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2022.12.23 PR
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Branded Kyoto Vegetables Winter Cooking Fair

Enjoy Kyoto vegetables in winter! Branded Kyoto Vegetables Winter Cooking Fair" starts on January 21!

An event to enjoy Kyoto vegetables, "Brand Kyoto Vegetables Winter Cooking Fair," will be held at participating restaurants in Kyoto Prefecture from January 21 (Sat) to February 19 (Sun), 2023.

The "Brand Kyoto Vegetable Seasonal Cuisine Fair" was held in August and September 2022 and was well received. This time, 25 Kyoto-based restaurants of various genres, from Japanese and Kyoto cuisine to French and Chinese cuisine, will offer special menus using brand-name Kyoto vegetables and a Kyoto-inspired menu.

Kujo leeks, Kyo mizuna, ebiimo, Shogoin turnips, kintoki carrots, etc... There is a wide variety of Kyoto vegetables in winter. Each vegetable has its own history and cultural story that has been handed down from ancient times, and the more you learn about them, the more profound and fascinating they become, such as the fact that they have higher antioxidant capacity (ORAC value) than ordinary vegetables.

Brand Kyoto vegetables

Winter brand Kyoto vegetables (hana-nai, horikawa gobo, kujo leeks, kyo mizuna, kyo mibuna, ebiimo, shogoin turnips, shogoin radish, tamba dainagon azuki beans produced in Kyoto, new tamba black soybeans produced in Kyoto)

In order to introduce such kyo yasai to more people and to pass on Kyoto's culinary culture, 25 ryotei restaurants and other establishments in Kyoto will offer original menus for a limited time only at this fair.

Chinese Cuisine Hakurakka Changzai, Luzon Kiboa, Evantaille

From left to right: [Chinese Cuisine Hakurakka Changna], [Luzon Kiboa], [Evantaille]

Oku-Kibunebei, Yachiyo, Yamabana Heihachi Chaya

Clockwise from left: Okukibunebei, Yachiyo, and Yamabana Heihachi Chaya

Yukiya Hotel Okura Kyoto, Kappo Nakagawa, Sanjo-Kiyamachi, Kyoto vegetables, Sakura meat, duck meat, duckling

Clockwise from top left: [Yukiya Hotel Okura Kyoto], [Kappo Nakagawa, Sanjo-Kiyamachi], [Kyoto vegetables, Sakura meat, duck meat, duckling]

Kyoto Cuisine Kaji, Tankuma Kita-ten Kyoto Main Store, Kikunoi Main Store

Clockwise from left: [Kyoto Cuisine Kaji], [Tankuma Kitaten Kyoto Main Store], [Kikunoi Main Store]

Tempura Yasaka Endo, Otobun, Kyoto Cuisine Oyane

From left to right: Tempura Yasaka Endo, Otobun, Kyoto Cuisine Oyane

Joyful Bungo, Matsuzankaku J.R. Kyoto Isetan store, Kumahiko Arashiyama

From left to right: [Joyful Bungo], [Matsuyama Kaku at JR Kyoto Isetan Store], [Kumahiko Arashiyama]

Kyoto Cuisine Sensho, Kyoto Cuisine Torihime, Kyoto Cuisine Seiwasou

Counterclockwise from top left: [Kyoto Cuisine Senjo], [Kyoto Cuisine Torihime], [Kyoto Cuisine Seiwaso].

Byodoin Omotesando Bamboo Grove, Kyoto Cuisine/Matcha Cuisine Tatsunoguya, Kyoto Cuisine Matsumasa, Kyoto Ajiro Uozu

Clockwise from top left: [Byodoin Omotesando Bamboo Grove], [Kyoto Cuisine/Matcha Cuisine Tatsunomiya], [Kyoto Ajiro Uozu], [Kyoto Cuisine Matsumasa]

In addition, a lecture meeting "History Culture and Health Functionality of Kyoyasai" will be held on January 7 (Sat.) and 8 (Sun.), 2023 to commemorate the "Branded Kyoyasai Winter Cooking Fair". For more information about the lectures, please contactherefrom.

Experience a culinary fair where you can enjoy seasonal Kyoto vegetables that are delicious to eat and healthy to know.

Kyoto's Food Culture: Branded Kyoto Vegetables Winter Cooking Fair

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