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Crepe shop only open on Sundays Mikke's seasonal crepes

I found it in Kyotango in northern Kyoto! Popular sweets made with local ingredients [Crepe shop Mikke only open on Sundays]

September 20, 2020 open

[Eiichi Shiraiwa Farm] A crepe shop opened in 2020 by the third-generation wife of a renovated part of the direct sales office.

Sunday only crepe shop Mikke's signboard

Some fans come from as far away as Kyoto and Toyooka, and the seasonal crepes are filled with fruit. There are so many freshly picked ripe fruits, such as strawberries in spring, blueberries and peaches in summer, and shine muscats and figs when the melons are over. The dough and cream that softly wrap the fresh fruit are also made from local ingredients, such as rice flour from Kumihama, milk from Hiraya Milk, and eggs from Tadakuma, Toyooka City, which are filling but leave a refreshing aftertaste. .

Crepe shop only open on Sundays Mikke's seasonal crepes

One seasonal crepe (melon) starts from 750 yen. Melon oozes out from the custard and fresh cream. Shine Muscat is now available for the upcoming season!

Exterior of Mikke, a crepe shop open only on Sundays

The owner, Mr. Shiraiwa, has a background in working as a chef in Kyoto.

Sunday only crepe shop Mikke

  • Crepes and Mikke that are only available on New Year's Eve
  • September 20, 2020 open
  • 1361 Hirata, Kumihama-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 5 minutes by car from Tantetsu Shotenbashi Station
  • Tel.0772-83-1216
  • 11:00-17:00 *Ends when sold out
  • Open only on most Sundays (business days will be announced on SNS)
  • No parking
  • https://www.instagram.com/mikke2626/
  • Eat-in not allowed
    PHOTO/Emi Masuda, TEXT/Riho Tachihara
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