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Enjoy the flavors of the season! Fruit Daifuku from Kyoto and Shiga

Enjoy the Flavor of the Season! 4 Fruit Daifuku from Kyoto and Shiga

Daifuku" is a fruit-shaped Daifuku with a perfect balance of mochi and white bean paste. Enjoy the taste of seasonal fruits.

1.Daifuku, a colorful seasonal treat [Karyo Itoken] / Fukakusa

One of the most popular products at Karyo Itoken, where you can enjoy everything from Japanese and Western confections to lunch, is the colorful Daifuku fruit cake. Fresh fruits from contracted farmers are wrapped in soft and chewy Gyuhi and homemade white bean paste. From winter to spring, Daifuku strawberry Daifuku and Daifuku mikan (mandarin orange) Daifuku, with their rich sweetness and sweet and sour taste matched with white bean paste, are available at the store. Daifuku with grapes, Daifuku with kiwi, Daifuku with pineapple, etc. will also be available seasonally, so don't miss them.

Karyo Itoken's Strawberry Daifuku and Mikan Daifuku

One strawberry daifuku is 180 yen, and one mikan daifuku is 250 yen.

Karyo Itoken

In addition to a store with a lineup of confections, there is also a hands-on workshop and a café. It is a great place to have lunch, use the café, or shop for souvenirs, depending on the occasion.

Karyo Itoken

  • Karyo Itoken
  • 28-1 Fukakusa Taniguchicho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 13 min. walk from JR Fujimori Sta.
    1 minute walk from Fukakusa-Taniguchi-cho bus stop.
  • Tel.0120-929-110
  • 10:00-18:00
    Lunch/11:00-14:30, Cafe/10:00-11:00, 14:00-18:00 (LO/17:30)
  • Closed on Wednesdays
  • All seats non-smoking Fully private room available Parking lot 1: 19 cars, parking lot 2: 35 cars
  • https://www.kyoto-itoken.co.jp/

2.[Fruit Daifuku (Daifuku with Fruits) from "YOSHINOYA" is made with fresh mandarin oranges / Kitaoji

Since the first year of the Showa Era (1926), this shop has continued to make Japanese confectionaries that depict nature from season to season. The lineup includes "Ikkyu-mochi," a famous confectionary named after the monk Ikkyu of Daitokuji Temple, and "Otogi-zoshi," a collection of cute bite-sized confectionaries. The mikan daifuku, a mikan (mandarin orange) wrapped in a thin white bean paste and gyuhi, becomes popular during the winter months. Take a bite and be careful not to spill the juice. Available only from the end of October to the end of March.

YOSHINOYA's Mikan Daifuku

One mandarin orange daifuku is 280 yen.

watch out for Yoshinoya

watch out for Yoshinoya

  • name of a haiku poet's mansion
  • 54, Oyama Higashi Ono-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 4 min. walk from Kitaoji Subway Station
  • Tel. 075-441-5561
  • 9:00-18:00
  • Irregular holidays
  • No parking
  • http://www.kyoto-yoshinoya.co.jp/
  • Eat-in not allowed

3.Unique Daifuku created by artisans at Yoroken / Saiin

This Japanese confectionery has been in business for more than 80 years, offering a number of innovative Japanese confections that meet modern needs. Among Daifuku made with seasonal fruits, the "Strawberry An Cream Cheese Daifuku" made with cream cheese is particularly interesting. The unexpected collaboration of white bean paste filled with fresh strawberries and cream cheese is a gem that can only be found here. It is also notable for its suitability for both Japanese tea and sparkling wine.

Yoroken's Strawberry-an Cream Cheese Daifuku

Strawberry-an cream cheese daifuku, 290 yen per piece.



  • Yoro Ken
  • 21 Mibu-Nishi Doinouchi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
  • 2 minutes on foot from Hankyu "Saiin Station"
  • 10:00-18:00
  • Closed on Wednesdays and irregularly closed on Thursdays
  • No parking
  • http://kyoto-yoroken.com/
  • Eat-in not allowed

4.The ever-popular [Wakamatsu]'s famous strawberry daifuku / Kusatsu

Since the time when Daifuku with strawberries was still a rarity, this specialty has remained steadfastly popular. It is made with Amaou (a sweet red-bean paste produced in Itoshima, Fukuoka), which excels in sweetness, aroma, and acidity, and the white bean paste, which is not too sweet and does not disturb the main ingredient, strawberries, and the thin, soft Gyuhi (rice flour), which is a perfect match. Strawberry Daifuku is available only until around May. Other seasonal fruit daifuku are also available, such as mikan daifuku in winter and grape daifuku in fall.

Wakamatsu's Strawberry Daifuku

Strawberry Daifuku: 200 yen per piece.

young pine

young pine

  • New Year's symbolic pine decoration
  • 4-30-11 Kamikasa, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture
  • 2 minutes walk from Kamikasa 4-chome bus stop.
  • Tel. 077-564-6746
  • 8:30-19:00
  • Closed on Tuesdays
  • 1 parking lot
  • Eat-in not allowed
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