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Rare fresh strawberries in summer! Shaved ice store specializing in natural ice supervised by popular Nagano shaved ice shop [Nakamachi Hyokaten] to open in Shijo Horikawa on July 10!

A shaved ice specialty store supervised by a popular shaved ice shop in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture [Nakamachi Hyogaten] has made its first appearance in the Kansai region! Shijo Horikawa Chaya will open on July 10 (Sat) in Shijo Horikawa, Kyoto.

We only serve completely unheated shaved ice made from natural ice. The natural ice is made from natural spring water from the "Yatsugatake Minami-roku Kogen Plateau Spring Group," one of the 100 best water sources in Japan, and the cold and rainy climate of Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture, giving it a clear and exceptional taste.

The ice is shaved softly like cotton snow, and the smoothness of the ice melts in your mouth.

The shaved ice is topped with fruit syrup made from fruits from Shinshu, giving it a fluffy texture and allowing you to fully enjoy the original deliciousness of the fruit. Especially popular is the shaved ice with fresh Shinshu strawberries, which are rare in summer because they are specially grown by contracted farmers, called "domestic fresh strawberry condensed milk" (1,300 yen)!
Also check out the other menu items, such as domestically produced white peaches and mangoes, which can be enjoyed with plenty of fruit.

Enjoy a summery time in a cozy space in a 120-year-old townhouse.

Rich pistachio and red berry temptation 1,500 yen

Shijo Horikawa Chaya

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