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Recommended flea markets and marches in Kyoto

[2023] 12 Recommended Flea Markets and Marches in Kyoto

After the corona disaster, this summer has many events. Introducing antique markets and handicraft markets that are held regularly in Kyoto City. A place with once-in-a-lifetime encounters where you can meet many shops and people. Why don't you go to a flea market where you can find your favorite items with your family, friends, and loved ones?

1."Junk market" with rare items / Toji Temple

An antique market sells not only Japanese antiques, but also foreign vintage miscellaneous goods, antique furniture, and a variety of other items. It is also a point that you can find products that have been carefully selected by professionals. There are 150 stores in the junk market, which is exciting just by looking at it.


[Holding time] 1st Sunday of every month 5:00-16:00 *Rain or shine

junk city

2.Toyokuni-san's Fun Market, a flea market full of interesting things / Toyokuni Shrine

Toyokuni Shrine's Omoshiro Ichi is a flea market for old cloths and antiques held on days with an "8" every month. We have a wide variety of materials that are indispensable for making patchwork and Japanese art works, such as kimonos, obis, and rags from the Edo, Meiji, Taisho, and early Showa eras. In addition, there is a flea market full of bargains, such as accessories, bags, and clothes made from old cloth.


[Date and time] 8th of every month 10:00-15:00 *Cancelled in case of rain

Toyokuni's Fun Market

  • Toyokuni San Noomoshiroichi
  • Venue: Toyokuni Shrine (Chayamachi in front of Yamatooji, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City)
  • 10 minutes on foot from Keihan Main Line "Shichijo Station"
  • Tel. Inquiries: 090-1912-2290 (Omoshiro City Section)
  • http://www.omosiro1.com/

3.“Heian Flea Market” where antique fans from all over Japan visit / Okazaki Park Heian Jingu-mae Square

The "Heian Flea Market" was started as a place to pass things that are no longer needed to the next person. This event is held regularly on the 10th day of every month, with the aim of contributing to environmental issues as much as possible by reducing waste through recycling. 100 antique shops, secondhand shops, secondhand clothing shops from all over the country gather here. Transmitting Japanese culture from Kyoto as a place of cultural exchange that is crowded with people who love old things from all over the world.


[Holding time] Almost 10th of every month 9:00-16:00 *Cancelled in case of rain

Heian flea market

  • Heian Nominoichi
  • Venue: Okazaki Park Heian Jingu Square (Okazaki Saishojicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, etc.)
  • 5 minutes on foot from the bus stop "Okazaki Park Art Museum / Heian Jingumae"
  • Inquiries: 070-1745-1503 (Heian Flea Market Executive Committee)
  • https://www.heiannominoichi.jp/

4.“Tenjin City” where many shops are lined up on Tenjin-san Day / Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

The fair of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is held on the 25th of every month, Tenjin-san no Hi. From around 6:00 in the morning, there are hundreds to thousands of shops selling gourmet food, antiques, antique miscellaneous goods, and second-hand clothes. It's fun just to look, and if the timing is right, you might even find a bargain. After sunset, the lanterns are lit up and the grounds, including the main shrine, which is a national treasure, become magical.

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine Festival

[Date and time]
25th of every month from around 6:00 to sunset *rain or shine

Tenjin City

  • Tenjinichi
  • Venue: Kitano Tenmangu Shrine (Bakurocho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
  • Inquiries/Tel. 075-461-0005 (Kitano Tenmangu Shrine)
  • https://kitanotenmangu.or.jp/event/

5."Mr. Hyakumanben's handmade market" has continued to fascinate people since 1987 / Hyakumanben

A handicraft market held on the grounds of Chionji Temple on the 15th of every month. About 350 stores have opened in the popular lottery every month. Various items are available regardless of genre, such as miscellaneous goods, accessories, bread and sweets. Find original handicrafts that can only be found there.

Hyakumanben's handmade market

[Date and time]
15th of every month 8:00-16:00 *Rain or shine

Hyakumanben's handmade market

  • Hyakumanben-san's Handicrafts
  • Venue/Precincts of Chionji Temple (103 Tanaka Monzencho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
  • Inquiries/ Tel. 075-771-1631 (Tezukuri City Secretariat)
    * Reception hours / 10:00-15:00
  • http://www.tedukuri-ichi.com/

6.Experience the charm of handicrafts at "Heian Rakuichi" / Okazaki

“Heian Rakuichi” was started with the hope that many people will enjoy interacting with each other through hand-made goods and that it will be a place where extraordinary emotions are born. A flea market held once a month with 100 to 150 shops selling handmade products. There are also workshops and handicraft booths, so you can easily experience the charm of handicrafts.

Heian Rakuichi

[Date and time] Held once a month 10:00-16:00 (July 8th, August 12th 16:00-20:00) *Rain or shine

Heian Rakuichi

  • Heian Rakuichi
  • Venue: Okazaki Park (Okazaki Saishoji-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
  • Inquiries: 075-864-6513 (Craft Co., Ltd.)
  • https://kamigamo-tedukuriichi.com/

7.Receiving merit at the long-established Kobo Market / Toji Temple

On the 21st of every month, there are 800 to 1,000 stalls lined up with antiques, food, clothing, and gourmet food. Ennichi is said to be a day to have "en", and if you visit the shrine, you will receive great merit. On the first Sunday of every month, there is also an antique market that is wrapped in a nostalgic atmosphere.

Kobo Market

Kobo Market

[Date and time] 21st of every month 7:00-17:00 *Rain or shine

Kobo Market

8.“Umekoji Park Handicraft Market” where time flows slowly / Kyoto Station

A handmade market that is a sister city of "Mr. Hyakumanben's Handmade Market". Held on the first Saturday of every month at Umekoji Park, which is close to Kyoto Station. The venue is a spacious park, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. A wide variety of works, from food to miscellaneous goods and clothes, are lined up, and since the exhibitors are the creators, it is also attractive to be able to directly hear the thoughts of each work.

Umekoji Park Handmade Market

[Date and time]
1st Saturday of every month (closed in January and May) 9:00-16:00 *The event will be held rain or shine

Umekoji Park Handmade Market

  • Umekouji Kouen Techukuri Ichi
  • Venue: Umekoji Park (56-3 Kankijicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
  • Inquiries/Tel. 075-771-1631 (Tezukuri City Secretariat)
    * Reception hours / 10:00-15:00
  • http://www.tedukuri-ichi.com/

9.Kamigamo Handicraft Market, where shops line the banks of a stream / Kamigamo

It is held on the 4th Sunday of every month along the Nara-no-Ogawa River that flows through the precincts of Kamigamo Shrine in Kita Ward. There are 150 to 200 stores with a wide variety of genres, including accessories, cloth accessories, pottery, woodwork, baked goods, and bread. There is also a large lawn square in the venue, so you can relax.

Kamigamo Handicraft Market

[Date and time]
4th Sunday of every month 9:00-16:00 *Rain or shine

Kamigamo Handicraft Market

  • Kami is handmade
  • Venue/Precincts of Kamigamo Shrine (339 Kamigamo Motoyama, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
  • Inquiries / Tel. 075-864-6513 (Craft Co., Ltd.)
  • http://kamigamo-tedukuriichi.com/

10.Mr. Shimizu's festival "1000 Market" / Kiyomizu Temple

"1000market (Thousand Market)" started in 2022 with the theme of contributing to the inheritance of traditional culture, environmental conservation, and food loss reduction. Aiming to create a market that is familiarly known as "Shimizu-san's Ennichi", it is held regularly on the 28th of every month on the day of the Fudoson Ennichi. Creators who are kind to the earth 100 years from now and all living creatures are gathering here. Follow us on Instagram for preparations and the latest news.

1000 market

[Holding time] 9:00-16:00 on the 28th of every month

1000Market by OKAGESAN

  • Thousand Market by Okagesan
  • Venue: Kiyomizu Temple Nanen (1-294 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
  • 10 minutes on foot from the bus stop "Gojozaka"
  • Inquiries: 1000.market.kiyomizu@gmail.com (OKAGESAN)
  • https://www.instagram.com/a_thousand_market/

11.Search for your favorites along with music at the "Forest Handicraft Market" / Shimogamo

A handmade market held at Tadasu no Mori, Shimogamo Shrine. There are booths that sell all handmade products, such as accessories, cloth accessories, woodwork, pottery, illustrations, and foods such as bread and baked goods. Don't miss the live event "Forest Concert" held at the same time.

Forest handicraft market

[Date and time]
Held about 4 times a year 10:00-16:00 *The date of the event isHPmore confirmation

Forest handicraft market

  • Craftsmanship of forest
  • Venue: Tadasu no Mori, Shimogamo Shrine (59 Shimogamo Izumigawa-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
  • Inquiries / Mail. kyoto@monocro.info (Manufacturing Crossroad)
  • http://monocro.info/

12."Le Marche" with a European atmosphere / Hyakumanben

Le Marche is being held at Hyakumanben [Institut Français Kansai]. Just like a French marché, the garden and terrace are open to the public, creating a stylish space with the theme of “from food to art!”. Wine, bread, European ingredients and sweets, flowers and miscellaneous goods are lined up,You can also enjoy seasonal events such as the Paris Festival and Noel.

le marche

[Date and time]
Once a month on Sunday (irregular) *DatesHPmore confirmation

*May be canceled due to rain

Le Marche

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*Since this site uses automatic translation, the translation may differ from the original Japanese content.


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