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2023.7.3 PR
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Yakiniku Hayashi Yakiniku and offal red and white mixed grill

[Yakiniku Hayashi and Leaf's New Product, Yakiniku/Hormone Red and White Mixed Yaki, Sold Out on "Makuake", a Supporting Purchase Service

Yakiniku Hayashi, a yakiniku restaurant in downtown Kyoto that has been loved for over 50 years, and Leaf, a local publication that has been traveling around Kyoto in search of delicious food, have collaborated to bring the essence of Kyoto's B-class gourmet, mazayaki, to yakiniku and horumon (grilled meat) lovers nationwide. The new product, Yakiniku/Hormone Red & White Mazeyaki, sold out within 6 days of the start of support. The support goal of 9,701 TP3T was achieved.

1.The downtown taste recommended from the bottom of our heart by Leaf, a publishing company that knows Kyoto's food inside and out

Yakiniku Hayashi is a popular restaurant where Kyoto businessmen come to recharge their batteries. The specialty, Mazeyaki, attracts many people with its rich sweet and spicy sauce soaked into the red meat and hormone! It goes well with both beer and rice, and is a power-packed, addictive yakiniku with a thick sauce. Leaf, who travels all over Kyoto covering more than 700 restaurants a year, has been hoping that more people, not only locals, would try Yakiniku Hayashi's mazen-yaki! Leaf, which travels all over Kyoto to cover more than 700 events a year, is now ready to bring the taste of downtown Kyoto to the rest of Japan.

Yakiniku Hayashi Red and White Mixed Grilled

2.The careful craftsmanship of our chefs! Once you try our "secret sauce," you'll be hooked!

The yakiniku soaked in such a thick sauce that no dipping sauce is needed has many fans, and even competitors frequent the restaurant in secret. The key to the addictive taste is miso, which has been imported from the Kyoto Central Market for more than 50 years since the establishment of Hayashi in Kujo. The owner, Mr. Hayashi, uses his expert eye to determine the miso's condition, and mixes the viscous part with the hormone and the dry part with the lean meat. This meticulous and careful work produces the delicious flavor of the meat that soaks up the rich sauce.

Yakiniku Hayashi Red and White Mixed Grilled

Fluffy hormone soaked in thick sauce

General sales are scheduled to begin in September at [M KYOTO mall]. Please look forward to it.

[Yakiniku Hayashi] x Leaf
Grilled meat, offal red and white mixed grill
Support period / Friday, July 7, 2023 (around 10:00) - Monday, August 7, 2023 (18:00)
*Off as soon as sold out

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