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Rediscover attractive sightseeing contents,
While brushing up to become better
"Another Kyoto" to be communicated to Japan and the world.
Born from the natural climate of Kyoto Prefecture
Treat delicious things as treasures,
This time, we will focus on "food".

Agricultural products such as Tango Koshihikari and fruits are also delicious.
``Kyoto by the Sea'' is all about seafood.
Mountain delicacies such as Kyoto vegetables and Tanba chestnuts are popular.
“Forest Kyoto” introduces gibier that is currently attracting attention.
In addition, "Ocha no Kyoto" is still tea,
``Take no Sato Otokuni'' is bamboo shoot.

When we talk to the producers
Realize that "delicious is a way of life"
It is also connected to dietary education.

Kyoto by the Sea

Kyoto by the Sea

The appeal of food in Kyoto by the Sea as seen by local fishermen

Introducing the local fisherman who farms high-quality Tango Torigai, Mr. Motofuji's techniques to deliver delicious seafood, and restaurants where you can taste the "food" of Kyoto by the Sea.

Fukuchiyama City/Maizuru City/Ayabe City/Miyazu City/Kyotango City/Ine Town/Yosano Town

Kyoto in the forest

Kyoto in the forest

Blessings of "Kyoto in the woods" nurtured by the coexistence of nature and people

Introducing Umesao, who captures, butchers, butchers, processes, and sells Miyama gibier, which is attracting attention these days, and restaurants that serve the ingredients in the best condition.

Kameoka City/Nantan City/Kyotanba Town/Fukuchiyama City/Ayabe City/Kyoto City Ukyo Ward Keihoku

Kyoto of tea

Kyoto of tea

Luxurious and high-quality processed products that can only be made in Japanese tea production areas

Mr. Kitamoto, a tea farmer who is always learning to deliver the best tea. In addition to drinking, we will also introduce shops that convey how to enjoy "delicious" tea through processed products.

Uji City/Joyo City/Yawata City/Kyotanabe City/Kizugawa City/Kumiyama Town/Ide Town/Ujitawara Town/Kasagi Town/Wazuka Town/Seika Town/Minamiyamashiro Village

Bamboo Village Otokuni

Bamboo Village Otokuni

Kyoto's "milt bamboo shoots" are made with more effort than anyone else.

Mr. Yamada, who produces Kyoto bamboo shoots that are characterized by their whiteness and softness, will introduce the daily care that brings out the deliciousness, and restaurants where you can eat Kyoto bamboo shoots.

Muko City/Nagaokakyo City/Oyamazaki Town


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