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Leaf KYOTO mall ranking

Introducing the top 5 best-selling items in 2023 [Leaf KYOTO mall] - Ordering gourmet food from famous restaurants.

Kyoto's beloved gourmet that you should try at least once.
Leaf selected Kyoto gourmet ordering site 2023 [Leaf KYOTO mall] has been patronized by many people. Thank you very much!
In this issue, we present our top 5 most popular products for 2023. At the end, you will also find information on new products! Please check it out and we look forward to serving you [Leaf KYOTO mall] in 2024 as well.

1.No. 1: Monster Popularity! The sweet and spicy flavor is addictive!

Every year there is a huge line for the popular "Zenjo Hanpochochi" smeared pork buns, which sold approximately 20,000 units during the four days of the Gion Festival. The chunky skin is filled with red bean paste. The filling of the bun is usually said to be about 100 grams, but the 235 grams of "Zenjo Hanpochochi" smeared pork buns is a very satisfying volume. The special sweet-and-sour sauce is poured generously over the buns.

steamed bun with minced pork filling

Zenjo Hanpochi Pochochi Stewed Pork Buns (6-piece set)

2.No.2: A topic of conversation in the media! [TREEE'S KYOTO] Botanical Cookie Tin - Leaf Limited Special

Botanical cookie tins from [TREEE'S KYOTO], created by sommelier and pastry chef SIN. Using his knowledge as a sommelier, he analyzes various tea leaves from various angles in terms of taste, aroma, and color. You will be surprised at the rich flavor of tea that spreads in your mouth with the cookies that bring out the individuality of each tea leaf. These cookies are popular as gifts not only because of their delicious taste but also because of their cute appearance.

TREEE'S KYOTO Botanical Cookie Tin

TREEE'S KYOTO Botanical Cookie Can - Leaf Limited Special - "Tea Leaf Set"

3.No.3: Many repeat customers! Once you try it, you'll want to eat it again [Yakiniku Hayashi] Yakiniku/Hormone - Red and White Mixed Grilled

[Now on sale exclusively at Leaf KYOTO mall. Yakiniku Hayashi's yakiniku/horumon (grilled meat and hormone) red-and-white mixed yakiniku is a regular item on our ranking list, and is a perfect combination of plump and tender hormone and tender red meat. It is soaked in a special miso-based rub, making it the perfect dish for those days when you want a rich, hearty yakiniku meal. Also recommended for yakiniku home parties!

Yakiniku Hayashi

Yakiniku Hayashi Yakiniku/Hormone Red & White Mixed Grilled 600g

4.No.4: Explosion of popularity due to media appearances! Italian Restaurant "Ristorante Nakamoto" Kizugawa Negi-Shio Ramen

The ramen of Restaurant Nakamoto, which has been inundated with reservation orders since it was broadcast on TV, features a rich soup based on chicken stock made from fresh chicken, with udon noodle soup stock from Nakamoto Shokudo adding umami flavor. The green onion oil, rich in aroma and flavor, and the green onion paste mixed with yuzu pepper are combined with thin noodles that go down smoothly, creating a blissful harmony. The special soft pork belly pork chashu pork topping is also a must-try! Try it for yourself and enjoy the authentic taste.

Kizugawa Negi Shio Ramen

Ristorante Nakamoto Kizugawa green onion salt ramen with 4 pieces

5.No. 5: This summer's favorite! [Papa John's] x Leaf Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich

Papa John's, a New York cheesecake specialty store that has been a favorite in Kyoto for about 30 years, has updated its original New York cheesecake for summer in collaboration with Leaf. The creamy cheesecake is frozen and sandwiched between special graham crackers, making it a popular one-hand, rich, cool cheese treat that can be enjoyed anywhere. Please note that this is a summer-only product and is not available at this time.

Papa John's Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich

Papa John's x Leaf Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich

6.Limited edition of 300 [TREEE'S KYOTO] O-No-cha Truffle Chocolate Leaf Edition

TREEE'S KYOTO, which has gained popularity since its debut as an organic matcha sweet brand, has realized a special collaboration with Leaf! The special collaboration between TREEE'S KYOTO and Leaf is a real treat with a deep, authentic flavor created with only the simplest ingredients: carefully selected organic Uji green tea from Kyoto, couverture chocolate, and whipped cream. [The transparent flavor of the chocolate truffles embodies TREEE'S KYOTO's goal of "Simple is Best", and the original Leaf packaging with the theme of "Tsunagu" (to connect). 300 pieces only, so don't delay!

TREEE'S KYOTO O-No-cha Truffle Chocolate

TREEE'S KYOTO Oano Cha Truffle Chocolate Leaf Edition

Leaf KYOTO mall official LINE

[Leaf KYOTO mall] official LINE opened
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