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Delicious food from Tango, a northern part of Kyoto nurtured by rich nature

Autumn of appetite! A special set will be on sale at [Leaf KYOTO mall] from September 1st (Fri)

Vegetables, fruits, sake, rice, etc. The deliciousness of northern Kyoto that I met through the interview! The Leaf editorial department wanted to deliver more.
This special set was made possible with the cooperation of producers who are working hard to liven up Tango and roadside station Tango Kingdom ``Shoku no Miyako''.
This set can only be purchased at [Leaf KYOTO mall]. Taste plenty of gourmet food from Tango grown by loving producers at home.

1.Tango beer is hot now! Kyoto craft beer tasting set

``TANGO KINGDOM Beer®'' is a craft beer brewed at the Tango Kingdom Brewery in the roadside station Tango Kingdom ``Shoku no Miyako'' by a brewer who has won numerous awards in international contests. A set of 6 unique types such as lager type and ale type. Kakehashi Brewing, which uses hops hand-picked in Yosano Town, which has been attracting attention in recent years, offers canned beer ``ASOBI,'' which was born from efforts to preserve the environment of Amanohashidate, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. Enjoy the beers that tell stories unique to the Tango area and the craftsmanship of the brewers.

Delicious food from Tango

Kyoto craft beer tasting set

2.Enjoy the carefully grown ripe fruits. Autumn fruit delivery directly from Tango

Kumihama in Kyotango, known only to those in the know, is an area where a variety of fruits are grown, taking advantage of the sea breeze and well-drained soil. At Shiraiwa Eiichi Farm, where there are many fans who wait until they are fully ripe before shipping, pear and grape season begins in early fall. At [Leaf KYOTO mall], we deliver an assortment of recommended seasonal fruits from [Eiichi Shiraiwa Farm] and fruit farmers in Tango. Our staff carefully selects pears from Eiichi Shiraiwa Farm, which are popular for their juicy sweetness and aroma, as well as seasonal varieties from grape farmers in Tango.

Assorted fresh fruit set

Tango Sanchoku Autumn Fruit Delivery

3.Sake brewing that makes the most of the flavor of Tango rice. Sake and appetizers autumn evening drink set

[Shirasugi Sake Brewery] makes sake entirely from edible rice, which is rare in Japan. Gin-shari, a special junmai sake made to complement Tango food like sushi rice, has a gorgeous aroma, but the taste is sharp and refreshing. Select the sake accompaniment that goes well with this bottle from Tango ingredients. Hisami no Heshiko is a familiar drink accompaniment in Tango, Kyoto mackerel cans developed by Kaiyo High School and popular, and Kyotango senbei rice crackers made with seafood by a chef who worked at a restaurant in Kyoto. How about as a drink set for long autumn nights?

Sake and appetizer Autumn evening drink set

Sake and appetizer Autumn evening drink set

4.I want to liven up Kyotango with rice and vegetables! Gen Nogi's 2 types of Tango seasonal produce set

Agriculture in Kyotango, which has recently been attracting attention for its I-turn and U-turn. Hisayoshi Nogi, the 16th generation owner of [Nogi Gen], which has been around for hundreds of years since the Edo period, is one of them. While protecting about 25 hectares of farmland with his family, he cultivates mainly rice, melons and vegetables. This time, 2 kg each of Koshihikari and Milky Queen grown by Mr. Nogi. We also deliver a set of vegetables made by local producers. Sweet potatoes grown in the sand dunes, Maiko Kintoki, Kyo Mizuna, Kujo green onions, tomatoes, etc. You may also find rare vegetables that you don't often see.

Assorted fresh vegetables set

Gen Nogi's 2 types of Tango seasonal produce set

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