Chilled soup made with fish stock made from seasonal fish, the umami of Rausu kelp and the thickness of Gagome kelp. Until mid-August

Ramen Kimura

  • Ramen Kimura
  • 42 Claska Kinugasa 1F, Kinugasa Higashi Goshonouchicho, Kita Ward, Kyoto City
  • 3 minutes on foot from the bus stop "Senbon Kitaoji"
  • Tel.075-467-0010

7.On days when you want to power up against the heat, try Paiko Cold Noodles at [Wei Iido Sanjo Branch] / Sanjokai Shopping Street.

A Chinese restaurant in the Sanjo shopping district where you can casually enjoy xiao long bao prepared by dim sum masters and authentic Chinese food. Paiko Reimen, which is only available for lunch, is a familiar dish that appears every year during the hot season. A special soy sauce-based sauce with a hint of citrus gives it a refreshing finish. We recommend the set with xiaolongbao and dessert.

Paiko Cold Noodles at Wei Mei Yi Tang Sanjo Branch

Paiko cold noodles 1100 yen. 130g of custom-made noodles that can be eaten smoothly while leaving a chewy texture, and curry-flavored pork paiko for a full volume. Until early September

Wei Iido Sanjo Branch

  • Gihan Ebisudo Sanjoten
  • 661 Hashinishimachi, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 6-minute walk from Subway Nijojo-mae Station
  • Tel.075-841-8071

8.A cup synonymous with summer by [Homemade Noodles Tengu] / Kojinguchi

At a long-established udon restaurant that has been around since the Meiji era, cold noodles have been introduced every year as a summer-only menu since the predecessor. The cold noodles, which use homemade Chinese noodles called sasamen, are made by boiling the raw noodles for each order to create a crispy texture. Our homemade mayonnaise and sauce with a refreshing sourness and hidden taste of udon soup are also popular flavor modulation seasonings.

Homemade noodles Tengu's chilled noodles

Chilled Chinese noodles 990 yen that will impress you with the toppings that you can't see the noodles. The thin noodles that go down smoothly are entwined with the sauce. Until mid-September

Homemade noodles Tengu

  • Self-sufficiency
  • Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, Kamigyo Ward, Kawaramachi Street, Kojinguchi Aguru, Higashisakuramachi 39
  • 9 minutes on foot from Keihan Jingu Marutamachi Station
  • Tel.075-231-1089
  • 11:30-14:00, 17:30-20:00
  • Closed on Sundays
  • All seats non-smoking No private room No parking
  • https://www.instagram.com/jikaseimen.tengu/

9.The clear soup of [Mensho Takamatsu Main Store] that permeates the body / Takoyakushi Higashinotoin

The head office of [Mensho Takamatsu], known for stone-ground whole wheat noodles and tsukemen with chicken and seafood soup. The summer-only chilled duck dashi noodles, which have attracted many repeat customers, are based on the image of soba duck nanban. Based on Japanese dashi stock, it is seasoned with duck oil and soy sauce. Toppings such as roasted duck and eggplant are elegant and delicious.

Cold Duck Salad Noodles by Mensho Takamatsu

Chilled duck stock noodles 850 yen that you can't help but drink up the soup. It's so elegant that it reminds me of soba, but it also has a solid ramen feel. On sale until mid-September

Mensho Takamatsu Main Branch

  • Mensho Takamatsu Honten
  • 312 Ichirensha-cho, Takoyakushi-dori, Higashinotoin, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 4-minute walk from Hankyu Karasuma Station
  • Tel.075-252-8270
  • 11:00-23:00 (LO/22:30)
  • Irregular holidays
  • All seats non-smoking No private room No parking
  • https://mensho.net/

10.Korean cold noodles / Demachiyanagi where you can taste vegetables, meat, and fermented foods together [Cafe Risei]

Surrounded by antiques such as white porcelain and bojagi, this is a Korean cafe where you can relax and enjoy Korean herbal tea and meals. The cold noodles, which are perfect for hot days, are made with buckwheat flour and durum flour, which the owner, Mr. Cheng, chose after eating and comparing various ingredients on top of the noodles. “Korean food has a lot of vegetables,” says Chung. In the summer, soy milk noodle conks are also available.

Korean Cold Noodles at Cafe Yi Ao

Korean cold noodles 1100 yen. Plenty of ingredients such as mizuna, wakame seaweed, leek kimchi, pork char siu, and boiled egg. Chidori vinegar is my favorite

Cafe Li Qing

  • exactly
  • 448-16 Kajiicho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 6 minutes walk from Keihan "Demachiyanagi Station"
  • Tel.075-255-6652
  • 11:00-16:00 (LO/15:00)
  • Sun-Tue closed
  • All seats non-smoking No private room 2 parking spaces
  • https://www.instagram.com/lisei.gallery/
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