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Ristorante Nakamoto Green onion salt ramen

[2023] Gourmet order from famous restaurants ~ 12 carefully selected popular Kyoto "Chinese" ~

From famous restaurants in Kyoto's gyoza hotspot, shumai that has become a hot topic on TV, ramen made by famous chefs, pork buns that are sold only four times a year, special sets only available here, and more. How about rewarding yourself?

1.Flavor overflowing from the fragrant skin [Marushin Hanten] 3-box set to compare popular gyoza tastes

[Marushin Hanten] has been popular in Higashiyama, Kyoto, along with the famous Tenshinhan. The dumplings inherited from the previous generation are still very popular. The crunchy and chewy skin is a special order from Marushin Hanten, and the filling inside is filled with domestically-produced vegetables that are chopped while fresh and an bean paste made from aged meat with a rich flavor. Flavorful garlic and ginger bring out the umami even more, and the chopsticks won't stop.

230225 Chinese special feature_Marushin Hanten

Marushin Hanten Popular gyoza eating comparison 3 box set

  • 4420 yen

2.Infinite loop with 3 types of sauce [Ishigawa Gyoza Nakajima] Leaf Special

[Ebisugawa Gyoza Nakajima] is famous for its infinite gyoza that won't make you feel heavy even if you eat a lot. The deep gyoza dumplings developed by the owner over a long period of time use plenty of domestic vegetables and are characterized by their light, crisp thin skin. A gem to match. Enjoy the special set with 3 kinds of sauce.

230225 Chinese special feature_Isagawa Gyoza Nakajima

Ebisugawa Gyoza Nakajima Leaf Special

  • 1380 yen

3.Compare the flavors of Harbin, China [Raxianlou] 3 types of dumplings set

The soup dumplings are handmade by the owner, who is originally from Harbin, China, and wants to convey the taste of his hometown.They are characterized by their chewy, smooth-textured skins, which are made using a formula that he has determined through years of experience. The reason why the meat juices come out the moment you bite into it is because the special flavorful soup is mixed into the filling. Try the crispy and juicy fried gyoza and the crunchy celery-filled gyoza without adding anything.

230225 Chinese special feature_Raksenro

Rakusenro's Gyoza Set of 3 Types

  • 4500 yen

4.You can really feel the crunchy bamboo shoots [Tawawani Yuki from Asamo Field] Morning-digged Kyoto bamboo shoot shumai

Kyoto bamboo shoots, which are soft and have little harshness or harshness, are used lavishly. It's three times the size of regular shumai, and the filling has a 1:1 ratio of bamboo shoots to meat, so you can really feel the texture of the bamboo shoots. You can eat it deliciously by warming it in the microwave and then steaming it. Enjoy it with mustard soy sauce or vinegar soy sauce.

230225 Chinese special feature_Ristorante Nakamoto

Asamobatake no Tawani Yuuki

  • 2300 yen

5.Exquisite balance of five flavors [Glitter] Tandanmen Leaf limited premium set

The tantanmen from [Kiriki Tantanmen Specialty Store] is loved by tantanmen lovers in Kyoto. The sesame, homemade chili oil, and Sichuan pepper bring out the flavor of the soup, and the five flavors are well-balanced. The soupless dandan noodles are made with two kinds of matured chili bean sauce and spices combined with the meat miso, resulting in a spicy aftertaste that is addictive. After you've finished eating the noodles, let the rice soak in the soup and enjoy it to the end with the popular gyoza.

230225 Chinese special feature_Glitter

Glitter Leaf limited premium set

  • 3240 yen

6.The sweet and salty special sauce will whet your appetite! [Zenkokan Pocchiri] Set of 6 Shimidare Pork Buns

This Chinese restaurant has been loved by the locals for nearly 20 years, and is sold only for the four days of the Gion Festival. Filled with ingredients such as pork, shiitake mushrooms, mountain jellyfish, and bamboo shoots, the flavor is soaked into the chewy skin. Add a special soy sauce-based sauce with a sweet and salty taste and aroma that will whet your appetite and you'll be hooked. Don't wait in line to get the specialties of the Gion Festival, which are filled with wishes to ward off evil.

230225 Chinese special feature _ Chinese food

Set of 6 Shimidare pork buns

  • 3000 yen

7.A popular item that was introduced on TV [Ristorante Nakamoto] Kizugawa green onion salt ramen with 4 pieces

The soup is characterized by its rich flavor, which is made with fresh chicken bones and added with the udon soup stock from [Nakamoto Shokudo]. The rich aroma and flavor of green onion oil and green onion paste mixed with yuzu pepper combine with the smooth noodles to create a blissful harmony. The special soft pork belly chashu topping is also exquisite, so be sure to try it once for the authentic taste.

Ristorante Nakamoto Green onion salt ramen

Ristorante Nakamoto Kizugawa green onion salt ramen with 4 pieces

  • 3456 yen

8.[Ristorante Nakamoto] Packed with the attention to detail of a famous chef, 4 pieces of aged soy sauce ramen

Authentic ramen filled with the commitment of chef Akihiro Nakamoto, who has studied in various places including Florence, is now available. The point of the taste is the aged soy sauce sauce made with the original blend. Combined with a soup made from fresh chicken stock with the richness of Japanese-style dashi stock, it's a gem that makes you feel nostalgic. The compatibility with straight thin noodles is outstanding, so you can finish it smoothly.

Ristorante Nakamoto Aged soy sauce ramen with 4 pieces

  • 3456 yen

9.The chewy texture is addictive [Ramen Touhichi] Chicken soy sauce tsukemen 2-meal set

In April 2022, Ramen Touichi, which specializes in Kiyoyu ramen made with local chicken and raw soy sauce, will move to Shugakuin. This time, orders for chicken soy sauce dipping soba, which is popular at shops where lines are inevitable, have started. The special noodles that go well with the kombu water and kiage soy sauce dipping sauce have a chewy texture. First of all, I want you to taste it with only kombu water and be surprised when it goes down your throat.

230225Chinese Special Feature_Ramen Tohichi

Ramen Touichi Soba with chicken soy sauce 2 meals set

  • 2400 yen

10.The ultimate soup that you can't help but drink it all up [Menya Ichiku] Rich chicken paitan ramen (with Kujo green onions) 2-meal set

Menya Isku, a famous chicken paitan restaurant, definitely recommends the thick chicken paitan ramen. The soup is simmered for 8 hours with 3 types of local chicken, including Nagoya Cochin chicken, and flavored vegetables, condensing the flavor of the chicken. With plenty of collagen and a not-too-rich creaminess, it's no surprise that it has many female fans. You won't be able to stop chopsticks if you try it with straight medium-thick noodles.

230225 Chinese special feature_Ichiku

Menya Ikkuu Rich Chicken Paitan Ramen (with Kujo Green Onions) 2 Meal Set

  • 2200 yen

11.This is a specialty! Want to eat all year round [Misonobashi Sakai] Ham cold noodles

Misonohashi Sakai has fans all over the country, and it is said that “Sacai is synonymous with cold noodles.” Among them, the famous ham cold noodles are proud of their homemade sauce. The mellow and rich sauce, which is made over 2-3 days with soy sauce blended with chicken bones and various seasonings, is entwined with the chewy thick noodles. The enchanting cold noodles with juicy ham as the main character is a gem that is popular with children.

230225 Chinese special feature_Misonobashi Sakai

Misonobashi Sakai Ham Reimen

  • 840 yen

12.The chewy thick noodles and rich special sauce go perfectly together [Misonobashi Sakai] Grilled pork cold noodles

It is said that the origin of cold noodles at [Misonobashi Sakai] was devised by the owner's mother together with customers. The specialty of this restaurant, grilled pork cold noodles, is made with juicy grilled pork as the main ingredient, and the combination of the specialty sauce and the chewy thick noodles jointly developed with the noodle factory is outstanding. Enjoy to your heart's content with cucumber and seaweed as an accent.

Misonohashi Sakai Grilled Pork Cold Noodles

Misonohashi Sakai Grilled Pork Cold Noodles

  • 890 yen
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