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Ukyo Hakkei Writers

The key to promoting the attractions of Ukyo-ku! Who are the Ukyo Hakkei Writers?

The Ukyo Hakkei Writers, a group of eight official writers from the Ukyo Ward Office of Kyoto City, was formed to promote the appeal of Ukyo-ku, Kyoto. The goal is to encourage people to continue living in Ukyo-ku and to foster their attachment to the area by creating copy, images, videos, and other articles and disseminating the information widely throughout Japan and the world via Instagram. The theme of the program is "human connections. The articles written from the perspective of a Ukyo-ku resident are very interesting and will surely make you realize the charm of Ukyo-ku, as you can feel the presence of people who support your daily life close at hand!
Here is a detailed introduction of the eight unique writers who play a key role in conveying the charm of Ukyo-ku. Please check out their articles on Instagram (@ukyo_fan) to find your own "recommended writer!

1.Hello from "Avoiding Dense Places". snow in the mountains

Ukyo Hakkei Writers

The first one is Mr. [YAMAYUKI]. He is currently conveying the duality of Ukyo-ku, which is both a scenic and urban area, from the perspective of an old man. He is willing to go to the mountains and rice paddies in order to promote local production for local consumption. Her articles, which incorporate the real voices of producers and local people through conversations with them, are very appealing. His range is amazing, from grandiose articles with a great view of Ukyo-ku to niche stories that only locals would understand!

Ukyo Hakkei Writers Yamayuki

Article by YAMAYUKI YAMAYUKI, 88 places in Omuro (from Instagram account @ukyo_fan)

Congratulations on your new year! New Year's Eve is a time to visit the 88 temples in Omuro...View more *This will take you to an external link.

2.Feel the local nostalgia and newness. Haruka Naruse

Ukyo Hakkei Writers

The second is [Haruka Naruse]. She was born and raised in Ukyo-ku and lived outside the prefecture for a while, but returned to Tokyo for the first time in several years at the end of last year. She was able to once again experience the convenience and good points of Ukyo-ku. The article is full of power, with many contents showing the charm and energy of local people living in the area. Many of the articles are worth reading as they introduce Ukyo-ku's specialties and spots known only to the locals!

Ukyo Hakkei Writers Haruka Naruse

Old-fashioned candy shop Haruka Naruse's article (from her Instagram account @ukyo_fan)

A candy store where neighborhood kids come in constantly...View more *This will take you to an external link.

3.Covering the wide Ukyo area with his healthy legs. Yasunobu

Ukyo Hakkei Writers

The third person, Mr. Yasunobu, enjoys running and spends his days running around Ukyo-ku. He is a runner, so he is good at picking up scenery in the mountains or on his way to a run. As a runner, he excels at writing about the mountains and the scenery he sees on his runs. She also checks out places in Ukyo-ku that make you realize, "I didn't know there was such a place in Ukyo-ku! You should also check out her introductions to places that will make you realize "I never knew there was such a place in Ukyo-ku!

Ukyo Hakkei Writers Yasunobu

Fushijodai cedar in Katanami, article by Yasunobu (from Instagram account @ukyo_fan)

About 1 hour drive from downtown Kyoto. In the town of Keihoku Kitakataba-cho, Ukyo-ku, there is a 700-year-old...View more *This will take you to an external link.

4.Lots of information about living in Japan! Ransei

Ukyo Hakkei Writers

The fourth person is Ms. Ranyo, who moved to Ukyo-ku when her child entered kindergarten. Now that she has settled down a little, she would like to discover, experience, and report on Ukyo-ku, which adults can also enjoy! She has experience as a web writer and has excellent reporting skills! She is good at writing articles that are well worth reading, such as summary articles.

Ukyo Hakkei Writers Ranjo

I want to drink good COFFEE! Article by Ranyo (from Instagram account @ukyo_fan)

When I go out, I want a cup of coffee. Of course, I drink it at home, too...View more *This will take you to an external link.

5.I feel the power of people in Ukyo. Saiyana (colorful vegetables)

Ukyo Hakkei Writers

The fifth person, [Ayana], says she loves the history of Ukyo-ku. She is originally a producer of content for social networking sites, etc., and her photos and video articles are very beautiful. She is very good at uniquely capturing scenes from daily life. She sensitively captures the old connections in Ukyo-ku and the new winds that have come in, and conveys them from her own perspective.

Ukyo Hakkei Writers Ayana

At Arashiyama, Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, article by Ayana (from Instagram account @ukyo_fan)

It's like the word "snow" is there, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside...View more *This will take you to an external link.

6.Young people get a glimpse into the life of Ukyo, which is attracting a lot of attention from young people. Miraisho Takagi

Ukyo Hakkei Writers

The sixth person is Miraisho Takagi, a high school student writer. While working hard as a member of the baseball club, he also contributes to local development by participating in local festivals out of his love for Ukyo-ku, while at the same time communicating the warmth and attractiveness of the people of Ukyo-ku. He is a promising 16-year-old who is eager to discover more about Ukyo-ku, which he does not know yet, and to use his own power to spread the word!

Ukyo Hakkei Writers Miraisho Takagi

Autumn Festival Article by Miraisho Takagi (from Instagram account @ukyo_fan)

Season of autumn festivals: On October 7 and 8, the Kasuga Matsuri, a festival of the Saiin Kasuga Shrine, will be held...View more *This will take you to an external link.

7.From Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Tokyo, full of local love. Joe Nogami

Ukyo Hakkei Writers

The seventh person is [Joe Nogami], a resident of the Keihoku area in Ukyo Ward. He is warmly and powerfully conveying the charms of his hometown, which are still unknown. He conveys the charms of Keihoku, which continues to grow with the abundance of greenery, clean air, and rich nature nurtured by the flow of rivers, as well as deepening relationships with people. Overflowing with love for her hometown, her articles feature a variety of genres, including events, stores, people, scenery, and specialties.

Ukyo Hakkei Writers Nogami Joe

Article by Joe Nogami from Keihoku, Ukyo-ku (from Instagram account @ukyo_fan)

In this issue of "Here and There," we write about people who live in Keihoku. ...View more *This will take you to an external link.

8.Introduces organizations active in Ukyo. Amenomitori

Ukyo Hakkei Writers

The eighth and final writer [Amenomitori] just started living in Ukyo-ku when he became a working adult. She has been sending out information with the belief that she can contribute to the local community by introducing the activities of people she has met who are engaged in co-creative activities. With her antennae in various places, she conveys the charms of Ukyo-ku, which is not only a tourist destination.

Ukyo Hakkei Writers Amenomitori

Article by Amenomitori, Kuroda's morning market (from Instagram account @ukyo_fan)

Have you ever seen a building like this? It is mostly wood and glass. ...View more *This will take you to an external link.

These are the 8 writers who are full of love for Ukyo-ku. Did you find your favorite writer?
Be sure to check out Ukyofan's Instagram, where the eight members share the charms of Ukyo-ku on a daily basis.

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