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Kyoto Cuisine Matsumasa

[Assorted Seasonal Flavors of Kujo Negi and Hamo (Japanese pike conger) in a Hot Pot by Matsumasa Kyoto Cuisine. You can enjoy the seasonal taste of Kameoka, Tanba.

"Kyoto Nishiki Shuzen", where you can enjoy the taste of Kyoto at a great price, will be on sale from September 1st!

The highly popular "Kyo-no-Gozen" series, a premium set of Kyoto delicacies at a great price, will resume sales as "Kyo-no-Kinshu-zen" on September 1, 2022 (Thursday)!

Kyoto cuisine emphasizes the use of seasonal ingredients and careful attention to the dishes and decorations, and the entire space is designed to convey a sense of the season. The Kyoto gozen, carefully prepared and colorfully arranged in the hope that you can feel the spirit of Kyoto hospitality at home, includes chestnuts, sweet potatoes, ginkgo nuts, and other vegetables representative of autumn, as well as river fish such as sweetfish and eel, and fu (red leafed fu), all of which allow you to feel the rich harvest of Kyoto.

Many of the Kyoto cuisine dishes arrive wrapped in furoshiki, making them ideal as gifts.
Gion Kurashita's first restaurant, Gion Kurashita, offers a two-tiered set menu. In addition to saikyo-yaki Spanish mackerel and kujo leeks wrapped in Kyoto beef, the dish also includes rice with sea bream and fu manju buns rolled in bamboo leaves, making it a very satisfying meal. In addition, you can also enjoy other unique dishes such as mackerel sushi, hamo sushi, and a set of gozen with hot pot, depending on the restaurant.

And what can't be missed is the meat! [The "Kameoka Beef Sukiyaki Meal Kit" at Gyuniku Restaurant Gyuraku uses "Kameoka Beef," a brand of beef produced in Kyoto Prefecture that is raised in the rich natural environment. The beef is characterized by its firm yet tender texture, and it is a great way to experience an ingredient that is hard to find outside of Kyoto. In addition to beef, Kyoto pork, chicken, and duck are also available, so don't miss out on this set.

In addition, there will be a lineup of about 90 restaurants offering a wide variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes, including Western-style arrangements of Kyoto ingredients, obanzai meal kits, and authentic Chinese dishes.

Gion Kurashita

[Gion Kusashita's "Ancient City 2-tier Bento". Beautiful to the eye and perfect as a gift!

Restaurant Le Bon

[Restaurant Ribbon's "Ribbon Kyoto Autumn Appreciation Course". Yuba and other Kyoto-style ingredients arranged in a Western style.

Gion Kabuya

[Gion Kaburaya's "Tokusen Kyoto Obanzai Assortment" is a luxurious set of 11 kinds of obanzai.

Mokubei era (1501.2.29-1504.2.30)

[Seasonal Gozen and Mokebei's specialty Yaki-Hamo Sushi/Saba-Aburi Sushi Set. This set comes with a stack of rice topped with sushi, satisfying both your stomach and your soul!

Beef Restaurant Gyuraku, specializing in Kameoka beef

[Kameoka Beef Sukiyaki Meal Kit" from Gyuniku Restaurant Gyuraku, specializing in Kameoka beef. The brand-name beef produced in Kyoto Prefecture is very satisfying!

This is the only offer where you can purchase a Kyoto-inspired set that includes food prepared by Kyoto's famous restaurants, Kyoto sake, Uji tea, Kyoto pickles, Kyoto azuki sweets, Kyoto rice, and your choice of gift (Kyoto sake or bottled Uji tea) for only 10,000 yen (including tax and shipping)! This offer is only available for a limited time, so be sure to purchase as soon as possible!

Examples of participating stores* (in alphabetical order)
(Kyoto Cuisine) Gion Maruyama / Kyoto Cuisine Takazawa, Kyoto Gion Shinchi Izuu / Shimogamo Saryo / Tankuma Kitaten Honten / Nanzenji Hyotei / Yamabana Heihachi Chaya, etc.
(Meat) Kyoto Arashiyama Nakamuraya/Kyoto Yakiniku Nandaimon/Ginkakuji Onishi/Moritaya, etc.
(French Restaurant Yale/Rakusenro/Restaurant Kikusui, etc.

Project to support "Kyoto's Food" Nishiki-Autumn Set in Kyoto

  • Kyoto's food culture forum and the celebration of the annual Soka Koshu banquet
  • Sales period: September 1, 2022 (Thursday) - *Sales will end when the limited number of servings is reached.
    Delivery date: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Friday, September 16, 2022
    Order acceptance / from Thursday two weeks prior to the delivery date
    Order deadline / Thursday of the week before the delivery date
    *Please be patient in case they are sold out, as quantities are limited at each store.
    *Delivery is limited to the area from Kyoto to the next day arrival area. (Hokkaido, Aomori, Akita, Okinawa, remote islands, etc. are not acceptable.)

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