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Healing Journey in Shimane, a prefecture of beautiful skin

Reset your mind and body! Shimane, the prefecture of beautiful skin, offers a healing trip!

Shimane, known as a prefecture with beautiful skin, is full of attractive tourist spots. In addition to approximately 60 hot spring resorts with a wide variety of spring qualities, Shimane is also dotted with natural scenic beauty and leisure spots such as the Sea of Japan and Lake Shinji, as well as World Heritage sites and power spots full of historical atmosphere.
Shimane Prefecture, including the Oki Islands, is divided into three major areas. Why not go on a "Shimane Trip" to enjoy the charms of each area and reset your mind and body?

1.Attraction 1: Eastern Area of Shimane Prefecture / Healing by Mysterious Power Spots and Beautiful Evening Views

In the eastern part of Shimane Prefecture, there are many varied sightseeing spots from the mountains to the plains, including Matsue City with its beautiful evening view of Lake Shinji, Izumo City, a place of connection famous for the Izumo Taisha Shrine, and Yasugi City, which has developed around iron culture and port towns. In addition to Izumo Taisha Shrine, Izumo, known as the village of myths, is also home to many ancient shrines, and Tamatsukuri Onsen, a popular hot spring resort for beautiful skin, is dotted with power spots related to beautiful skin.

Power spot, surrounded by the gentle sound of waves / Inasa-no-hama
The beach located about 1 km west of Izumo-taisha Shrine is called [Inasa-no-hama]. It is a sacred place where a ceremony to welcome the eight million gods is held on the 10th day of the 10th month of the lunar calendar. If you spend time on this white sand beach, selected as one of the "100 best beaches in Japan," listening to the sound of the waves as you take in the mysterious scenery, your mind will naturally unwind. Don't forget to visit Bentenjima, located in the center of the beach, which is said to be a power spot that brings good luck in matchmaking.

Inasa Beach

Inasa Beach
2844-73 Kinezukita, Taisha-cho, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture

Enjoy the best garden in Japan / Adachi Museum of Art
[The Adachi Museum of Art has a collection of modern Japanese paintings by Yokoyama Taikan and other artists, ceramic works by Kitaoji Rosanjin, and a Japanese garden that was consecutively ranked number one in Japan by the Journal of Japanese Gardening, an American magazine specializing in Japanese gardens. The garden covers an area of approximately 50,000 tsubo. The garden, including a karesansui (dry landscape garden), has a variety of expressions that vary from season to season, so no matter how many times you visit, you will never get tired of it. The museum also has a coffee shop overlooking the garden, where visitors can enjoy a luxurious atmosphere.

Adachi Museum of Art

Adachi Museum of Art
320 Furukawa-cho, Yasugi-shi, Shimane
Tel. 0854-28-7111

A walk through the town to moisturize your skin and mind with the hot water of beautiful skin / Tamatsukuri Onsen Hot Spring Resort
Tamatsukuri Onsen Hot Spring Town, known as the hot spring for beautiful skin and princess goddesses, has many spots related to good fortune and beautiful skin, and is recommended for a stroll. There are two footbaths on the walking path along the river, which will warm and heal your tired body after a long trip. At the Yuyakushi Plaza Taraibu, where you can touch the spring water, you can take home Tamatsukuri hot spring water, a "natural skin lotion" that improves the texture of the skin and delivers moisture to the skin. In addition, you can see objects with a "katadama" (a Japanese symbol of Tamatsukuri Onsen) here and there in town, and taking a picture of them may bring you good luck. Spend your healing time listening to the murmuring of the river and the bustle of the town.

Tamatsukuri Onsen Town

Tamatsukuri Onsen Town
Tamatsukuri, Tamayu-cho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture

2.Attraction 2: Western area of Shimane Prefecture / Rich nature and nostalgic townscape

The western part of Shimane Prefecture was once called Iwami-no-kuni (Iwami Province). It is also called "Natsukashi-no-kuni" (Land of Natsukashi) because it is a region that still retains many good old Japanese landscapes. It is also characterized by a variety of beautiful nature, including oceans, mountains, and rivers, which can be enjoyed in a single trip. If you let your five senses be enlivened by nature, your heart will be enriched. The culture of this region, with its historical and romantic townscapes, where old things are carefully inherited, is fresh in the eyes of those who live in the city. You are sure to discover new discoveries and insights through your trip.

Make a wish through the red Senbon-torii gate / Taisakutani Inari Shrine
[The Taishakutani Inari Shrine is an unusual Inari shrine with the "荷" in "Nari" (荷), and is known as a shrine for the fulfillment of great deeds. The red color of the shrine pavilions and torii gates, which are nestled in the mountains, is very vivid to the eye. You can visit the shrine by car, but for a deeper experience of the sacred atmosphere, we recommend taking the route past the Senbon-torii gate and up the stone steps. It is customary here to offer fried bean curd and candles. You can get them at the temple grounds or at stores along the approach to the shrine. Ema, which look like fox masks, should be dedicated with eyes along with your wish.

Taisakutani Inari Shrine

Taisakutani Inari Shrine
409, Gota, Tsuwano Town, Kanzoku-gun, Shimane
Tel. 0856-72-0219

Industrial Heritage and Retro Townscape / Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, Omori Townscape
Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, which was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 2007, was discovered in the Muromachi period (1336-1573) and prospered as a production center that exported high-quality silver not only domestically but also to foreign countries at that time. The Ryugenji Mabu, the site of the mine, is approximately 600 meters long and is open to the public throughout the year. The atmospheric streets of Omori are reminiscent of those days, and there are many fashionable stores such as cafes, bakeries, and sundry goods stores, where visitors can enjoy a retro walk through the town while feeling the history.

Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, Omori Townscape

Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, Omori Townscape
Omori-cho, Ota City, Shimane Prefecture
Tel. 0854-88-9950

Shimane Performing Arts Center [grantwa], a center of culture where red tiles shine in the sun.
The Grandtois, an eye-catching building in downtown Masuda, is a complex of an art museum and a theater, and has become the cultural center of the Iwami area. The building is covered with 120,000 Ishu tiles for the roof and 160,000 for the walls. Visitors can enjoy the buildings and spaces, such as the courtyard square with a 25-meter square water basin reflecting the sky and wind, and the museum lobby with its domed ceiling. Spend time feeling the wind and light, experiencing the beauty, and encountering a new you.

Shimane Arts Center "Grantois

Shimane Performing Arts Center [Grantois] (Shimane, Japan)
5-15 Ariake-cho, Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture
Tel. 0856-31-1860

3.Attraction 3: Shimane Prefecture's Oki Islands / The islands' natural beauty and the magnificent scenery of the Sea of Japan will overwhelm you.

Located 50 km off the Shimane Peninsula, the Oki Islands consist of more than 180 islands of various sizes. Four of these islands are inhabited, and are divided by the Shimago Channel into the largest, Oki Island Town (Dogo), and Shimamae (Dozen), consisting of the three islands of Nishinoshima, Nakanoshima, and Chisatojima. The topography created by volcanic eruptions is rich in variety, and the natural beauty that reminds us of the birth of the earth is breathtaking. The liberating blessings of nature will lead you to healthy skin. The ruins of a palace, where emperors and noblemen lived, tell the history of the island.

Luxurious time to taste the bounty of Oki with all five senses / Entô
In the Oki Islands, which are made up of islands large and small, travel from island to island is by sea only. Take a ferry from Nishigo Port, the gateway to the rear of the islands, to Hishinoura Port in Ama-cho, a town in front of the islands. A 3-minute walk from the port is Entô, a Geopark base facility where you can stay overnight. All 36 rooms are oceanfront and seem to blend into the natural surroundings. For dinner, you can fully enjoy the bounty of Oki, nurtured by the rich sea and fertile land. The real luxury of eating seasonal food in its season. The energy of nature, caught by all five senses, will soak into your exhausted body and soul.


1375-1 Fukui, Ama-cho, Oki gun, Shimane
Tel. 08514-2-1000

Dynamic 257-meter-high cliff / Skyscraper
After filling your stomach, head to "Maten Cliff," Oki's number one scenic spot. It is a 257-meter-high cliff on the Kuniga coast of Nishinoshima Town, next to Ama Town. The view of one of Japan's most prominent sea cliffs rising vertically from the sea is breathtaking. The 360-degree panorama of the sea and sky blending together is a sight to behold, never remaining the same for a moment. Horses and cows graze on the plateau, and visitors can interact with them amid the blue sky and greenery. It seems to have a therapeutic effect to generate energy for tomorrow.

cliff that stands tall like a skyscraper

cliff that stands tall like a skyscraper
Nishinoshima Town, Oki County, Shimane Prefecture

Shimane, the prefecture of beautiful skin, is a healing destination.

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