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[Keihyo Yukimi-an], a sister store of Tokyo's popular shaved ice shop [Yukiusagi], will open for a limited time from July 9th.

[Keihyo Yukimi-an] is a sister store of Tokyo's popular shaved ice, and will open for a limited time from July 9th (Friday) to July 15th (Thursday) in the BeChef+ shared kitchen space. An authentic shaved ice specialty store that specializes in making pure ice made from natural water for 72 hours and carving it into a soft, snow-like texture. From July 22nd (Thursday), we will open a collaboration shop on an open terrace and stylish BBQ, a 3-minute walk from JR Rokujizo Station. In 2022, we plan to open a shaved ice specialty store and cafe in the Shijo Karasuma area. I want to check out this shop that is sure to become a hot topic.

The location for this store is BeChef+ Kyoto Share Kitchen, a shared kitchen space for ghost restaurants that opened in June last year. The facility is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for a restaurant. Six stores can move in, various delivery services such as UberEats can be used, and there is also a eat-in space. This is a place where restaurants aiming to become independent or open a business can get started using full-fledged equipment.

The Straberry Fromage 1,430 yen (tax included) comes with mascarpone cheese espuma. There are luxurious strawberries, custard, and granola inside, and the taste and texture are fun to change.

Double mango yogurt - Espuma style - 1,430 yen (tax included). The yogurt espuma on top has a refreshing taste and goes perfectly with the mango puree. All purees are homemade

Honey Lemon Cheese 1,100 yen (tax included) has a sweet and sour taste of lemon and honey that is perfect for summer.

The Kyoto-limited matcha (1,430 yen (tax included)) uses a generous amount of high-quality matcha from Tsujiri. The light and elegant texture is made by thinly shavings of pure ice from Misato Himuro's natural water.

The bitter tiramisu (1,100 yen (tax included)) has a cake-like taste with plenty of cocoa powder sprinkled on top of fresh cream espuma. Oreo lurks inside. Other popular menu items such as “Yuki Usagi” will also be available.

Kyoto Ice Yukimian

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