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2024.3.15 PR
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Special Seasonal Store Spring Okoshiyasu Campaign

Enjoy seasonal delicacies at a discount at gourmet restaurants in Kyoto City! Spring Welcome Campaign" is now being held at 20 restaurants in Kyoto City!

Enjoy a luxurious time with carefully selected ingredients while feeling the breath of spring. The "Spring Oshiyasu Campaign" will begin on March 11 (Monday). The "Tokuteoki" (seasonal) restaurants are gourmet restaurants recommended by Kyoto City wholesalers, so-called professional connoisseurs, where you can enjoy exquisite cuisine made from carefully selected ingredients gathered mainly at the Kyoto Central Market.

During this period, if you fill out a simple questionnaire at the following participating restaurants, you will receive a 500 yen discount per group. Please take this opportunity to fully enjoy the unique flavors of spring.

The first 30 pairs of customers to arrive at each store will be eligible for the special offer. Please be patient when the privilege ends even though it is still during the period.

Signage for a special seasonal store.

This mark is a landmark! Wooden panels or Nishijin tapestries are displayed in the store.

Period] Monday, March 11, 2024 - Sunday, March 24, 2024

Privilege】 After ordering at participating restaurants, please fill out a brief questionnaire and receive 500 yen off your bill per group (first-come-first-served basis).

Participating Shops] (in no particular order) MAP of participating stores ishere

[Ryokan Tsurusei] @Kiyamachi Gojo

[Kyoto Cuisine Kinobu] @Butsugouji, Shinmachi

[Tazuru at Kiyamachi Takatsuji

[Honke Tankuma Main Store] @KIYAMACHI BUTSUKOUJI

[Kyoto Cuisine Manju @ Nishijin

[Miyagawa-machi Hotta

[Sasaya Iori's Residence] @Shichijo Senbon

[Kyoga Trading] at Shichijo Senbon

[Sushi Market, Suzaku, Kyoto, Japan

[Kaitenzushi Ginza Onodera Kyoto Branch] @ Kawaramachi Shijo

[UOTOMUM UOGIKU] @Kyoto Prefectural Government Office

[Daniel's Luce at Kyoto Station

[Daniel's Mondo at Kyoto Station

[Poquito] at Kiyamachi Oike

[Centro] @Karasuma, Imadegawa

[Kaiseki Yuzen Warabitei] @Fushimi Hazukushi

[Apollo Plus" at Sanjo Sakai-cho, Tokyo.

[Kyo-no-Oeso Nishiki Branch] @Gokomachi Nishiki

[Uoakyo] @Gojo Senbon

[Sakabukuro] at Saiin

Kyoto Central Market - Recommendations from wholesalers! Special "Seasonal" Shops" Spring Campaign

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